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Alioth is a massive flying ship featured in Little Witch Academia: Witches of Midgard.

Description and CharacteristicsEdit

Modeled after Viking ships of the old to induce psychological effect on enemies as with other flying longships, Alioth is a flying ship that acts as home base and moving fortress of her crew. As with the rest of Thapolian technology, it combines mechanical and magical aspects where it possesses engines fueled by Magical Energy with a sorcerer's stone placed in its core. Its design made it suitable to fly like an aircraft and able to transverse large bodies of water like regular ships. Alioth also possesses four extendable clawed legs to anchor itself on the ground, an array of weaponry for combat situations, durable hull and magic barrier for defense, and retractable blade made of solais metal that enable the ship to cut through anything it rammed against.