Altair Nova Academy is a school built for young girls with magical abilities who desire to become Witches. The school is ran by Akko Kagari, the leader of the famed Nine New Witches.

History Edit

Having revived Yggdrasil and saving the world from the Noir Rod, Akko continued her studies and successfully regain her magical abilities. After graduation, Akko became a well known figure being called 'The Witch of the New Dawn', having travelled the world helping those in need and mesmorize them with her incredible magic. 

Along with Akko, the rest of the Nine New Witches has improved the world in their own ways such as Sucy helping Diana in discovering new medicinal treatments or Constanze building new and improved Magitronics in labor.  

Now that they save the world, the Nine New Witches must help the magic community in handling another crisis. All over the world, many reports of potential magic users have appeared but due to the sheer numbers, Luna Nova and the other magical schools might not be enough to handle it. 

Hence, a new academy was requested by Akko and commissioned by the leaders of the Witch community to solve the issue. Akko called the academy Altair Nova as to represent the Phoenix of mythology. Ten years after Altari Nova was completed, Altair Nova Academy has become the most popular school for young magic users/Witches everywhere having been touched and enticed by the Nine New Witches.


Some of the staff members are ran by Nine New Witches but also new members.

Atsuko 'Akko' Kagari (Headmaster)

Chariot Du Nord (Professor of Astrology)

Sucy Manbavaran (Professor of Potions and Oddities)

Constanze (Professor of Advanced Magic Development)

Amanda O Neil (Flight Instructor)

Annabel (Professor of Linguistics)

Rooms Edit

Altair Park - Located where the main entrance to Altair Nova is, the park was to enhance the beauty of the school but also provide a relax environment for the students. The Altair Nova bird statue is situated there.

Notable Special Events Edit

Grim Gala - A dance party allowing young Witches to dress as any of their favorite fairy tale characters.