Broken Bonds is chapter of Little Witch Academia: Ragnarok Tetralogy.

Ursula sought Newt's help to stop Croix and Naglfar, but Newt pitted both Ursula and herself in the fight for the former's action in breaking the 4th Valkyrie Code...

Plot SummaryEdit


This chapter started few hours before Akko's reunion with her childhood guardialn angel who had assumed an identity of Vethrvolnir at Newt's office. Newt is staring on the photo of herself, Chariot, Ragnhild, Biri Biri, and Croix as she reminiscing about the last time they stood together.

11 years ago, she and Croix had another sparring session together where they now allowed to form their respective energy weapons around their wands under supervision of Bezel. Newt's energy weapon was bladed bow whereas Croix's a zweihander sword. As they clashed their weapons, Newt noticed that Croix is upset on something, and taking her anger on her opponent. As result, their spar dangerously escalated into a deadly contest of skills as Croix's assault become more and more merciless, forcing Newt to went defensive for her life. Unfortunately, Croix ultimately overwhelmed Newt and disarmed her, scarring her left cheek in process. Fortunately, Ragnhild, Biri Biri, and Chariot showed up and intervenes. As Ragnhild treated Newt's injuries, Bezel and Biri Biri gives disapproving look on the dejected Croix who leaves the arena with the worried Chariot gives chase…

"Croix had betrayed Thapoli ever since she deserted that kingdom, and this all happened because something between her and Chariot that day", Newt murmured sadly. "What had happened between them? And now it brought Akko into it…"

Just then, her familiar gargouille abruptly entered the office and cried, "Professor Newt, we have a situation! Ursula just have break the Valkyrie Code!"

"She what?!", Newt exclaimed in disbelief. "Calm down, Knoxx. What's going on?"

"I was passing her room when I heard conversation between her, Diana, and Pongo where Pongo accused her for breaking 4th Valkyrie code. I don't know why, but it appeared that Akko is in big trouble, and Ursula abandoned her", Knoxx explained sadly. "About Akko, Diana and others are looking for her. And Ursula on the other hand, I don't know what she doing now."

"Damn it! First not to tell her own friend what's going on, and now breaking Valkyrie code by abandoning our student?!", Newt curses before calmed herself. "I didn't want to have to do this, but this time she leaves me no other option. I must confront her for this serious crime!"

Newt the turns on Knoxx and grimly instructed him, "You know what to do, Knoxx."

Without questions, Knoxx set out for finding Ursula.

Confrontation between Shiny Valkyrie vs. BrunhildeEdit

Meanwhile, Ursula stood in front of The Pit's entrance and found that it locked from the inside. Knowing that Newt might still inside, Ursula cried, "Open the door, Newt! I need your help."

"I can't do that", Newt seemingly replied from the other side of the door.

"Open this door, Newt!", Ursula cried again, only for something abruptly flew past through her. As this happens, she found her Valkyrie gauntlet on her left hand missing and it now on Knoxx's hands, with his master emerges from the shadows and said sternly, "I have a better idea."

"What are you doing", Ursula demanded.

"I've been patient, waiting for you to spill what's going on between you, Croix and Akko. Since you always wanting to take the easy route", Newt said as she took Shiny Valkyrie Gauntlet from her familiar's hands before dons Version II of her Brynhildr armor. "I'm making sure there aren't any."

"I'm warning you", Ursula said.

"What are you going to do? Taking your gauntlet back for what you have done?", Brynhildr wondered. "If you still have the worth as Shiny Valkyrie, follow me."

Brynhildr and Knoxx then walked for the forest on the left side of the school with Ursula cautiously followed them. Once they arrived there, the Valkyrie readied her wand which instantly forms bladed energy bow around it. This prompt Ursula to form energy sword around her wand as Brynhildr knows she had truly broke 4th Valkyrie code and must fight for proving she still have the worth as Shiny Valkyrie. "Now we're getting somewhere. You're not fighting me. You're fighting yourself and losing", Brynhildr challenges before commenced their duel by firing several conjured magic arrows.

As Ursula, assuming her true identity, parries the oncoming projectiles before shifts her energy weapon's form into spear form and charges, Brynhildr berates, "You're not committed to this. You should quit when you have the chance."

"Not yet", Ursula argued as Brynhildr parries her spear attacks. "I have to make things right."

"Right for yourself?!", Brynhildr demanded before swipes her bow against Chariot.

"That's not true", Ursula denied as she dodges the attack.

"But that's what Biri Biri believed after the incident at Wagandea!", Brynhildr cried before kicked Chariot away from her on the chest. "He told me Croix nearly killed both him, you, and Akko there, and yet you didn't ask my help?"

The mention of Biri Biri and Wagandea left Chariot in speechless shock. Was all this time she overestimated the threat Croix pose to Akko and everyone in Midgard that he eventually forced to reveal her recent confrontations with Croix to others? Does Diana and Pongo also know about this?

"You were being selfish. You cared more about Shiny Rod, the Quest more than those who stood beside you", Brynhildr cried before conjures a line of earth spikes against Chariot who swiftly dodges it and cried, "Lies!"

"So what's the truth then?!", Brynhildr demanded again before readied her magic arrows again.

"The truth.... is that I never wanted to have any of those things. My dream was to the people, my best friend and my apprentice. All I ever wanted was to make them happy", Chariot finally said before throws several magic bolts against Brynhildr whom swiftly evade and block them all. As the brown Valkyrie did, Chariot finally said, "When the Shiny Rod chose me, I made mistakes, terrible mistakes and the people I loved suffered for it. My best friend... turned against me and destroyed my biggest fan... when she was a child. When I failed, it went to Akko. The Shiny Rod chose the victim of my mistake AND RESTART THE QUEST THAT DESTROYED EVERYTING. I wanted to tell Akko. I had to let her know the truth. All the bad along with the good."

Chariot's confession made Newt become hestitate to resume her assaults, so she went defensive instead as the red-haired witch finally cries and attacks, "But when I did. I ran away. Croix was the one who did it and when Diana informed me that Akko didn't came back. I came to realize that I ABANDONED HER. The magic I once cherished destroyed my world by destroying my family!"

As Chariot thrusts her spear onto Brynhildr's wand to disarm her, the Valkyrie grabbed her weapon at the last moment.

Worth and AtonementEdit

Even though she can symphatize her friend's pain, Brynhildr is greatly disappointed for what her friend had become. So she berates, "So that's it? That's how it happened!? From the way I see it, it's neither the magic you cherished, nor even that rod's fault!", before kicked Chariot away from her where this time, the attack cornered the red-haired witch to a nearby tree and went offensive.

Chariot quickly get back on her feet, only for having herself forced to parry several torrents of Brynhildr's magical projectiles as the Valkyrie continues to berate her, "Don't you get it, Chariot? You just lost you way like Croix was! That's why you failed that day, that's why you keep secret from me and Akko, and that's why YOU BROKE THE VALKYRIE CODE!!! AND..."

With two final shots, Brynhildr successfully cornered Chariot again where one of her energy arrows knocked her wand away from her and another struck her shoulder. When it appeared that the Valkyrie readied her final shot on her, Chariot only able to prepare for the worst. Not just abandoned Akko, she had proved herself no longer worthy for Shiny Valkyrie armor for all her mistakes until now, and she deserved for what would come for her now. To her surprise however, Brynhildr disengages her armors before stepped in and returning her Shiny Valkyrie Gauntlet back to Chariot. "You have the chance to set things right. Don't waste it."

"Newt?", Ursula wondered in disbelief. "But I..."

"Your love for Akko proves that you still have worth for it", Newt said with smile. "I don't really understand the pain you have gone through, but reason why the staff chose Akko was not to doom her to do the very mistake you did 10 years ago. It came for her to give you another chance to redeem yourself. Biri Biri know it all too well. That's why he more than willing to stay on her side no matter what, even in these dark times. Please, Chariot, don't let Ragnhild's sacrifice to be in vain."

As she accepting her Shiny Valkyrie Gauntlet back, Ursula thanked, "Thank you, Professor Newt."

"We both Master Valkyries, Chariot. Don't let Akko, Diana, and Sucy down", Newt said as she comforted her friend. "Croix may use your secrets to destroy us all, but she never understood how strong the bonds between you, Akko, and Flash, no matter how hard she tried! You have to tell her the whole history between you, her, and Flash, Chariot."

Newt then pulled out a blank crystal ball and give it to Chariot. "And you will tell her through this crystal ball. After you imprinted your memories about your journey back when the rod chose you until you lose it, use Alcor to bring it to Akko and Diana. I'm sure that she will forgive you for all hardships she had gone through because your mistakes."

Now with regained sense of confidence, Chariot imprinted the memories about her history with Chariot and Biri Biri into the blank crystal ball and whistled to call Alcor. Once the white Crow appeared to her side, Chariot gives her familiar the crystal ball and asked, "Alcor, bring this to Miss Cavendish. She and Akko must know all the truth about what had happened."

With that, the crow familiar took the crystal ball with its talons before flew for Diana, leaving both Valkyries alone...