Clockbeasts refers to monstrous clockwork monsters invented by Helviti based on Magic Automatons featured in Little Witch Academia: Witches of Midgard.

Description & CharacteristicsEdit

Following their defeat during Thapoli-Naglfar War, Naglfar had to rebuild their forces from scratch. Being outmatched by strengths of Valkyries, Einherjars, and Pomokai Holoholonas, they require new assets to dominate Midgard for behalf of their gods Jötnar. It was until they learned about Helviti's actions in illegally developing Magic Clockworks into war machine, which led to her exile and allowed them to recruit her for their cause. As one of high-ranking members of the sect, Helviti finally further develop magic clockworks like what she wanted, leading to the creation of clockbeasts.

Clockbeasts are more powerful than either Apollyons or magic clockworks. In fact, their first use of clockbeasts against Thapoli enable Naglfar to inflict considerable damage on the kingdom during their siege. Each clockbeasts have different powers and abilities from one to another, but a single clockbeast usually powerful enough to hold their own against a Valkyrie and has basic ability to fire green energy beams from its optics. While Helviti only refer her creation as beasts, the name clockbeast coined by Akko and Constanze upon their first encounter with gearpede.


Variant Description
Gigapede Clockbeast LWA WoM Gearpede

Gearpede is 9 large centipede-like clockbeast that can fly and levitate thanks to their fin-like legs. It has four mandible-like claws which has green optic at the center which can fire destructive magic beams. Aside beams and head claws, it can attack by coiling around their foe into a large sphere and crush them within. Its only weakness is its head, as should any of its segments severely damaged or destroyed, it will simply discard them before continue fighting

Iron Maiden Clockbeast LWA WoM Spider-Maiden

Spherical iron maiden-like clockbeast. It has cylindrical coffin-like body with a small horned head with a single optic, a pair of arms on the sides, four spider-like legs for mobility on land and a pair of broom-like thrusters on the side for flight. It can open its body to release mechanical tendrils to pull target into it, but other than optic beam, it lacks any actual combat abilities.