Clockbeasts refers to monstrous clockwork monsters invented by Helviti featured in Little Witch Academia: Witches of Midgard.

Description & CharacteristicsEdit

The prototypes of these monsters were created by Helviti in her experiments to improve combat capabilities of magic automatons. However, as she began meddling with forbidden arts from a tome of Helheimian magic, Helviti's hunger for power drove her to deliberately violate the laws established by Thapoli by creating destructive war machines. Having foreseen that she at that time won't stand the chance against her mentor Newt and new Geirdriful Chariot du Nord, Helviti fled the kingdom and continue her experiments elsewhere. It was there Naglfar found her and proposed her to join Naglfar's cause, an offer she accept in exchange of protection.

Clockbeasts are more powerful than either Apollyons or magic automatons. In fact, their first employment of clockbeasts against Thapoli enable Naglfar to inflict considerable damage on the kingdom during their siege. Each clockbeasts have different powers and abilities from one to another, but a single clockbeast usually powerful enough to hold their own against a Valkyrie and has basic ability to fire green energy beams. While Helviti only refer her creation as beasts, the name clockbeast coined by Akko after her and her fellow Valkyries' first encounter with gearpedes.


Variant Description
Gigapede Clockbeast LWA WoM Gearpede

Gearpede are 11-segmented (excluding the head) centipede-like clockbeasts. This variant can fire green magic beam from its mouth and able to detach any damaged segments on its body in order to continue fighting. As such, it's imperative to destroy its head in order to disable it. However, their most infamous ability is to combine into larger, theropod-like Chilopodosaur with help of built-in Construct Ribbons.

Theropod Centipede Clockbeast LWA CoT Chilopodosaur

Amalgamation of at least 4 gearpedes. Somewhat resembling a large theropod dinosaur with segmented body complete with a pair of mechanical digitigrade legs akin to chicken or tyrannosaurus' for greater speed and mobility. Chilopodosaur also possesses segmented tail ends with three prehensile pinchers to grab on things and able to shoot multiple construct ribbons to ensnare its foes from distance beyond its tail's reach. Its most terrifying ability however, is ability to convert matter it consume into destructive fiery beam which firepower depend on quantity of matter it consume.