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Shadow Valkyrie
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  • Sorcery Units
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  • Shadow Valkyrie Armor

Croix Meridies is the rogue Valkyrie and one of main antagonists of Little Witch Academia: Ragnarok Tetralogy. The acting leader of Naglfar who later infiltrated the Luna Nova Magical Academy as the new teacher who specializes in Magitronics and Akko's archenemy. She was once close friends with Chariot and Flash and previously helped them in searching for the Grand Triskelion's words, revive Yggdrasil, and prepare for oncoming Second Ragnarok, but grew spiteful towards Chariot over not being chosen to wield the Shiny Rod. The increasing frustation and envy, neglected by Flash, and losing her faith on both Flash and Chariot convinced her to forcefully played her role in saving the world from the Second Ragnarok with Ragnarok Plan started by tricking Chariot to sucked her audiences' magic with Dream Fuel Spirit and later, steal Nova Clan's stone tablets. Assuming new title Shadow Valkyrie upon finding the lost Shadow Valkyrie Gauntlet, Croix and remnants of Acolytes of Nidhoggr formed Naglfar where she serves as acting leader of the faction.

Personality & CharacterEdit

"I knew from the very day Shiny Rod rejected her she was dangerous. But instead of preventing the worst, I... I pushed her until she consumed by the darkness, and innocent lives had to pay for it! Don't you see how far she had fallen, and had no remorse in hurting you and others?!"

—Biri Biri to Akko about his role in Croix's fall from grace.

Croix Meridies' most defining trait is her self-obsession. She is a calculating, selfish, dark, dangerous, ruthless, and conceited woman who cares mostly about herself and her goal to acquire Grand Triskellion and started the Second Ragnarok by any means necessary. This all stemmed from rejected by Shiny Rod, the very thing she sought to acquire Grand Triskellion, which chose her best friend Chariot instead and the said friend not took her quest for Seven Words of Arcturus seriously. Though initially decided to entrusted her dream for Grand Triskellion to Chariot, her resentments grows to the point of her loathed her best friend and have equally fierce resentment towards Akko for becoming the next bearer of Shiny Rod (which worsens upon learning that the young witch also her archenemy Vermilion Valkyrie) and both Shiny Flash and Woodward for doing nothing to help her coping with rejection.

Even without Hel's manipulations or Biri Biri's mistreatments towards her, Biri Biri pointed out that Shiny Rod's rejection, coupled by revelation of First Ragnarok as one of reasons why magic in the world continued to weaken and her inability to shake her envy towards Chariot were more than enough to embittered her view on the future of both magic and the world. Croix's pessimism about both magic's future and whether they can deal the Second Ragnarok without causing collateral damage as bad as in the First Ragnarok stemmed from seeing Chariot not taking her duty for Grand Triskellion seriously. The increasing frustration and envy, coupled with Biri Biri (who at that time known as Shiny Flash)'s negligence towards her ultimately convinced her to forcefully play her role and find the way to deal oncoming Second Ragnarok in her stead by bypassing the traditional ways of opening the Grand Triskellion, even if it means she had to betrayed Chariot and Biri Biri by tricked them to employ Dream Fuel Spirit on innocent audiences including young Akko and Diana as part of the said scheme. However, it took their fallout on Japan and wrongfully blamed by Flash for Shiny Rod's disappearance at hands of Chariot that fully revealed the darkness in Croix's heart, expressed in disillusionment and rage as she attacked and ravaged Nova Clan Village as she steal their stone tablets about First Ragnarok, and later ruthlessly struck Flash down when the lightning weasel attempted to stop him from trying to take the tablets by force.

After her falling out with the Herald of Woodward and Chariot, Croix's sole commitment was to Acolytes of Nidhoggr's Ragnarok Plan which coincidently same with hers and better future of magic and the world it will create: Every crime was a necessary evil, every murder was a sacrifice for the greater good. She developed into a highly logical but deeply ruthless, vengeful, ambitious, and cold-hearted person who hid her worst traits underneath her charismatic and cool persona. She doesn't take the welfare of innocent people who become part of her "experiments" into account, and had no qualm to physically and emotionally hurt others or even outright killing them without any signs of hestitation or remorse. This can be seen from horrible things she had done to advanced her notorious plans and removing her oppositions, particulary allowing Tinkerer to sell her weapons and Apollyons to random crooks or criminals without caring whether they can handle such dangerous weapons just to fund their organization and come close to crush Akko and Chariot's bonds.

Croix can remains stay uncannily cool under pressure no matter the situation. She also proves to be a very intelligent and manipulative strategist as well as an expert manipulator who meticulously devises many safeguards to ensure that things go in the direction she wants to, even when it seems she might lose. The testament of this can be seen from pioneered the field of Magitronics, managed to keep Naglfar's activities under everyone's radar for almost 10 years since its very foundation, planned fairy staffs' strike as she infiltrated Luna Nova by posing as new teacher, lull all of campus' inhabitants within false sense of security including Akko, have Akko and Amanda went to Appleton Academy so she can took a sample of rage-based Fuel Spirit from one of witch-hating students there to confirm whether anger produces more power by processed into Fuel Spirit, instigating attack during Wild Hunt, attempt to have murder or simply exposed Akko to Wagandea pollen, and harvesting anger from the strike over soccer verdict. However, her inability to both see possible flaws from her plan and fathom that things she sought might not like what she wanted due to her self-obsession proved her undoing.

Croix's bitterness got worse upon learned how close Akko had become with Flash (who had assumed new identity as Biri Biri) and even received the weasel's support and guidance, something she failed to achieve. She initially only wanted to ruin both Flash and Chariot's last hope of dreams and bonds with Akko both out of envy and revenge for their fallout 10 years ago by gleefully revealed the true nature of Dream Fuel Spirit, but when it become apparent that she cannot ruin the friendship between Akko and the weasel, Croix become completely lost in rage: Refusing to forgive Flash for mistreating her in the past, nearly killed Akko when the child stood between her and her revenge on Biri Biri, recklessly challenged Biri Biri who transformed into Lost Soul and two elite Kitsune Samurais (namely Tsubasa and Inugami) each resulting her nearly killed in separate occasions, slaughtered numerous LNSFDC officers who surrounded her at Glastonbury Abbey in cold blood, challenged both Witches of Midgard and combined forces of Luna Nova, Bladerunner Trio, Einherjar Bezel; and ultimately, destroyed Nova Clan village when they stood between her and Grand Triskellion. Her actions in hurting Akko and many innocent people who caught in her schemes, and her criminal acts convince her former friends and students that Croix is beyond salvation.

All in all, Croix is a portrait of someone whose ego and ambitions went too far, driving her to try to take what wasn't hers, indifferent to other's well-being, and harming anyone who stood in his way, including her own best friend who greatly cared with her no matter how far she had fallen. Even Diana, who able to understand her even if it was little, unable to stand her. Her eventual downfall came from her own denial, underestimation of Akko, failed to understanding that she not always have control over everything regardless of her preparations, as well as her failure to accept that Grand Triskellion is the great power never meant to be used by those who selfish and lacked the faith in magic.

However, after learning that Hel had both manipulated and betrayed her to revive Nidhoggr only to destroy Nine Realms, Croix laments on the mistakes she had made and reaccepts Biri Biri and Chariot's friendship despite everything she had put them through, and thus eventually reverted to a kind and considerate person like she used to be. She eventually makes up with her old friends, telling Chariot she'll devote herself to finding a cure for the Wagandea curse and restore Chariot's broom flying ability as well as helping undo the mess she caused back when still leading Naglfar.

Croix is a young woman of tall stature and pale skin complexion. Her eyes are a greenish shade of teal, which she paints with dark pink eye shadow. Her short, lilac hair has a wavy hairstyle, with a lock that usually covers her left eye. She wears a red, gray and white suit that covers most of her body, with a lapel that reaches the height of her ears. She has a brown leather saddlebag. In the same colors as her suit, she also wears a large red cape and high-heeled boots. Sometimes she wears purple-rimmed sunglasses. As a student, Croix's hair was significantly longer and wore eyeglasses, in somewhat of an inversion of Chariot's (whose hair was originally short and later started wearing glasses) disguise as Ursula. Unlike Chariot however, Croix kept her original hair color. After the Nidhoggr was destroyed, Croix left her hair down, similar to how it was when she was younger. She started wearing a taupe full-sleeved shirt, brown pants, and a tan cloak with burgundy stripes worn over her shirt. She also no longer paints her eyes with eyeshadow.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Having an advanced knowledge of technology and magic, Croix has several mechanical inventions that she has made by merging both concepts in a technique called "Magitronics". While Croix is a skilled witch she generally prefers to use her Magitronic devices over casting magic, and when she does cast it, it is often through Magitronic mediums like her tablet. During her time as a student of Luna Nova, she was recognized as a prodigy, although she was never able to match Chariot in her magical power. As Shadow Valkyrie on the other hand, she is a terrifying advesary who skillful in manipulating darkness around her into weapons and other constructs for both defense and offense.


  • Shadow Valkyrie Armor (formerly): Valkyrie Armor designed to bestow any witch who wear it affinity to darkness and shadows as well as enhanced strength, defence, and power to superhuman level. In appearance, it is a Valkyrie Armor with black and purple coloration consists of a tattered witch hat with a pair of ornaments resembling bat-like wings on it, a black featureless full face mask with flaming eyes and happuri-esque accessory, a breastplate over a long-sleeved dress with armor plates across the sides and sleeves, a shield-like plate on left sleeve, clawed gauntlets, armor plates over pointy boots each with a pair of ornaments similar to ones on the hat and clawed talons to held objects, and a pair of metallic wings (which possesses turbines and mechanical if activated via Noir Fuel Spirit Devices) called Guillotine Wings. In its High Valkyrie form, it's breastplate and armor plates on the boots took more powerful form, gained a pair of protective plates on the hips, and additionl pair of larger, shadowy bird-like wings.
    • Feather Blades: Shadow Valkyrie's Guillotine Wings possess 5 retractable feather blades on the tip which flexible enough to be used as claws/fingers to manipulate objects and can be fired as projectiles and magically drawn back from distance.
    • Flight: Shadow Valkyrie's Guillotine Wings enable Croix to fly without need of brooms or Sorcery Units. Upon gaining additional pair of larger wings, Wraith Wings, in High Valkyrie form, Croix can perform supersonic flight.
    • Superhuman Strength: The Armor gives Croix the strength to overpower both humans and magical creatures, while the wings, tentacles and talons are strong enough to destroy concrete and lift heavy objects with ease.
    • Superhuman Durability: The armor gives her superhuman durability as it is designed to withstand blows from magical creatures or other Valkyries.
    • Superhuman Speed and Agility: Both Guillotine Wings and Wraith Wings of Croix's Shadow Valkyrie armor endowed her incredible agility, despite its large frame.
    • Magic Augmentation: The Armor enhanced Croix's magical powers, making her so powerful that only combined forces of all Elemental Valkyries of Arcturus that can defeat her.
    • Valkyrie Fission: Shadow Valkyrie Armor gives Croix special ability to split her body and consciousness into two copies of herself whilst retaining her overall powers. The only difference that can be told is the hair of the two are different colors: The original Croix retains the color of her hair whereas her duplicate's is dark purple. Even so, the duplicate can change the color of her hair to that of original's to fool her enemies. It should be noted that both original and duplicate are actually one in the same due to the link between them: Should either or both of them severely injured, the original and duplicate will automatically merge with another, restoring both back into singular entity.
  • Magic: Croix is a skilled witch, but generally prefers to use her Magitronic devices over casting magic, and when she does cast it it is often through Magitronic mediums like her tablet, though she still retained the ability to use wands.
    • Clothes Transformation Spell: Croix can enchanted and transformed clothes at will.
    • Shadow Magic: Croix can manipulate shadows and darkness for variety of purposes, such as enhancing her attacks, conjuring tentacles, projecting shadow projectiles, and constructing weapons. She can even formed either zweihander-like greatsword or large greatsword with axe-like tip on the point around her wand with it.
    • Olde Magic: Having infused a portion of highly concentrated magic energy extracted from Taproot onto her right arm, Croix gained the power of Olde Magic that
      • Self-Augmentation: Croix's magical and physical attributes are greatly increased by her Olde Magic which allowed her to hold her own and even overpowered Pomokai Holoholonas such as Biri Biri.
      • Plant Generation and Manipulation: Croix can generate wood and plants from any surface including her own body at will.
        • Vine Generation and Control: Croix can generate and manipulate vines to interact, slash, stab, restrain, or crush enemies from distance. Vines she generates are dense and durable enough to form a shield to block oncoming attacks.
        • Wall of Thorns: Croix can summon durable wall of tangled mass of wiry scrub with needle-like thorns as long as a human finger from her palm for either defense or entrapping foes in a barrier.
      • Magic Energy Generation: Olde Magic infusion into her body grants Croix ability to passively generate magic energy like Pomokai Holoholonas' albeit in lesser scale, allowing her to freely cast magic at Ley Line-free areas.


  • Gifted Intelligence: Croix is very intelligent, combined with her charisma, enable her to become skilled manipulator. She is able to see the profit in anything, seeing that both her magitronics and those of Tinkerer's could be used for more nefarious needs.
  • Expert Tactician: Croix was able to plan and execute faerie strike at Luna Nova, sending her Noir Fuel Spirit Devices to interfere the duel between Amanda and Louis at Appleton Academy, executing the attack on Wild Hunt Event, and even heat up the riot that caused by controversial soccer verdict. It was thanks to her that Naglfar's activities remained undetected by either Kitsune Clan, Witch Community, and human government for 9 years.
  • Master Engineer: Croix is a highly skilled engineer as she pioneered the field of Magitronics, even more than Tinkerer herself.
  • Charisma: Croix proved to be charismatic as she can easily persuade and manipulate people to get what she wanted.


  • Magitronic Tablets: A tablet which contains program to control other magitronic devices.
  • Magitronic Smartphone: Magitronic Smartphone that, like Magitronic Tablet, contains program to control other magitronic devices. Although, she had modified this gadget so she can use it to cast spells like wands as well.
  • Sorcery Units: A device made by Croix that she describes as an "evolved" flying broom, but also doubles as weapon. It has great enough strength to support a human being and can even withstand heavy blows. They are also able to project holograms, equipped with weapons that shoot energy beams and capable of store the Fuel Spirit Devices. They can also clean, as is expected from any "evolved broom". Sorcery Units also equipped with self-destruct systems and special gadgets to capture Pomokai Holoholonas.
  • Noir Fuel Spirit Devices: Croix's signature weapon. She possesses all 4 variants of them that she can use for combat, harvesting Angolmois from Pomokai Holoholonas, and powered up machines.
  • Shadow Valkyrie Armor (formerly): Croix's Valkyrie Armor she don to assume her Valkyrie identity during her time with Naglfar.


Atsuko Kagari/Vermilion ValkyrieEdit

Croix secretly observed Akko ever since the latter discovered Shiny Rod and their conflict as Vermilion Valkyrie and Shadow Valkyrie respectively. This was the entire purpose for her return to Luna Nova and rebuild the world. She has no qualms about manipulating the child and earned her trust by having endangered and conveniently "saved" her life twice. Her only interest in Akko lies in her connection to the Shiny Rod. She finds Akko enigmatic even after scanning her emotions and memories, curious at why she was chosen by the Shiny Rod, but at the same time, develops strong hatred towards her upon figuring out that she is her archenemy and host of Primordial magic. Croix believes that the Shiny Rod and Flash were wrong to choose her because she does not understand what it means to obtain the Grand Triskellion. Even while she no longer finds any use in Akko, having used the data from the Shiny Rod to engineer her own imitation, Croix continues to manipulate her in order to erase the last hope of Chariot's dream and put an end of their vendetta once and for all.

While she demonstrates her willingness to hurt Akko physically and emotionally just to break Chariot, her hatred towards Akko soon grew worse upon learning that Biri Biri aka. Shiny Flash bonds with the girl more than with her and Chariot in the past and even gain his trust and guidance. Moreover, soon after gleefully reveals the truth about Shiny Chariot's magic draining performance which she herself had tricked Chariot into performing to Akko, she takes no restrain in fatally attacking her for interfering what would be her final duel with Biri Biri, triggering Biri Biri's lost soul transformation and rampage which nearly costs her her life. The enmity between nemeses would culminates in Battle at Elemental Valkyries Hideout which ends with Akko and co. defeating her.

Akko however, at first admires Croix's breaking from tradition at Luna Nova and is pleased to see her praise Chariot. She senses no deceit from Croix and looks to her for guidance for the Seven Words, revealing that she knows nothing about the Grand Triskellion and just wants to meet Chariot. Akko's trust is betrayed after Croix reveals her plan to exploit human emotions as a resource for magic and learning each others' Valkyrie Identities. Fortunately, after Akko and co. saved her life from angolmois corruption induced by Hel and Croix used Shadow Valkyrie armor for the last time to assist her in destroying Nidhoggr, both nemeses mend fences.

Shiny FlashEdit

Croix hated the weasel ever since he repeatedly neglected her and ignored her frustation over being rejected by Shiny Rod, which culminates upon their fallout at Japan and later, in their battle over Nova Clan's stone tablet about First Ragnarok where she ruthlessly struck him down in spite of the latter's attempt to reasoned and made peace with her. Upon hearing his return alongside Shiny Rod, Croix decided to ruin his life by aftering his new master Akko as revenge.

The events passed take its toll until the two had their confrontation near Glastonbury where her rage intensified upon seeing that Biri Biri would stay on Akko's side no matter what. As they engaged in the battle, Croix unleashed her anger and blamed Biri Biri for what went wrong in the past. The battle soon became more vicious and Croix yelled that she had done everuthing for him because she need his guidance and help until Biri Biri was beaten. Biri Biri then finally apologized, admitting that it was the duty for Yggdrasil's that had blinded him from being compassionate to those who need him and seeing what Croix had been turning into.

Even so, Croix hardened her heart and tried to kill him, only for Akko interferes and demanded Biri Biri's explanation for his role in stripping her of her magic and childhood guardian angel. Whem it become apparent that Akko loved Biri Biri even after learning what he had done to her, Croix become increasingly angry and fatally wounds Akko, only for Biri Biri who entered his Lost Soul state and proceeded to maul Croix which she barely survived. Hope that the two would reconcile was seemingly diminished as a result of the battle.

Thankfully, when Hel and Nidhoggr was defeated, the two mended fences.



Shark ToothEdit