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Diana Cavendish is one of the main characters in Little Witch Academia: Witches of Midgard. She comes from an ancient family of wizards in Britain and is a famous student at Luna Nova Magical Academy and successor of Blue Valkyrie title. A classmate of Akko’s and born from an esteemed English witch family. She has a sharp mind and high magic abilities. Since starting at Luna Nova, she has been said to be a superior student. Serious and holding a strong sense of justice, she often bumps heads with Akko. Diana also revealed to be descendant of Beatrix, one of Nine Olde Witches and current Blue Valkyrie.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Diana is fearless, serious, composed, and erudite. Being descended from a prestigious line of witches back to ancient times, she is exceptionally devoted to her magical studies and to the tradition and history of magic. Her status as Luna Nova's best student cannot be solely attributed to heredity— she has a self-discipline and maturity far surpassing the average teenage girl. Due to her pride in her own abilities and a strong sense of responsibility, she refuses to take credit for other's doings and always admits her mistakes, although she's unable to speak up to teachers due to the trust they have in her.

Diana is confident in the superiority of her philosophy of magic where it differs from Akko's, one of the reasons Akko considers her to be her rival (although Diana never did). Like most students, Diana claims Shiny Chariot to be a fraud, but this merely the facade to hide the fact that she used to admired her as much as Akko was. Her past infatuation towards Chariot is one of reasons why Pongo wanted her to befriends with Akko in the first place, something which eventually come true after Akko expresses her feelings of hope that Diana will be able to achieve her goal for her mother's wish and love her and the academy with all her heart during Cavendish household crisis. This also what led her becoming honorary members of Witches of Midgard in their final battle against the resurrected Nidhoggr.

The extent of Diana's selfless sense of duty is revealed when she ready to leave her beloved Luna Nova Academy and give up the remainder of her childhood to preserve her family's legacy. She holds no contempt for Akko for being chosen for the role she sought to fulfill all her life, and wishes her nothing but success in spite of her initial jealousy. Her behavior at Luna Nova is seen in a more noble light-- she didn't brag about being descended from one of the Nine Olde Witches and kept her orphanhood secret, wanting neither unearned respect nor pity. Despite her seeming to be very prideful, she has insecurities: even with her prestige and high social standing at school she is too embarrassed to admit anything less than contempt for Shiny Chariot. This could explain why she surrounds herself with sycophants, although she does not let Hannah and Barbara praise her excessively.

Ultimately, Diana has always had good intentions, despite coming off callous and condescending. When she chastises other students, it is not out of malice, but rather frustration; she cares about the success of others studies and not just her own. This concern contributes to her dependability, she is willing to help out other students to her best ability whenever they ask. Indeed she often dismayed everytime she had to fulfilled requests with Sucy, Jìan, Yondu, Amanda, Jack, and Akko as her teammates due to their quirks and prone to endangering themselves, but still willing to help them nevertheless. After her talk with Croix, bearer of Shadow Valkyrie Armor, and learning the tragic backstory between her, Biri Biri, Chariot, Diana began to see some of her own failings reflected in the Naglfar leader and started showing signs of self-improvement. She genuinely apologized to Akko for her cold behavior towards her, and sees members of Witches of Midgard in more positive light.

Diana is a young witch with pale skin, light blue eyes, and platinum blonde hair with side-swept bangs and tea-green highlights. She is considered very beautiful.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Diana was born from a 1500 year old family of witches that both have a large influence in the magical world and access to knowledge even the faculty of Luna Nova does not know. Due to her origins she was born with "talent in her veins", but for Chariot's Dream Fuel Spirit masterminded by Croix as early stages of her sinister plan to break Grand Triskellion and started the Second Ragnarok, she was unable to perform magic during her childhood. Even so, through her extreme dedication to magic from her early childhood she become the most skillful witch in her class, and according to some, in modern times. Not only that, she later become the current Blue Valkyrie upon inheriting that title from her late mother and previous bearer of the said title, Bernadette Cavendish.


  • Blue Valkyrie: Valkyrie Armor designed to bestow any witch who wear it affinity to water and ice as well as enhanced strength, defence, and power to superhuman level. Formerly belonged to Bernadette, this armor secretly passed to her daughter Diana and become her most powerful weapon. Upon discovered that someone (who later revealed to be Croix) had taken the possession of Shadow Valkyrie Armor and abused it, Diana decided to don this armor to occasionally helped Akko and co. whenever they dealing Shadow Valkyrie and not revealed her identity to them up until One Shall Rise.
    • Cold Immunity: The armor enables Diana to survive in zero temperature without harm.
    • Flight: Unlike other Elemental Valkyrie Armors, Diana's Valkyrie armor possesses a pair of flight pelts for fly. Upon accessing High Valkyrie form form, the armor gains a new pair of larger wings made of ice and snow, enabling the supersonic flight.
    • Superhuman Strength: The Armor gives Diana the strength to overpower both humans and magical creatures.
    • Superhuman Durability: The armor gives Diana superhuman durability as it is designed to withstand blows from magical creatures or other Valkyries.
    • Superhuman Speed and Agility: Wings on Diana's Valkyrie armor (be it in Version II form or High Valkyrie form) allow Diana to fly at high speeds and maneuver in the air with incredible agility.
    • Magic Augmentation: The Armor enhanced Diana's magical powers, making her a formidable opponent.
  • Magic: As stated before, Diana is the most skillful witch in her class, and according to some, in modern times in spite of her powers was sucked by Chariot's Dream Fuel Spirit once. This, and her skills as the Valkyrie, made Hel and Croix considered her as threat for Ragnarok Plan as much as Akko.
    • Nullification Spell: Diana is capable in performing extremely complicated Nullification Spell to negate any kind of magic which is part of the powerful fusion magic, which can enhance the user's power on her spells.
    • Plant Rejuvenation Spell: Diana can perform the plant rejuvenation ritual invented by and passed down through generations of her family which provides strong enough nourishment to bring dead plants back to life. In order for the spell to work, the target must be surrounded by a circle of magic stones. However, any other living being within the circle, such as parasites or insects, will also be affected.
    • Water Summoning Spell: Diana masters Water Summoning Spell, a technique passed down from ancient times. It first invoke a great mantle of water through which a beautiful creature is summoned where in Diana's case, a beautiful unicorn, symbol of House of Cavendish.
    • Statue Animation Spell: Diana can animate a statue which she controls via this puppet magic.
    • Animal Transformation Spell: Diana excels in using Animal Transformation Spell, as demonstrated by her skill in turning a mouse into a strong and beautiful white horse.
    • Astrology: Diana is very skilled at astrology as she can see the future usually accurately.
    • Time Delaying Spell: Diana can briefly delay the flow of time over innorganic matter with this spell.
    • Rewind Spell: Diana can rewind a short period of time over innorganic matter and return the situation to a previous state with this spell.
    • Broom Flying Spell: Diana's abilities in riding magic broom are also better than majority of the students in Luna Nova as well, even surpassing to Amanda O'Neill when it comes to speed.
    • Illusory Magic: Diana is able create very powerful illusions and determine who is affected by the illusion and who does not.
    • Heat Blast Spell: Diana can project magic bolts capable of destroying weak creatures and considerably damaging a human as basic attack spell.
    • Magic Barrier Spell: Diana can conjure energy barrier around herself and/or others as means of defense against attacks as basic defensive spell.
    • Object Control Magic: Diana can impressively move objects without touching them with her wand.
    • Ice Magic: Diana's element of choice in magic combat is Ice. She can manipulate ice and cold for variety of purposes.
    • Illumination Spell: Diana can generate light from tip of her wand to illuminate area like flashlight.


  • Magical Expertise and Bilingualism: Diana displays a vast knowledge of the history of magic and in different magic languages.
  • Skilled Combatant: Diana is fairly skilled in Thapolian Martial Arts which she combines with her impressive fencing skills. Her fighting style is noted to be elegant and impressive, able to fight toe and toe with formidable combatants such as Croix aka. Shadow Valkyrie.
  • Aim Dodging: In addition to martial arts skills, Diana can swiftly evade attacks and projectiles fluidly and gracefully.


  • Magic Wand: Diana carries a wand as instrument to cast magic. For close quarters, Diana formed an energy rapier around her wand, though initially considering for energy longsword.
  • Thapolian Knife: Throwing knife that Diana throws to pin her foes.
  • Magic Broom: Diana possesses a magic broom she use to fly.
  • Blue Valkyrie Armor: Diana's Valkyrie Armor she don to assume her Valkyrie identity.


Atsuko Kagari/Vermilion ValkyrieEdit

Unlike Hannah and Barbara, Diana doesn't resent Akko for not being of magic blood and does not flaunt her auspicious origins, but rather frustated by her attitude towards magic that she viewed naive and foolish, so much that she questioned Akko's seriousness about becoming a witch. Indeed, Akko's magic is inconsistent and often sloppy in spite of gradually improving. However, Akko occasionally performs great feats of magic rivaling even Diana's through pure strength of will, something which, to Diana's surprise, led her to become the next Vermilion Valkyrie and the very reason why she also chosen by the enigmatic Biri Biri. All of this visibly shaking Diana's worldview, and thus gains some respect for Akko's "stubbornness".

Diana gained an interest in Akko's activities due to her studies of Grand Triskellion since Akko possesses Shiny Rod. Though initially wanted the power for herself and use it for helping people and restore magic to the world as her mother intended her to do, Diana was understandably saddened and frustated that the one who destined to restore magic to its ancient glory turned out to be Akko, who is so ignorant of its history. Not only that, she also discovered that Akko's worth as new Vermilion Valkyrie to be genuine after observing her ever since the late Ragnhild chose Akko as her successor. In spite of this, she is not resentful and respect Akko, which she shown when she defends her from the mocking of her family and even occasionally help and guide her as Blue Valkyrie. She is still concerned with keeping up appearance, because she takes the ultra-rare Shiny Chariot Card outside her room to prevent Akko from discovering it.

After Akko inspires her to become the Cavendish head and aids her in the finishing ascension ritual, Akko and Diana's friendship gets greatly improved. By this point, Diana not only considered Akko as mere friend, but also as a fellow Valkyrie as she shows a great concern for her well-being, confronting her idol Chariot (Ursula Callistis and current Shiny Valkyrie) over the latter's seeming abandonment of Akko in her greatest need that she questioned the older Valkyrie over her worth with her title (as during that point, she and Pongo was outraged that Ursula had truly broke the 4th Valkyrie code) and visibly furious that her nemesis Shadow Valkyrie had tried to kill Akko and causing Biri Biri's Lost Soul rampage. Diana finally tells Akko the truth about her love of Shiny Chariot, and the two bond over their common passion, even as both recently had upsetting encounters with real-life Chariot. Diana gives Akko premium precious Chariot card to remind Akko the truth of "A believing heart is your magic", which had inspired her to regain her own magic after it being absorbed by Chariot.

When interacting with Akko as Blue Valkyrie prior to revealing her identity, Diana presented herself as elegant and steadfast but mysterious ally for the Valkyrie-in-training. Even though she questioned Akko's worth as new Valkyrie, Blue Valkyrie is undoubtedly on her side, though she doesn't always show it when danger looms, but this is because she wants Akko to grow stronger and braver.

Ursula CallistisEdit

Upon learned that Ursula is actually both her idol Shiny Chariot and the current Light Valkyrie who had accidently absorbed both hers and Akko's magic due to Croix's deception, Diana was outraged that she did not pursue Akko when she ran off at the same realization, so much that she and Pongo believed that she also broke the Valkyrie code. The young Cavendish only forgive Ursula once she sent her a crystal ball that contains the truth of what actually happened 10 years ago via Alcor, which revealed that the one who masterminded the whole thing was the same person who led Naglfar and abused Shadow Valkyrie armor.


Diana viewed Pongo more than a Familiar but a surrogate father. With her parents gone, the Cavendish seeks Pongo for comfort and guidance. However their relationship was tested when Diana learned Pongo was with Akko who previously had taken a liking to him. One of Diana's fears is losing her father figure evident when Diana was near brink of crying when it looked like Akko was succeeding in swaying Pongo to her side. Thankfully, Pongo (who actually orchestrated the plot) returned to Diana who would spend more time with him.

Croix Meridies/Shadow ValkyrieEdit

Though she yet to learned the identity of the rogue witch who had acquired Shadow Valkyrie Armor, Diana had established an enmity between them due to the said Valkyrie had abused the armor and intends no good for anyone with it. This enmity worsened once Diana discovered the said Valkyrie being Croix Meridies, who in league with Hel, the very being who indirectly killed her mother. In fact, this is the very reason why she enlisted help from Akko, Sucy, and Lotte's help to stop Croix so she can no longer abused the armor ever again. In spite of this, upon Croix's change of heart, Diana allowed her to use it for one last time during Battle for Terra.


Diana holds a personal vendetta against Hel who was responsible for the murder of her mother and in greater extent, neverending war between the Goddess of Death and her family. It was with help of Akko, her new found best friend and Hel's other nemesis Diana finally vanquish her once and for all, avenging her mother and put an end of the feud between Cavendish Bloodline.


Diana held the 100 Familiars with high regards leading her to appreciate those who sympathise them including Akko. Diana vowed to help Witches to win back the Familiars that abandoned them long ago