Eitr is magical substance featured in Little Witch Academia: Witches of Midgard.

Description & CharacteristicsEdit

Eitr is mythical substance said to be origin of all living things, but also very poisonous. Legends tell that it can turn barren wasteland into lush and vibrant jungle and if utilized properly, can create life as well as revive the dead. Ymir, the progenitor Jotunn, said to conceived from this substance. Jormungand, the serpentine son of Loki and ancient dragons directly related to Great Lindworm possessed Eitr in their venom.

This substance was theorized (and later confirmed) as product of combined magic from 2 opposing world in Nine Realms; Niflheim and Muspelheim. Naglfar were firsts who confirmed such theory, having created Eitr as base material in creating Apollyons for the war against mankind. Some of their notes later fell into hands of a Thapolian Wizard named Farmatyr, who began experimented it in hopes to utilize it as alternate source of magic with magic around Midgard begin to weaken since Ragnarok. While he discovered that the substance indeed capable to revive the dead and create life if utilized properly, Eitr proved to be still dangerous and unpredictable: Overexposure to Eitr, in either liquid or energy form, can led to death or worse, reanimation into Eitr Walkers. Eitr Walkers much of memories, powers, and abilities they have in life, but suffer severe personality corruption which made them more dangerous than regular draugr, usually in form of burning rage towards those who wronged them in life. It is a tragic fate that happened on Lara as result of her death and eventual reanimation into vengeful Eitr Walker who wanted nothing but Asger's suffering and death in retaliation of her parent's murder.