Element Zero Metal is unique metal that become basis of various weaponries of Order of Kitsune featured in Little Witch Academia: Ragnarok Tetralogy.

Description & CharacteristicsEdit

As the name suggests, Element Zero is a highly unusual form of element that might revolutionize and possibly change what we think of the elemental table. Element Zero is not only named because this was the main metal used for all Order of Kitsune technology, but it has the potential to be almost anything they wanted to. None better exemplified when during the Titan Wars, they discovered that gun powder and fire cause the metal to sparks white flame, that was the basis for the Purifiers which releases a powerful disintegration ray but actually isn't a ray but more like the white flame was shot so fast that it looks like a ray and anyone got caught in it are disintegrated. Reacting with sound, the metal vibrate to the point it emits a field of sound that the sword won't get harmed but the field it emits is deadly that it can cut through anything.

In appearance, Element Zero described as a silver metal with blood red veins like pattern, which more prominent in its raw form.