Valkyrie Armor
Fenris Vakyrie Armor LWA Ragnarok
LWA Ragnarok Fenris Valkyrie Gauntlet
Valkyrie Gauntlet
Fenris Valkyries
  • Tainted Magic Wand
  • Moonbeast Broom
  • Fenris Brood Fang
Fenris Valkyrie is the corrupted Valkyrie Armor in the possession of Hyndla du Nord, the main antagonist in Shiny Ray. Whoever wields the armor shall be known as the Wolf Valkyrie and Armored Wolf Fenris.

Description & CharacteristicsEdit



The armor is a unique one as it's a tainted version of Valkyrie Armor and bonded to Hyndla. While the majority of Valkyrie Armors activated by creating circular dimensional rift with their respective Valkyrie Gauntlets from which the armor come out and wrapped themselves around the wearer, Fenris Valkyrie Armor can only worn only by stabbing its Valkyrie Gauntlet with fang of a fenris brood. Surge of black magic engulfs the Valkyrie started from the Gauntlet before coalescing into armor throughout her body to become a Full-Armored Fenris Valkyrie. The black magic surge occasionaly forms ethereal giant wolf-like apparation both for psychological effect on her foes as well as revealing the origin of armor's power, the Wolf God Fenrir himself.