Ancient Lindworm Witches of Midgard

Great Lindworm

Great Lindworm, also known as either Svafnir or Nidhoggr, was a legendary Niflheimian Lindworm who participated in Great War between Jotnar and allied force of Nine Olde Witches and Norse Gods in the past and progenitor of Pomokai Holoholona.

Personality & CharacterEdit

As with other lindworms, Great Lindworm born and lives at Niflheim, but it and its brethren somehow made their way to Midgard at the beginning of the Great War, presumably due to Nine Realms fall into chaos following the war between Norse Gods and Jotnar. It can be argued that Great Lindworm is in fact, the first of its kind, as Mimir stated that in one of his visions about the beginning of the world, Great Lindworm was born alongside the great Jotunn Ymir. Being largest of Niflheimian Lindworm, the Great Lindworm is so huge that its mere movement causes earthquakes that break mountains, empty lakes and destroy cities.

However, Great Lindworm is not a malevolent monster. While it leaves destruction in its wake, the beast never show any open hostility to humans and witches it come across. Its presence soon bring the attention to Loki, the Destroyer Jotunn, who enslaved it and its brethren into its army of slaves to destroy Nine Olde Witches and surviving Norse Gods. This action however, proved to be the Destroyer Jotunn's undoing; outraged that its freedom forcefully taken away against its wishes, the Great Lindworm broke free from Loki's control over it and join forces with Nine Olde Witches and Heimdall against their common foe. In the ensuing battle, Great Lindworm and Heimdal succesfully defeated Loki by dismembering him, but in process, the Jotunn fatally wounded them both in retaliation, resulting their demise. Sensing its pain and suffering at hands of the malevolent Loki, and Great Lindworm's own inherent black magic threatened to ravage the world upon its death, Woodward utilizes power of both Shiny Rod and Yggdrasil to purify the beast, resulting black magic inside it and that of the Great Tree combined into seven races of half-plant, half-animal beings that would be known as Pomokai Holoholona. It was also said that the process allowed Great Lindworm's tortured soul to reincarnate into a mortal being in Midgard so it can regain the peace it lost because of Loki.

Following its death, some portion of the serpent's scales was taken from its body for study by Thapolian witch-blacksmith. Through careful study, they discovered that Great Lindworm's scales can be processed into special mystical alloy called Solais Metal, which suitable as core material for crafting magical suits of armors called Valkyrie Armors. But out of respect on the legendary serpent, they only created 5 of those armors, which are Fire ValkyrieEarth VakyrieIce ValkyrieWind Valkyrie, and Sky Valkyrie. Afterwards, they focused their study on Solais Metal through imprisoned Loki until means of producing the alloy via. alchemical process discovered during the Golden Age of Magic, terminating their dependance on the fallen god that they moved him to sealing stones at Franang's Falls. While Great Lindworm's existence fade into myths, witch community would remember it as legendary beast that ever threatened Midgard and one of few who capable in destroying Loki.

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