Valkyrie Armor
LWA Ragnarok Green Valkyrie Sucy V1
Version I

LWA Ragnarok Green Valkyrie

Version II
High Valkyrie
LWA Ragnarok Green Valkyrie Gauntlet
Valkyrie Gauntlet
Green Valkyries
  • Mechanical Tail
  • Mushroom Spore

Green Valkyrie is Valkyrie Armor that specialized in whip/whip sword and mushroom magic combat. Whoever wields the armor shall take the title of Green Valkyrie or Poison Whip Valkyrie. The last bearer of the armor was perished in the battle between Legendary Valkyries until the armor made it to Sucy Manbavaran as its most recent successor.

Description & CharacteristicsEdit

As with the rest of Legendary Valkyries of Arcturus Armor, Green Valkyrie armor was created by witch-blacksmiths of Thapoli under commission of Beatrix Cavendish many generations ago. Like all Valkyrie Armors, the armor composed of Solais Metal and designed after mythological Valkyries of Norse Mythology. Beyond the mythological Valkyrie motif, the armor is designed to be both dignified and beautiful in appearance as well as endowed with elemental power where in this armor's case, earth element. As with other Legendary Valkyries of Arcturus Armors, Green Valkyrie armor set and equipment is deceptive in form: When exposed to strong magic, it will gain upgrade and new abilities. However, the power-up changes on the armor only temporary as if the armor stripped from magic that gives the said changes, the armor's upgraded form reverts to its normal state. Unlike the rest of the armor, it also possesses special ability to conjure spores for variety of purposes.

Version IEdit

Version I of this armor taking the appearance of durable patterned bodysuit complete with leather boots and clawed leather gloves. The back of the suit has special weapon in form of flat mechanical tail that ends with flat jagged blade that had 3 points.

Accessible via unlocking First Seal.

Version IIEdit

Version II is upgrade of Version I as the witch now possesses complete set of armor as she now gained a spotted witch hat with a pair of metallic wing-like ornaments on the sides, helmet with visor that covered the eyes and nose, breastplate with a green orb embedded below the base of neck area, dress with armored platings on the sides and sleeves, and greaves with wing-like ornaments on the base of the feet. The overall new coverage makes the armor less susceptible to damage and fatigue for its user.

Can be accessed by unlocking both first and second seal.

High ValkyrieEdit

This is the true form of Green Valkyrie Armor accessible by unlocking all of its seals. In appearance, it is essentially improved look of Version II form as it now gains thicker armor plates, providing greater defense and lesser fatigue to its user. The armor also gains a pair of birdlike wings made of rock and moss which providing supersonic flight.

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

As with other Valkyrie Armors, the armor designed to bestow any witch who wear it enhanced strength, defense, and power to superhuman level. Made from Solais Metal, the armor can withstand magical and physical attacks and its power can be used in Ley Lines-free areas.

Green Valkyrie possesses affinity to element of earth and noted to be slowest out of Legendary Valkyries due to its sheer weight, but makes up for this shortcoming with its heavily fortified armor and mechanical tail which functions as both shield and third arm. The armor also imbued with special magic which bestow its user ability to convert magic energy into magical spores for variety of purposes and designed to enhance her earth magic.

Weapons & EquipmentsEdit

  • Mechanical Tail: The armor have a flat mechanical tail that ends with flat jagged blade that had 3 points that functions as third arm and weapon.
  • Mushroom Spore: The armor gives its user ability to generate magical spore which, upon contact with objects or living beings, can caused toxic mushrooms to grow all over them. The user can even manipulate the growth of conjured mushrooms, determined where the mushrooms will grow, and even dispersed the generated mushrooms should they grow in wrong area/targets.