Fenris Valkyrie
Hooded Fenris LWA Ragnarok
Hyndla (hooded)
Fenris Vakyrie Armor LWA Ragnarok
Fenris Valkyrie
  • Valkyrie Apprentice (former)
  • Fang of Fenrir Leader
Magic Energy Influence

Blue (tainted)

  • Tainted Magic Wand
  • Moonbeast Broom
  • Noir Fuel Spirit Devices
  • Fenris Valkyrie Armor
  • Fenris Brood Fang

Fenris, born Hyndla du Nord, is the legendary leader of Fang of Fenrir and main antagonist of Part 4: Shiny Ray of Little Witch Academia: Ragnarok Tetralogy. She is Ursula Callistis' great grandmother.

Hyndla was originally the last bearer of Shadow Valkyrie armor before Croix Meridies and Constanze, but grew spiteful towards the world after the death of her loved ones and defeat at hands of combined forces of Vermilion Valkyrie and Blue Valkyrie. Dying and losing both her armor and title, she made a pact with wolf god Fenrir, acquiring the power of Fenris Valkyrie at the cost of her humanity. Reborn as an abomination with immense otherworldly powers, Hyndla joined forces with Acolytes of Nidhoggr by forming Fang of Fenrir to assist them in their pursuit of world domination and revival of Nidhoggr, but defeated and subsequently sentenced in slow and agonizing death along with members of her coven. Even so, her intensified hatred towards the world had literally kept her alive in her prison long enough until released by unsuspecting inept magic Petra who mistaking her magical iron maiden as treasure stash. After killing Petra and her brother Shams to rejuvenate her body, she revived her deceased coven members and set out to destroy Midgard and rebuild it according to her and Fenrir' image, only to meet the opposition from Witches of Midgard.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Appearance-wise, Hyndla looked exactly like her great-granddaughter Ursula aka. Chariot in her younger days. Both Hyndla and Ursula share similar facial structure as well as eye and hair color. She has short hair with bangs parted to the middle but still have part of it in the middle of the eye, same hairstyle Ursula had when she was young. However, unlike Ursula, she has pale corpse skin, furred clawed left arm, and sharp fangs as result of her pact with Fenrir. Her outfit consists of tattered gray tunic with long sleeves, black leather boots, black and gray tainted Valkyrie Gauntlet on the left arm, a necklace adorned with a number of fangs of fenris brood, a belt to contain small bag and her tainted wand, and tattered cloak with hood.

Upon returning as a draugr, her eyes glow entirely in blue and her body permanently in emaciated state, can no longer regenerate into her youthful form. She also gained star-crossed shaped scar as result of slashed by Akko with Twin Daggers of Lugrom the Wizard before killed by Ursa via Shiny Ball Suicide.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Hyndla is trained as a Valkyrie; she's well adept in martial arts and magic on the same level with elite Valkyries like Chariot. After acquiring dark powers through the pact with her master Fenrir, the fallen Valkyrie's combat capabilities further increased that she became one of most powerful beings in Midgard. Hyndla's terrifying powers and reputation led her revered as bogeyman or monster among witches. She also among few who hold her own against Akko and her Primordial Avatar Vethrvolnir and even briefly overpowered them during their first confrontation (to be fair, the duo was not familiar with the nature of their adversary).


  • Cursed Physiology: The powerful pact Hyndla made with wolf god Fenrir endowed her supernatural abilities beyond that of any normal witches or Valkyries, but at cost of her become a cursed being for the rest of her life. The symptoms of the curse are sharp teeth and nails resembling those of wolf's, skin as pale as a corpse, furred left arm, and taste of human flesh.
    • Wolf Arm: During the battle against her fellow Legendary Valkyries of Arcturus, Hyndla lost both her left arm and Shadow Valkyrie gauntlet. She later regrew a new arm in place of her lost one upon making the pact with Fenrir, but the said arm covered by gray fur and less human-like, forcing her to cover it in bandages to avoid unwanted attention. The arm is notably stronger than humans' as it can punch through man's torso like a paper.
      • Magic Draining Curse (formerly): Hyndla's wolf arm have special ability to fatally absorb magic from her victims. Unfortunately, she lose this ability when attempted to absorb Akko's magic: Primordial Magic inside Akko not only interfering Hyndla's magic draining curse, but also permanently crippled it.
    • Heightened Senses: Hyndla's sense including sight, smell, and hearing is enhanced to superhuman level. She can even see in the dark better than normal humans or witches.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Any injuries that inflicted on Hyndla's body will quickly heals in mere moments. How strong her healing abilities however, depend on how much hearts she consume.
    • Hatred Empowerement: Hyndla's overall dark powers are fueled by intense feeling of hatred thanks to her curse. The greater the hatred she feels, the stronger she become. A testament of this ability is her survivability from imprisonment inside iron maiden designed to slowly and painfully killing her as well as deprived from food and water for centuries with only her increasing hatred that kept her alive.
  • Fenris Valkyrie Armor: What was once a silver and blue Valkyrie Armor have been corrupted by Fenrir's magic through the pact between Hyndla and Fenrir, giving it twisted appearance. The corruption also altered its powers that the armor can only be activated by impaling it with fang of fenris brood, giant wolf related to Fenrir himself.
    • Flight: Fenris Valkyrie's tattered cape can split into 6 raven-like wings which enable her to fly in supersonic speed without need of brooms.
    • Superhuman Strength: Hyndla's strength already greater than normal witches due to her Valkyrie training, but it further enhanced to superhuman levels by her Valkyrie Armor.
    • Superhuman Durability: The armor gives her superhuman durability as it is designed to withstand blows from magical creatures or other Valkyries.
    • Superhuman Speed and Agility: Hyndla already an agile and fast Valkyrie, but her agility and speed further enhanced to superhuman levels by her Valkyrie Armor.
    • Magic Augmentation: The Armor enhanced her magical powers to superhuman levels, giving her a power boost.
  • Magic: Hyndla is a skilled Valkyrie with an array of spells in her disposal. Her mastery over these spells is so advanced that she can cast them non-verbally.
    • Puppet Magic: Hyndla can magically create animated drones that can be used for surveillance, combat support, healing, and retrieval tasks out of inanimate objects around her.
    • 'Flame Magic: Hyndla can conjure and manipulate flames for combat as her element of choice.
    • Magic Beam Spell: Hyndla can conjure a powerful destructive beam of magical energy.
    • Magic Barrier Spell: Hyndla can conjure a barrier of magical energy around her as a means of protection.


  • Skilled Combatant: Hyndla is a trained Valkyrie, and thus fairly skilled in Thapolian Martial Arts. She can execute punches, kicks, grab, and armed combat.
  • Gifted Intelligence: Hyndla is very intelligent, able to quickly adapted and blend into modern era very quickly. She able to quickly understanding how Croix's Noir Fuel Spirit Devices works as well as procedures and tools required to synthesize eitr.
  • Expert Tactician: Hyndla was able to plan and execute surprise attack on highly secured Ouroboros Prison.


  • Tainted Magic Wand:
    LWA Ragnarok Hyndla Tainted Wand
    Once an ordinary magic wand of Thapolian design, it became corrupted following Hyndla's dark transformation, giving it additional feature in form of thorns that will protrude all over the handle if held by someone aside its owner: When Biri Biri took the wand away from Hyndla's hands, it responded by growing spikes that injuring his hands.
  • Moonbeast Broom: Like her wand, Hyndla's flying broom become corrupted by black magic following her dark transformation. The corruption however, far more severe that it become sentient beast-like Moonbeast Broom. In appearance, it resembles black and gray version of Shooting Star, but have metallic wolf head on the tip that able to roar and biting. Rico even wondered whether Moonbeast Broom is a cursed broom or a monster disguised as a magic broom.
  • Noir Fuel Spirit Devices: Hyndla briefly uses a pile of confiscated Noir Fuel Spirit Devices during the attack on Ouroboros Prison. In spite of only using it once, her proficiency with this weapon noted to be so great that Ouroboros prison guards mistaking them under Croix's control until Akko proved it otherwise with her Primordial Magic.
  • Fenris Brood Fang: Fang of a fenris brood. Required to activate Fenris Valkyrie Armor.
  • Fenris Valkyrie Armor: Hyndla's tainted Valkyrie Armor she don to assume her Valkyrie identity.