Lara (Past)
Undead Lara LWA WoM
Lara (Present)
Cinder Valkyrie LWA WoM
Howling Valkyrie
  • Silver Valkyrie Apprentice (formerly)
  • Naglfar Assassin (Currently)
  • Helviti (mentor)
  • Biri Biri (formerly)
Valkyrie Statistics
Power: Moderate
Defense: Medium
Speed: High
  • Cursed Medallion of Muspel
  • Magic Wand
  • Valkyrie Blade
  • Spear of Torment
  • Herja Armor

Lara, also known as The Witch in Wolf Mask, is the fallen Valkyrie who acts as main antagonist of the first cour of Little Witch Academia: Witches of Midgard. She was once a witch and adoptive sister of Biri Biri until felt betrayed by latter upon learning her heritage and circumstance of her biological parents' death. Due to freak accident which caused by Farmatyr's attempt to revive her with eitr, she became a wrathful eitr-walker who hellbent to make Biri Biri suffer for taking away her family.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Lara was born from a family of magic users who joined Naglfar's cause some time during Thapoli-Naglfar War at Norway. Her father was a wizard and her mother a witch. In spite of in league with very sect of magicians who sought world domination, Lara and her parents appeared to have a happy life until attack on outpost they lived at took everything away from her when she was 6 years old. At that moment, she managed to escape the carnage, but not before witnessed a ratatoskr and and Vedrvolnir killed her parents. Both Pomokai Holoholonas, Biri Biri and Harr, deeply regretted their actions and after found the young Lara starving in the forest, subsequently adopted her and raised her as a sister in spite of mixed reaction from their comrades who aware with her origin.

After the war, Biri Biri and Lara stayed together near borders of Thapoli where she grew into an energetic and optimistic young Valkyrie in spite of her traumatic past. While happy to see how her adoptive sister had become, the same happiness also filled Biri Biri's heart with sadness over his guilt to her. Sadly, for both young witch and the ratatoskr, their 10 years of happy life came to a tragic end when Farmatyr accidently revealed the truth about death of Lara's parents and origins during Biri Biri, Harr, and Farmatyr's argument over usage of Eitr to revive the deceased. Horrified and devastated that the very person who loved her also the one who took everything she cherised when she was a child, Lara ran off in tears, prompting Biri Biri and Harr to give chase. The ratatoskr and Vedrvolnir managed to find Lara sitting alone on the edge of a cliff, crying. They tried to reason with the depressed girl, but Lara responded by lashing out on them for not telling the truth. Suddenly, the cliff where they stood on collapsed, injuring them. Worse, Lara's injuries were severe that she unlikely survive the night even with Biri Biri and Harr's best efforts in saving her.

Things took the worst turn when Farmatyr took Lara away in order to heal her with eitr out of shame in revealing the truth about her parents' death. Biri Biri and Harr caught him attempting to exposed her crippled body with Eitr energy and tried to reason with the guilt-ridden wizard, aware with Eitr's dangerous and unpredictable properties. However, Farmatyr remained persistent and it led to another argument where they failed to realize magical equipment Farmatyr used to control the flow of the hazardous liquid malfunctions, resulting explosion that killed both Lara and Farmatyr with Biri Biri and Harr severely injured.

Though miraculously survived, Biri Biri and Harr were devastated by Lara and Farmatyr's death following their overexposure to Eitr. Upon hearing that sad news, the rest of former Wrath of Thor members immediately came to Biri Biri's side to comfort him. As everyone about to held Farmatyr and Lara's funeral however, something that neither of them expected happened: Lara suddenly return to life, but corrupted by Eitr that she no longer a girl that either Biri Biri or his friends once knew. She became an eitr-walker who, in a fit of rage, turned against Biri Biri by severely injuring him and his friends before setting their home village ablaze with outbursts of her magic. Afterwards, Lara left the scene, and Biri Biri blamed himself for what had happened.

After aimlessly wandering in the wilds, Lara stumbled upon remnants of Naglfar where she learned more about her past. That, coupled with the fact that her revival by overexposure to Eitr rendered her trapped between life and death as an eitr-walker, further filled her heart with hatred towards Thapoli and Biri Biri. Upon joining their ranks, she became one of the sect's best assassin under the title Howling Valkyrie. Lara then have her Valkyrie Armor re-fashioned into having wolf motif, the very animal she both fascinated and fear of, with Surtr's help. As Howling Valkyrie, she responsible for keeping Naglfar's affair a secret from witch community and human government until she and Naglfar made their presence known during the siege of Thapoli by killing latest bearers of Fire Valkyrie, Wind Valkyrie, and Earth Valkyrie armors, resulting those armors being sent to Luna Nova.

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

  • Eitr-Walker Physiology: As result of fatally exposed to Eitr, combined with her great feelings of sadness, betrayal, and rage against Biri Biri, Lara became a powerful Eitr-enhanced draugr.
    • Supernatural Strength: As eitr-walker, Lara's strength is unnaturally enhanced in spite of her stature.
    • Defunct Physiology: Lara's now undead nature resulted her lost her ability to feel any form of pain, endowing her degree of superhuman resillience. She also appears to be essentially without any form of physical needs, able to go without food, water, oxygen, or sleep. While this, combined with her overall skill as a Valkyrie, seemingly made her an unstoppable killing machine, this also serves as her weakness as she often not realizing severity of her injuries before they eventually takes its toll on her.
    • Organic Construct Creation: As an eitr-walker, Lara supposedly has the ability to turn a portion of her flesh into weapon, but never display it out of disgust on her undead nature.
  • Magic: As a witch, Lara possesses remarkable skills with magic, but her powers further amplified by corruption from overexposure of Eitr that revived her as eitr-walker.
    • Weapon-Wand Fusion Spell: Lara can magically combine her wand with a weapon to upgrade the said weapon into better version of it. She uses this spell to activate her Valkyrie Blade's combat capabilities.
    • Flying Spell: Lara's skill in broom flight notably on par with Diana's, as she able to move past obstacles and evade projectiles on ease.
    • Flame Magic: Like Akko, Lara excels in flame magic where she can conjure either fireballs, fiery blasts, or powerful stream of flames. Her mastery over this magic was advanced that she can form destructive fiery fissure on the ground that very damaging against her surroundings.
    • Heat Blast Spell: Lara can project powerful magic bolts as basic offensive attack.
    • Object Control Magic: Lara can magically move objects without touching them with her wand as focus.
  • Skilled Combatant: In her youth, Lara had undergone extensive training in Thapolian Martial Arts under Biri Biri's tutelage, able to hold her own against multiple opponents at once. Her fighting style noted to be similar with Akko's.
    • Glaive Proficiency: Lara is very proficient in using glaive form of her Valkyrie Blade, a skill which she learned from Biri Biri.
    • Aim Dodging: In addition of martial arts and glaive usage, Lara can swiftly evade attacks and projectiles on ease.
  • Stealth Tactics: Lara has degree of knowledge and skill in many types and ways of stealth tactics, enable her to easily slip in and out of areas undetected. In fact, this, and the fact that her undead body not giving off foul stench in spite of being a draugr, made her an effective assassin known as Valkyrie Killer.
  • Killing Intent: Perhaps due to either her rage over deaths of her parents at hands of Biri Biri or mental corruption from overexposure to eitr or both, Lara constantly give off eerie aura that can terrify those around her. Even Sucy, who has penchant for nightmarish things, shown visibly terrified upon seeing Lara glaring on her.

Tools & EquipmentEdit

  • Magic Wand: Lara carries a wand as instrument to cast magic.
  • Valkyrie Blade: Traditional weapon of Valkyries which can be activated by magically combine it with a magic wand. Lara can change her Valkyrie Blade into a glaive with long black shaft and blue and orange blade resembling boxcutter; if its blade is damaged or snapped off, a new one will extend from the glaive to replace it.
  • Cursed Medallion of Muspel:
    Amulet of Muspel LWA WoM

    Cursed Medallion of Muspel

    A powerful artifact created by Surtr for Lara. It can open small portal to Muspelheim so Herja can easily draw power from it.
  • Spear of Torment:
    Spear of Torment LWA WoM

    Spear of Torment

    A weapon that can force those who impaled with it to relieve their worst memories while the bearer sees it. Lara used this spear to learned Akko's worst ordeal when she learned that Ursula aka. Chariot had absorbed her magic when she was 6 and seemingly ruined her dreams in process as well as forced Akko to see hers.
  • Herja Armor: A silver Valkyrie Armor modified and corrupted by forbidden magic. It gains special gimmicks where it can be worn indefinitely and can draw power from Muspelheim to bolster its strengths.
  • Construct Ribbons: Multipurpose magical ribbons which can be used for variety of purposes.


  • Biri Biri: Both Biri Biri and Lara had a tragic and complex past. Near the end of Thapoli-Naglfar War, her parents were killed by an armored weasel-like creature Lara described as squirrel demon (who is actually Biri Biri in his Caerbannog Armor). Biri Biri deeply regretted this action and after finding Lara alone and starving in the forest, subsequently adopted and raised her as a sister. At first, both of them had a happy life with Lara grew into optimistic and energetic young girl who looked up on Biri Biri like older brother and father figure. Unfortunately, upon discovered that Biri Biri was responsible for massacring her family though his argument with Farmatyr, Lara ran off in tears, leading to chain of tragic events that culminated to her reanimation into eitr-enhanced draugr. Consumed by rage and feels of betrayal, Lara sought nothing but to make Biri Biri suffer before personally put him out of misery. Fortunately, the bond between them finally mended after the emotional and intense duel with Akko, the one who understood her pain.
  • Atsuko Kagari: Lara initially sees Akko as threat for Naglfar cause due to being newest heir of Kara Armor as well as bait for her revenge against Biri Biri. She easily beats her in their first confrontation in spite the fact that Akko and Ursula fight her side by side. However, upon seeing into her heart and realized that Akko is much like her, a person who betrayed by her hero and parental figure through impaling her with Spear of Torment, Lara become conflicted as she believed no one can understand her, but it doesn't stop her from either fighting the Fire Valkyrie or continuing her quest for revenge. When Akko unexpectedly revealed Biri Biri's tyrfing in their final confrontation, the very weapon the ratatoskr used to slaughter her parents, Lara become visibly enraged that she later break it into half. Throughout their emotional and intense duel which scarred Wagandea, Akko managed to break Lara free from blind obsession for revenge by saying that even though Biri Biri's actions in slaughtering her parents was unforgivable and her family is gone, Biri Biri is not an unrepentant monster which proven by him adopted her and watched over her as her new family, the once she came close to destroy like Biri Biri did. Lara also envious towards Akko due to tragedy that Akko went through didn't took the worst turn in spite of them exactly alike to each other, but nevertheless asked Akko to taking care of Biri Biri from here on.

Notes & TriviaEdit