Little Witch Academia: Witches of Midgard is the Norse fan-fiction series based on Little Witch Academia anime written by Black Soulstone.


The story takes place after the day where Nine New Witches (Atsuko Kagari, Lotte Yanson, Sucy Manbavaran, Amanda O'Neill, Constanze Amalie von Braunschbank-Albrechtsberger, Jasminka Antonenko, Ursula Callistis (formerly known as Chariot du Nord), and Croix Meridies) banded together to save Midgard from a great threat while simultaneously releasing the power of Grand Triskellion to restore the Great Tree Yggdrasil. The world has changed since magic became abundant once again, but it came with the revelation that Norse legends, which everyone believed to be simple myths and folklore, confirmed to be real with the resurgence of Naglfar, an ancient sect of magicians dedicated to enforce the will of Jotnar, ancient common enemies of both Norse Gods and Nine Olde Witches. As this happens, Akko, Lotte, and Sucy stumbled upon a dying deer-like creature who gave them mystical gauntlets which grant them Valkyrie mantle. The three friends, alongside Diana, Ursula, and Molly who revealed to be Valkyrie themselves, soon tasked to protect Midgard from Naglfar threat where they encountered the mysterious phrase "Franang's Falls". Believing it to be a large plot of Naglfar, they begin the investigation to find meaning behind it. Meanwhile, Amanda inherited a similar magical gauntlet from her late cousin Clarisse along with same mysterious phrase, the latter which entwined her fate to that of Akko and her fellow Valkyries. With them sharing the common goal, the group reformed the New Nine Witches and started their journey. However, they soon learn of the anguish and perils associated with their newfound roles as well as horrors and desolation of war, the latter which reinforced by the appearance of Wrath of Thor, a group of legendary Thapoli-Naglfar War veteran who scarred by their past conflicts with Naglfar.


First CourEdit

No. Chapter Summary
1 Valkyrie of Fire Part 1 After a tiring afternoon where she improved her newly restored broom flight ability, Akko encountered a dying deer-like creature named German. German hastily gave the box he carry to Akko and her roomates Lotte and Sucy before buying them some time so they can escape from mysterious dark creatures who after the box. Curious with its contents, Akko, Lotte, and Sucy opened the box and discovered 3 ominous mystical gauntlets which grant them Valkyrie mantle. Explaining this turn of events to Ursula, who revealed her familiarity to the gauntlets, they soon approached by a squirrel-like creature named Biri Biri who confirmed the young girls' story and revealed the existence of an insidious ancient sect of magicians called Naglfar, a group of magical armor-clad witch warriors called Valkyries, and a secret magical kingdom founded by followers of Nine Olde Witches called Thapoli. When Ursula and Biri Biri attempted to secure the gauntlets however, both of them surprised that the gauntlets had chosen Akko, Lotte, and Sucy as their wielders, which means the three friends now bear the sacred responsibility to protect the world of magic.
2 Valkyrie of Fire Part 2 As Ursula, Biri Biri, Diana, and Miranda discussing the course of actions in the light of recent events, Akko, Lotte, and Sucy discovered more about Thapoli, Valkyries, and Pomokai Holoholonas from the books at Luna Nova Library. Diana and Biri Biri then scouted the school's surroundings where they ambushed by the ominous Naglfar druid known as Elder Erik. The three battled, but both Diana and Biri Biri outmatched by combined strength of Elder Erik and his monstrous insectoid familiars where they inevitably bring the fight to the school's library, causing panic and considerable destruction in process. Fortunately, it took combined efforts of Diana, Ursula, Biri Biri, and Akko who finally don her Valkyrie Armor for the first time to drove Erik away.
3 It'll Sure to Begin Following Naglfar attack on Luna Nova, Miranda summoned Ursula's old acquaiantance, White Valkyrie Newt, to assist Ursula in training Akko, Lotte, and Sucy so they can be ready for their newfound roles. There, it's revealed that Diana and Ursula are in fact, Valkyries where the former being champion of House of Cavendish known as Eir the Ice Sword Valkyrie and the latter being Geirdriful the Sky Valkyrie who regarded as the strongest Valkyrie. Ursula still questioned her worth due to her past mistakes back in her days as Shiny Chariot in form of handicapping her audience's magic (including young Akko and Diana) and scarred the moon with Shiny Arc, but eventually regained her resolve thanks to encouragement from both Newt and Akko. As Akko and her friends begin their training, an ancient magical altar accidently unearthed at the construction site in Blytonbury...
4 Binding Staff Part 1 Andrew Hanbridge, the viscount and son of Earl of Hanbridge, visited Luna Nova as representative of British Government to enlist Luna Nova's assistance to deal both Naglfar threat and securing an artifact sealed inside magical altar at Blytonbury which discovery became famous. Surprised that Naglfar made their presence known to the public albeit as group of terrorists, Holbrooke agreed to lend the government a hand with Newt suspecting that the sect now changed tactics, which had something to do with a cryptic phrase called "Franang's Falls". Suspecting it to be a larger plot, Newt tasked Akko, Lotte, Sucy, Diana, and Ursula to retrieve the artifact for answers. Upon arriving at the construction site and about to retrieve the artifact however, the witches realized that Amanda followed them, intrigued by the same phrase before they suddenly attacked by a mysterious rogue witch who revealed to be Helviti the Dark Valkyrie, with whom Ursula had history with...
5 Binding Staff Part 2 Knowing that Ursula and the witch students won't give up the artifact without a fight, coupled with the fact that she also recognized Diana and Akko as young witches who had released the power of Grand Triskellion and restored Yggdrasil, Helviti summons her mechanical monsters, centipede-like clockbeasts, to attack them. Meanwhile, Andrew and Frank are on their way past the construction site where they witnessed Akko and her friends fighting the clockbeasts before the mechanical monsters combined into a larger monster who then throws Akko against their vehicle, sending it crashing. Recovering from the attack, Akko make haste in evacuating Andrew, Frank, and Amanda before she, Lotte, Sucy, and Diana dons their respective Valkyrie Armors and defeated the combined clockbeast. Dismayed that her creations were destroyed and her fight against Ursula ends with stalmate, Helviti departs, vowing to return.
6 Trial of Blade Storm Valkyrie To Akko and co.'s surprise, Amanda revealed herself to be latest heir of Marmora armor and her intention to join the group in search for the meaning behind phrase "Franang's Falls". However, Biri Biri, Diana, and Newt remained skeptical with her resolve due to her rebellious personality, so they decided to put it into a test.
7 Geste

As Amanda undergo the test to prove her worth as heir of Marmora, Akko, Lotte, Hannah, and Barbara contacted by Annabel Crème to accompany her unveiling the mystery of an abandoned mansion on the outskirts of the town, having discovered that one of her predecessors allegedly hid an unfinished script of Night Fall novel in the said mansion. Upon entering the mansion however, Hannah, Barbara, and Lotte got separated from the rest of the girls due to random traps and magical wards, leaving Akko and Annabel alone to find the missing script. Upon discovering the author's journal and the script, Akko and Annabel discovered that the house belonged to a young valkyrie and avid fan of Night Fall named Isabelle who put aside her ambition for writing in order to stop her role model and mentor Roland who lost his way and seduced by dark magic to outperforming his rival Albert who also mastered same magic where they ended up causing rampage until Isabelle sacrificed her life to stop them. They soon meet Lotte who also heard the same story from Isabelle's wind sprite before the girls discovered that Hannah and Barbara unintentionally broke Isabelle's seal, releasing Roland and Albert who rose as draugrs to continue their constant battle. Akko and Lotte, with assistance of Isabelle's wind sprite managed to defeat Roland and Albert before they could harm their friends, but Isabelle's unfinished script got destroyed in ensuing fight. In spite of this, Annabel reassured Lotte that she got everything she need for the next volume.

8 Scar Flames

Lisbeth, the younger sister of German (the deer-like Pomokai Holoholona who endowed Akko, Lotte, and Sucy their Valkyrie Armors) requested Biri Biri, Akko, Ursula, and Molly to accompany her spreading her late brother German's ashes on top of Galdhøpiggen mountain. However, as they ventured to German's favorite spot in the mountain, someone unsealed a gate to Helheim which closed by German in the past, releasing strange mist which tormented Akko, Ursula, Molly, and Biri Biri with visions of their awful past. Overcoming the visions, the group able to find the gate, but is intercepted by a Jotunskin Armor-clad wizard who turned out to be Farmatyr, the deceased mentally scarred Thapoli-Naglfar War veteran who vengeful towards Biri Biri and having himself revived as a draugr. Farmatyr further tormented Biri Biri to the point of him nearly transformed into a Black Beast with Ursula managed to stop his metamorphosis with Akko's aid albeit injured in process. Farmatyr tried to finish them both only to be shocked by Molly who unveiled her Valkyrie armor (it was known to many in magical community that Molly's Valkyrie Armor, Rota, had disappeared since Golden Age of Magic to the point its existence believed to be myth), allowing Molly to briefly overpowered him. Akko soon join Molly in taking down Farmatyr together only for a mysterious Valkyrie appears and finished him off before their eyes. The mysterious Valkyrie, who revealed herself as the Witch in Wolf Mask, leaves the group without any conflicts so they can continue their journey for spreading German's ashes.

9 The Witch in Wolf Mask

Still disturbed by encounter with the mysterious Witch in Wolf Mask, Ursula received the news from Thapoli that the said Valkyrie being the very assassin who slain previous bearers of Geirskogul, Skogul, and Kara armor. Meanwhile, during astrology exam, Diana received a prediction about ominuos force that will threaten Luna Nova and Akko being in danger, but chose keep the prediction to herself while Akko received a message from Andrew who curious about existence of Valkyrie Corps. Just as Andrew revealed to Akko that he knew her Valkyrie identity, the two had a harrowing encounter with the Witch in Wolf Mask where she and Akko fight. Suddenly, the Witch in Wolf Mask stabbed Akko with a strange spear that forced her to relieved her worst memories which knocked her out in an instant. Andrew and the timely arrived Diana and Ursula attempted to help Akko, but knocked aside by the Witch in Wolf Mask who then retreated with unconscious Akko and Ursula...

10 The Things We Said Today

Finding themselves in captive of a band of Naglfar mercenaries who worked alongside Witch in Wolf Mask, Akko recalled on the night where Ursula, as Shiny Chariot, once helped her finding her parents after losing them in the crowd on the same night she attended her show and promise they met where they would met again, Hearing this, and realizing that the child Akko mentioned and her student being same person, Ursula explained that her use of Dream Fuel Spirit indeed an accident and it haunted her ever since, even though she had atone the said mistake months prior. Akko reassured to Ursula that she did terrible things too, recalled her indirect role in Ursula's inability to fly due to Wagandea pollen. Freeing themselves from the bindings thanks to the fray Diana and Biri Biri made as they fight their way to free Akko and Ursula, the witches and ratatoskr met and expected by the Witch in Wolf Mask. In the ensuing confrontation, Witch in Wolf Mask revealed her familiarity to Biri Biri's abilities and gives some hint about her true identity, which surprised the ratatorskr long enough for her to stab him with same spear she used to incapacitate Akko earlier, resulting his repressed trauma from the war to overwhelmed him, turning him into Black Beast...

11 All Good Things Biri Biri's Black Beast form fatally injured Ursula and crippled Diana as he went berserk and destroy everything on sight, much to Akko's dismay. Before seemingly dies, Ursula lends Akko her Valkyrie Armor so she can stopped Black Beast before destroying Blytonbury. Combining both her Valkyrie Armor and that of Ursula's to assume Double Extreme Skyfire Kara form, Akko combat Biri Biri's Black Beast form in an epic fight, and managed to overpower and reverse his transformation albeit injured in process in spite of Andrew's unexpected assistance. To Akko's joy, Ursula had survived her near-death experience thanks to Lisbeth's timely arrival. However, they soon hear the news that Luna Nova being attacked by Naglfar. With no time to lose, they headed to Luna Nova to assist Sword of Laeradr who defending the school just as the Witch in Wolf Mask confronted Miranda...
12 Lara Diana protects Miranda while Akko confronts Witch in Wolf Mask and an all-out battle ensues between them. As they did, Ursula arrived and helped Miranda and Finnelan to evacuate while Diana confront Elder Erik who threatened Hannah and Barbara, revealing her Valkyrie identity to her roommates in process. Meanwhile, the battle between Akko and Witch in Wolf Mask continues, but the rogue Valkyrie is too strong and overpowers her, just as Lotte and Sucy come to her aid. Despite fighting together and even donning their respecive Valkyrie Armors, the three have a hard time against the Witch in Wolf Mask, who assumed her armored Valkyrie Form as her corrupted armor turned out can be worn indifinitely due to its dark powers. Fortunately, they managed to get the upper hand thanks to Lisbeth and Harr's assistance which allow Akko to forcefully disengange rogue Valkyrie's armor and destroyed her mask. Watching on, Harr and Lisbeth are shocked to see that the Witch in Wolf Mask is in fact, Lara, Biri Biri's adoptive daughter. Lara soon retreated alongside the rest of Naglfar forces just as Ursula and Diana joined the fight...
13 Yesterday Part 1 In the aftermath of the battle, Holbrooke, Newt, and the professors of Luna Nova held the meeting where Andrew reveals to everyone the whereabouts of remaining pieces of Sealing Staff. After returning Geirdriful armor to Ursula, Akko decided to train her archery skills, but dissastified with her current skills following her confrontation with Lara, who seemingly immune to everything she thrown against her until Diana taught Akko means to increase her armor's overall capabilities. Suddenly, Molly comes to them the news about Biri Biri who transform into Black Beast again, but this time he fled to unknown destination. To compound the issue, instead of looking for their comrade, Wrath of Thor members bickering among themselves until Lotte breaks up their fight. Discovering a painting of young Biri Biri and Lara smiling among wreckage of Biri Biri's room, Akko confronted the war veterans and demanded Lara's history with Biri Biri: it's revealed that back during the war, he and Biri Biri were responsible for murdering Lara's parents and out of shame, they decided to adopted her to make up of the guilt. Unfortunately, their 10 years of happy life together abruptly ends with tragedy due to Farmatyr, maddened by the war, unintentionally revealed the truth which led to chain of events that culminated with Lara's eventual death and reanimation into eitr-enhanced draugr who later known as Witch in Wolf Mask. Finding Harr and his fellow Thapoli-Naglfar War veterans too burdened by the guilt to help, Akko, along with the others and Ursula, tracked down Biri Biri where to their shock, he headed to Wagandea, the same legendary tree where Ursula lost her ability to fly.
14 Yesterday Part 2 Arriving at Wagandea, the group begin their search for Biri Biri, with Akko pressed on in spite of still traumatized by her last visit on the tree. Racing against the time as the tree is about to release its pollen, the group rush to save Biri Biri but are ambushed by Lara, who then revealed her intention to kill the ratatoskr as revenge for slaughtering her family. With her pleads to Lara against revenge fell into deaf ears, Akko distracted the undead witch by using Biri Biri's old weapon to restrain her so Ursula, Molly, and Amanda to catch up with Biri Biri. Finding the totally desolate ratatoskr, Ursula, Amanda, and Molly attempted to persuade Biri Biri against killing himself, but Biri Biri drove them away before finally collapsed in tears where he tell them about what happened during the war and how much it costed him and his loved ones. The ratatoskr further revealed that he also he grew to love Akko as she reminds him to Lara before her revival as vengeful draugr and believing that no one will understand him. Ursula argued otherwise, as she understood what he felt as she came close in ruining Akko's life by harming her before confessed a shocking truth; She had recently figured out that Akko is in fact, her biological niece. Meanwhile, Akko, Lotte, Sucy, and Diana combat Lara in their Valkyrie forms and gained the upper hand until Skoll and Hati arrived for Lara's aid. However, Lara unexpectedly absorbed both wolf-like jotnar's magic, upgrading her armor into Warg Formation Herja before soundly defeated Akko and sending her plumetting to the ground below. Recalling Diana's advice to increase her armor's powers, Akko channels her feelings and memories about the day she unlocked the sixth Word of Arcturus, Lyonne, into her Kara armor, transfiguring it into Shiny Phoenix Formation Kara which enable her to save her friends just as Lara about to expose them to the released pollen. After ensuring her fellow Elemental Valkyries' safety, Akko prepares to face Lara...
14 Thank You More than determined to reach out Lara, Akko engaged the undead Valkyrie in an epic and emotional battle, scarring Wagandea in process. Lotte, Sucy, and Amanda wanted to help Akko, but Diana and Ursula ask them to stand down as they will only get in Akko's way. It's a difficult battle due to Lara's Warg Formation Herja form possesses superior speed and evasion to Akko's Shiny Phoenix Formation Kara form, but Akko is able to force her into a corner and gain the upper hand. Cornering Lara near Wagandea buds that about to bloom, Akko begged her to stop as she no longer wanted to fight her anymore, but Lara refused to listen and attempted to throw one of the buds, only for it to burst and exposed her with its pollen. The pollen reacted violently to Lara's unstable upgraded armor and started to burn her, prompting Akko to disperse the pollen cloud and disengage it, injuring herself in process. As both witches plumetting to the forest below, Biri Biri managed to catch them and they safely fly out of the pollen cloud's reach before crash-landed at the forest. Realizing how much Biri Biri has watched over her and only wanted her to be happy, Lara become ashamed with what she had done and left, but not without expressing her deepest apology and gratitude to Biri Biri.
15 Witches of Midgard In the aftermath of the battle at Wagandea, Akko confirmed to her friends about her relation to Ursula as her niece: Her mother, Yumi Kagari, is actually Elizabeth du Nord, Ursula's long lost sister. The du Nord sisters lost both their parents and each other in an ill-fated sea voyage where Elizabeth, believed to be drowned at the sea, washed ashore in Japan and adopted by Kagaris. When Ursula, as Shiny Chariot, held her show at Japan 10 years ago, Yumi was unable to attend it along with her daughter due to an urgent business, and thus not affected by Dream Fuel Spirit, though finally met the stage performer in person when she found her missing daughter. At that very night, Yumi sensed something familiar on Shiny Chariot and finally recognized her, but chose not to disclose it to her daughter until three of them met. Just then, Biri Biri joins the conversation and berates Akko for her recklessness, only for tearfully embraced her for her part in saving him from himself afterwards. Akko and co.'s bravery impressed the Wrath of Thor members as the girls reminds them what's most important even in darkest moments, and thus more than eager to guide them in their fight against Naglfar. The gang, who now have alternate name "Witches of Midgard", received the news that the rest of the parts of Confinement Staff had been pinpointed and they all required in order to solve the meaning behind "Franang's Falls". Helviti, sensing that Lara has decided to leave Naglfar for good, summons a group of witch-mercenaries called Jormungand Coven.

Second CourEdit

Difference between Fanfic series and AnimeEdit

Though the fanfic series set in events after second cour (Episode 14-25) of Little Witch Academia anime, the story actually takes place in alternate universe called Midgard where Norse mythology confirmed to be real and Nine Olde Witches reputed as goddess-like figures through their actions in ensuring humanity's survival during Ragnarok, Great War between Norse Gods and Jötnar aside preventing the decay of magic forces in the world and founded Luna Nova. The said War takes place between Middle Ages and Golden Age of Magic. Other key differences are:

  • Bernadette Cavendish: Bernadette was a former Valkyrie (elite witch warrior themed after mythological figures of same name) under title Eir the Ice Sword Valkyrie who secretly passed her armor and title to her daughter Diana and had arranged so Diana can begun her training when she reached 14 under the titulege of Pongo before her death.
  • Ursula Callistis aka. Chariot du Nord and Atsuko Kagari: Not long after her separation with Croix after the latter revealed the effect of Dream Fuel Spirit, the lonely Chariot met young Akko who crying due to lost her parents in the crowd. She comforted Akko with a simple magic trick to cheer up Akko, getting her to stop crying just as Akko's parents find them and thank Chariot for finding her. Before she went home with her parents, the young Akko promised to Chariot that they will meet again someday, a promise that neither of them remember until much later in the events of Little Witch Academia: Witches of Midgard.
    • Akko's impressive skill with bow and arrows is explained due to her family, Kagari family, excels in archery techniques known as Kagari Archery Style which has been passed through generation, which includes technique to shoot arrows rapidly.
    • Ursula's martial arts skills is explained due to her being partly groomed as successor of Geirdriful the Sky Valkyrie title, and well-respected by Thapoli as the strongest Valkyrie in spite of her bad reputation as a witch.
    • Akko and Ursula are revealed to be related as niece and aunt, as Akko's mother, Yumi Kagari, is actually Ursula's long lost older sister named Elizabeth du Nord. Also, Ursula aka. Chariot and her sister Elizabeth confirmed to be born from non-magical family, but the former's high aptitude in magic led to both of them and Akko implied to be actually descendant of legendary mysterious witch from Scandinavia known as "The Last Shadow".
  • Miranda Holbrooke: Miranda Holbrooke is the veteran Valkyrie and former bearer of Geirdriful title.
  • Sucy's Background and Family: Sucy's background and family in this fanfic series combine aspects from both Teri Terio manga and Satou Keisuke manga. Here, she lived alongside her biological family which includes Mrs. Manbavaran and numerous siblings (two of them being Garie and Sabi). Also, in this fanfic series, Ramzan Manbavaran is Sucy's biological aunt and older sister of Mrs. Manbavaran who run an orphanage at their home in Mamba Islands, Southeast Asia.
  • Amanda O'Neill: Amanda revealed to has a late step-cousin named Clarisse, the valkyrie who known as Marmora the Blade Storm Valkyrie. In their youths, they were very close with Clarisse taught Amanda many things about magic and often criticizes her about her rebellious behavior. Before her death, Clarisse was attempted to solve the mystery behind phrase "Franang's Falls" and passed both the quest and her armor to Amanda. The quest for Franang's Fall is the plot point of the series.
  • Molly McIntyre: Molly revealed to be the last living member of McIntyre family alongside her late cousin Ragnhild. She greatly admired Ragnhild, the Specter Valkyrie Rota, and aspired to be like her. Her determination to be like her said cousin is the additional driving force for her to improved her initially poor magic aside living a happy life at Luna Nova which unfortunately, led to her meddling with time magic of Horologium, which resulted her afflicted with Curse of Time for two centuries until freed by Akko and co.


Nine New Witches/Witches of MidgardEdit

Kara Atsuko Kagari
Geirskogul Lotte Yanson
Skogul Sucy Manbavaran
Eir Diana Cavendish
Geirdriful Ursula Callistis
Rota Molly McIntyre
Marmora Amanda O'Neill
Gunnr Constanze Amalie von Braunschbank-Albrechtsberger


Sigrun Newt Astriddotir

Other AlliesEdit

Luna NovaEdit

  • Miranda Holbrooke


  • Andrew Hanbridge
  • Frank
  • Annabel Crème


Herja Lara
Nevar Helviti


Little Witch Academia: Witches of Midgard Music TracksEdit

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