Little Witch Academia: Witches of Midgard, also known as Witches of Midgard-verse, is the Norse fan-fiction series based on Studio Trigger's Little Witch Academia franchise written by Black Soulstone aka. BSoulstone. While follows most of the canon and Chamber of Time, it's can be considered either canon divergence AU or post-canon AU, for it set after events of Episode 25 of the anime and the AU itself incorporated elements of Norse Mythology into it.

The work on the first story of the series, The Twin Daughters, has began with its first chapter, Valkyrie of Fire, completed in February 22, 2018 in Little Witch Academia Fanon Wiki, though it underwent major improvement until it officially posted in Archive of Our Own in November 6, 2018. The second story of the series is currently under development.

A one-shot prequel of the series, Promise to Meet Again, has been published in November 27, 2018 in Archive of Our Own.

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The Gods of Asgard are gone.

In their wake, humanity survived thanks to a strenuous alliance between magical beings and followers of Nine Olde Witches, driving back destroyers called Jötnar back to their homeworld, Jotunheim.

The Great Age of Magic has returned, but so does the destroyers...

List of StoriesEdit

One ShotsEdit

No. Chapter Summary
1 Promise to Meet Again After a separation and betrayal, a witch and stage performer meets a little girl who inspired to become a witch like her and made a promise that they'll meet again.

Main SeriesEdit

Difference between Fanfic series and AnimeEdit

Though the fanfic series set in events after second cour (Episode 14-25) of Little Witch Academia anime, the story actually takes place in an alternate universe called Midgard where Norse mythology confirmed to be real and Nine Olde Witches reputed as goddess-like figures through their actions in ensuring humanity's survival during Ragnarok, the Great War between Norse Gods and Jötnar, in addition of preventing the decay of magic in the world and founded Luna Nova. Other key differences are:

  • Bernadette Cavendish: Bernadette Cavendish was a former Valkyrie (elite witch warrior themed after mythological figures of same name) under the title Eir the Ice Sword Valkyrie, who secretly passed her armor and title to her daughter Diana and had arranged so Diana can begun her training when she reached 14 under the tutelage of Pongo before her death.
  • Ursula Callistis/Chariot du Nord and Atsuko Kagari: Akko is revealed to had met Chariot after the latter's show when Chariot found her crying due to losing her parents in the crowd not long after her fallout with Croix. The stage performer comforted Akko with a simple magic trick to cheer up, getting her to stop crying just as Akko's parents found them and thanked Chariot for finding her. Before they parted ways, the young Akko promised to Chariot that they will meet again someday, a promise that neither of them remember until the events of Little Witch Academia: Witches of Midgard.
    • Akko's skill in archery is revealed to be due to her family, Kagari family, was originally a clan of samurai famed for their unique archery style known as "Kagari Archery Style Techniques" that has been passed through generations. Though the clan now has abandoned their violent ways in favor of peaceful life, they still maintain their tradition as former clan of samurais to the day where one of such tradition is passing down "Kagari Archery Style Techniques" to new generation in their family.
    • Ursula's martial arts skills is revealed to be due to her being groomed as the successor of Geirdriful the Sky Valkyrie title, having chosen by her predecessor Miranda Holbrooke and the White Valkyrie Newt Astriddotir. Interestingly, as a Valkyrie, Ursula is well-respected by Thapoli in spite of her bad reputation as a witch.
    • Akko and Ursula later revealed to be related as aunt and niece, as Akko's mother, Yumi Kagari, is actually Elizabeth du Nord, Ursula's long lost half-sister.
  • Miranda Holbrooke: Miranda Holbrooke is revealed to be the veteran Valkyrie, being former bearer of Geirdriful title and Ursula's predecessor.
  • Sucy's Background and Family: Sucy's family in Witches of Midgard combined elements from Terio Teri manga and Keisuke Satō manga: As with the former, Sucy stayed with her biological family including her mother and siblings (two of them being Garie and Sabi). While Ramzan Manbavaran also present as with Keisuke Satō, here she is portrayed as both Sucy's aunt and Mrs. Manbavaran's older sister.
  • Amanda O'Neill: Amanda is revealed to has a late step-cousin named Clarisse, the Valkyrie who known as Marmora the Blade Storm Valkyrie. In their youths, they were very close with Clarisse taught Amanda many things about magic and often criticizes her about her rebellious behavior. Before her death, Clarisse was attempted to solve the mystery behind phrase "Franang's Falls" and passed both the quest and her armor to Amanda. The quest for Franang's Fall is the plot point of the series.
  • Molly McIntyre: Molly is revealed to be the last living member of McIntyre family alongside her late cousin Ragnhild. She greatly admired Ragnhild, the Specter Valkyrie Rota, and aspired to be like her. Her determination to be like her said cousin is the additional driving force for her to improved her initially poor magic aside living a happy life at Luna Nova which unfortunately, led to her meddling with time magic of Horologium, which resulted her afflicted with Curse of Time for two centuries until freed by Akko and co.


Nine New Witches/Witches of MidgardEdit

Kara Atsuko Kagari
Geirskogul Lotte Yanson
Skogul Sucy Manbavaran
Eir Diana Cavendish
Geirdriful Ursula Callistis
Rota Molly McIntyre
Marmora Amanda O'Neill
Sloegra Constanze Amalie von Braunschbank-Albrechtsberger
Hrista Jasminka Antonenko


Sigrun Newt Astriddotir

Other AlliesEdit

Luna NovaEdit

  • Miranda Holbrooke


  • Andrew Hanbridge
  • Frank
  • Annabel Crème


Herja Lara
Nevar Helviti