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Pages created so far

Advent of RagnarokAkko (Dark World)Amanda O’Neil (LWA Ragnarok)
Amaterasu (LWA Ragnarok)Angolmois
Apollyon (Witches of Midgard)Atsuko Kagari (LWA Ragnarok Tetralogy)
Atsuko Kagari (Witches of Midgard)Barding ArmorBarrier Pauldron
Battle Near WagandeaBattle for Midgard (LWA Ragnarok)Big Dipper (chapter)
Binding Staff Part 1Binding Staff Part 2
Biri Biri (Witches of Midgard)Biri Biri (WoM Chapter)Blue Valkyrie (LWA Ragnarok)
Broken BondsBrunhilde Valkyrie (LWA Ragnarok)
Constanze Amalie von Braunschbank Albrechtsberger (LWA Ragnarok)Croix Meridies (LWA Ragnarok)Cy's Bounty Hunter Crew (LWA Ragnarok)
Dark WorldDeities (Little Witch Academia Tetralogy: Ragnarok)Determinator Spirit
Diana (Dark World)Diana Cavendish (LWA Ragnarok Tetralogy)Diana Cavendish (Witches of Midgard)
Duel Between Diana and CroixEarth Valkyrie
Eitr (Witches of Midgard)Elder ErikElement Zero Metal
Fallen Volkar, New Hope of MagicFenrir (LWA Ragnarok)Fenris Valkyrie (Valkyrie Armor)
Fire Valkyrie
Fun and GamesGeneral DiscussionGodzilla X Little Witch Academia Magic and Monsters
Great LindwormGreen Valkyrie (LWA Ragnarok)
Haggar SolveigdottirHarrHarr (WoM Chapter)
Hel (LWA Ragnarok)Hel (Witches of Midgard)Helviti
Herja ValkyrieHyndla du NordIce Valkyrie
It'll Sure to BeginJack (LWA Ragnarok)Jasminka Antoneko (LWA Ragnarok)
Jormungand (LWA Ragnarok)Jían (LWA Ragnarok)Jötnar
Karl (LWA Ragnarok)Kur the Destroyer (LWA Ragnarok)Lara
Light Valkyrie (LWA Ragnarok)Lightning Weasel Clans (LWA Ragnarok)
Little Witch Academia: Ragnarok TetralogyLittle Witch Academia: Witches of Midgard
Little Witch Academia Fanon WikiLittle Witch Academia Ragnarok-Exclusive Creatures and Other Entities
Little Witch Academia Special: Operation Smile. Smile to Mother!!
Loki (Witches of Midgard)Lotte Yanson (LWA Ragnarok Tetralogy)Lotte Yanson (Witches of Midgard)
Luna Nova Inhabitants (LWA Ragnarok)Luna Nova Security Forces And Damage Control (LWA Ragnarok)
Magic AutomatonMagic Energy
Malice Striker FlechetteMinor Villains and Other Factions (LWA Ragnarok)
Naglfar (LWA Ragnarok)Naglfar (Little Witch Academia: Witches of Midgard)
New on Wikia starter pagesNews and AnnouncementsNewt (LWA Ragnarok)
Newt AstriddotirNidhoggr (LWA Ragnarok)Nine Realms
Noir Rod (LWA Ragnarok)NokkenOlde Magic (LWA Ragnarok Tetralogy)
One Shall Fall Part 1One Shall Fall Part 2
One Shall Rise (LWA Ragnarok)Onmyodou (Little Witch Academia: Ragnarok Tetralogy)Order of Kitsune (LWA Tetralogy Ragnarok)
Other Characters (LWA Ragnarok)Pomokai Holoholona (Ragnarok Tetralogy)Pomokai Holoholona (Witches of Midgard)
Pongo (LWA Ragnarok Tetralogy)Primordial Magic (LWA Ragnarok Tetralogy)Questions and Answers
Reaper Volkar (LWA Ragnarok)Rico (LWA Ragnarok)
Runa Valkyrie (LWA Ragnarok)Ryuko Kagari
Shadow Valkyrie (LWA Ragnarok)Shark Tooth (LWA Ragnarok)Shiny "Nova" Flash
Shiny Ray (LWA Ragnarok)Sigrun ValkyrieSkoll and Hati (LWA Ragnarok)
Sky ValkyrieSolais Metal (LWA Ragnarok Tetralogy)
Solais Metal (Witches of Midgard-verse)Spear of TormentSpectral Magic (LWA Ragnarok Tetralogy)
Sucy Manbavaran (LWA Ragnarok Tetralogy)Sucy Manbavaran (Witches of Midgard)Surtr (LWA Ragnarok)
ThapoliThapoli-Naglfar WarThe Awakening
The ChoosingTimeline Of Little Witch Academia: Ragnarok TetralogyTinkerer (LWA Ragnarok)
TrechresUrsula Callistis (LWA Ragnarok)Ursula Callistis (Little Witch Academia: Witches of Midgard)
Valkyrie Armor (LWA Ragnarok Tetralogy)
Valkyrie Armor (Witches of Midgard-verse)Valkyrie Blade
Valkyrie Corps. (LWA Ragnarok Tetralogy)Valkyrie Corps. (Witches of Midgard-verse)
Valkyrie of Fire Part 1Valkyrie of Fire Part 2Venommancy (LWA Ragnarok Tetralogy)
Vermilion Valkyrie (LWA Ragnarok)
Vethrvolnir (Primordial Avatar)Wind Valkyrie
Witch Blacksmith
Witches of Midgard (LWA Ragnarok)Wolf Girl (LWA Ragnarok)
Yellow Valkyrie (LWA Ragnarok)Yggdrasil Society (LWA Ragnarok)
Yondu the Dragon Horse (LWA Ragnarok)