Part 2: Determinator Spirit, is the second part of Little Witch Academia: Ragnarok Tetralogy.


What appeared to be peaceful summer holiday for Akko comes crashing down upon the return of Hiruko Clan, Order of Kitsune's old enemy that reemerges to destroy both witches and Order of Kitsune for their tolerances with their rival witches.


Prologue: Black Murder InvestigationEdit

Diana, Pongo, and Ursula had a meeting with Gaichu, Master Onmyoji and current leader of Order of Kitsune who summoned them to aid the Order investigating an event known as Black Murders: Across Japan, 4 witch alumni had been mysteriously killed under unknown circumstances in their homes. He has sent out his best agents to investigate. Based on the reports, all killed witches were mauled by some kind of "monster that leaves black slimy trail on its wake" and for some reasons, their homes also ransacked not long after their murders, as if the culprit was looking for something, but none of their precious belongings were gone except for what appeared to be piece of an antique gauntlet. Just then, they got a call from one of their agents that the 5th witch alumni suspected to be the next target had been killed at her home, prompt Gaichu to sent Diana, Pongo, and Ursula to aid their agents to investigate.

At the house of 5th victim of Black Murders, accompained by a group of Order of Kitsune samurais, Ursula, Diana, and Pongo started their investigation. Diana wondered whether anyone on the outside know what happened, in which the samurai commander reassured that they have placed some agents to distract reporters. As before, the victim's house was ransacked with their properties, including their precious belongings, scattered everywhere and they also found several trails of black slimes. Neither witches nor samurais found something peculiar until Pongo found strange symbols drawn with blood on the second floor of the house. Diana and the samurai commander then inspected the symbols, and to her and Pongo's surprise, samurai commander explained that the symbols was actually a message to declare the war against both Order of Kitsune and Witches.

Meanwhile, in the basement of the house, Ursula and a samurai sensed movements of a large creature around them and the samurai contacted their commander about it with a walkie talkie. To his and Ursula's surprise, samurai commander warned them that the situation was worse than they thought and stated that whoever killed the victim and her family, they must have put their corpses somewhere in the house and the culprit is not human, but creature of Dark Magic. In the midst of their conversation, Ursula found a desecrated shrine that contained a scroll and inspected it, revealing that it was some kind of a map. Just as she going to asked the samurai near her about it, she was greeted by a horrific sight: A pile of bodies of the 5th victim of Black Murder and her family with a 30 m tentacled leech-like monster who seeing her through sockets of kabuki mask on its head and roared on her face.

The leech-like monster launched one of its bladed tentacles against Ursula, which she easily avoid before conjuring energy blasts against the beast. Diana, Pongo, samurai commander, and the rest of samurais soon join the battle. In spite of their valiant efforts, combined forces of witches and samurais were outmatched by the beast's unpredictable powers. Having enough, Diana and Pongo combined their magic to conjure a huge stream of fire against the monster, incapacitating it. However, their victory was cut short by the arrival of a winged figure who bursts into the house and attacked everyone, crippled everyone except samurai commander, Ursula, Diana, and Pongo. The winged figure then introduced herself as Kagura, and expressed her disgust on The Order for made the truce with Witches in the past as she killed one of samurais in anger and left, but not before left an omnious warning where Mokujin Army will rise and rebuild the world in accordance of Hiruko Clan's image...

Chapter 1: Akko's ArrivalEdit

Two days later, Akko and Biri Biri arrived at Nagasaki Station. The brunette and her familiar was greeted by a black-haired young woman with spiky ponytail, black dress and a katana on her belt. Akko introduced Biri Biri the young woman as her cousin Tsubasa, who, much to their surprise, easily deduced that Biri Biri is a Pomokai Holoholona instead of a regular ermine pet. Tsubasa then brought the duo to Kitsune Corporation's main building at the city. Along the way, Tsubasa explained to Akko that she will stay at the building under the personal request of her grandfather and current CEO of Kitsune Corporation, Yosuke Kagari, for her summer holiday.

Arriving at the building, Akko, Biri Biri, and Tsubasa were greeted by Inugami, Saru, and Yosuke Kagari. Akko noticed that there are many guards around the whole place, with Yosuke explained that there were murders on witches across the country that he worried that Akko may become the next target of the killer and Yakuzas become more violent lately, which is reason why she had to stay in the building. Yosuke then brought Biri Biri and his granddaughter to the penthouse on the top of the building where they going to stay for the summer holiday. To Akko's surprise, the penthouse was quite luxurious and palacial-looking, with its design modeled after a Honmune-styled house with both modern and traditional facilities.

Just then, Biri Biri sensed magic energy similar to the one emitted by Sorcerer's Stone on the area and followed it, only to find that instead of Sorcerer's Stone, the energy came from a small Shinto Shrine. As Biri Biri approach the shrine, a fox suddenly popped out of it and warned him not to get too close with the shrine, much to his surprise. Akko wondered how a fox appeared at the building, which prompt the fox to split her tail into 9 and revealed organic repulsors on her back. Yosuke then introduced the 9-tailed fox as his friend and the shrine's guardian, a gumiho named Amaterasu. Amaterasu then guessed that Biri Biri able to sense the presence of source of magic energy that he approached the shrine before explained that it shared same functions with witches' Sorcerer's Stone, allowing anyone with magical talent to freely use and train magic. The difference however, magic energy generated by the shrine came from Dragon Lines, source of magic energy believed to be left behind by Izanagi-No-Mikoto when the said Shinto God created the world on the same time when Yggdrasil come to being. The gumiho then revealed that she knows that Akko already become a witch-in-training through her enrollment at Luna Nova, something she often discussed with Yosuke, and allowed her to use the shrine to train her magic in condition of her not to cause troubles.

After Yosuke, Tsubasa, Inugami, and Saru left the brunette, the gumiho, and the lightning weasel alone, Akko explored the penthouse and found the place a bit too luxurious for her. Amaterasu explained that Yosuke had traditionalistic taste, with one eye in the past and the other is in the future. Biri Biri then asked Amaterasu about murders on witches in Japan and how Yakuzas become violent, and the gumiho explained that it was complicated; as far as she knows, someone had provoked Yakuzas to attack the building on the day the murders began, and since Akko's family are part of the founders of Kitsune Corporation with Yosuke as current CEO, there's the chance that Yakuzas also after her. Also, because of his status as CEO, Yosuke and Akko never had a close relationship and rarely met, but they still loved each other and he arranged that Akko will stay with him in the building for sake of her safety. Akko then asked Amaterasu whether she can contact her friends and fellow students of Luna Nova with her crystal ball, and the gumiho stated that she can as the shrine also connected with Ley Lines, but with condition where should any of them come to visit, they must not cause any trouble if they don't want to (literally) lose their heads.

Unbeknowist to Akko and Biri Biri, Pongo, Diana, and Ursula entered the building for another meeting with Master Onmyoji Gaichu. Ursula demanded an explanation over the emergence of the leech-like tentacled monster, the message about declaration of war against both witches and Order of Kitsune, and the mysterious winged figure named Kagura who ambushed them at the scene of the crime, suspecting that the Order hid something from them. This prompt Gaichu to asked Ursula to handed him the scroll she found on the house of 5th victim, and once she gave it to him, Gaichu revealed that the winged figure who attacked them was a member of supposedly extinct clan called Hiruko clan, who once part of Order of Kitsune, who at that time known as Kitsune clan before instigated rebellion for tolerating witches. Gaichu then asked Diana what she know about relationships between The Order and Witches in general, and she stated that both sides have been rivals since Golden Age of Magic. The Master Onmyoji then goes to explain that The Order and Witches once involved in a bloody conflict called The Massacre in Kyoto that eventually ends with the truce since both sides grew tired with the conflict. Unfortunately, some members of The Order including Kagura, refused to make peace with their enemies and instigated rebellion against both sides. In retaliation, The Order were forced to wipe all members of Hiruko clan out to ensure that they no longer threatened the already established truce between Witches and the Clan. Gaichu even stated that Hiruko Clan have quite notorious reputation that in response of their resurgence, he implored Ursula to call some reinforcements from Luna Nova, something which Diana agreed. Although, Diana later dismayed to see that their reinforcements would be Sucy, Jian, Yondu, and Lotte.

Chapter 2: Past GrudgesEdit

Meanwhile, Kagura landed on an abandoned shrine at the outskirts of Nagasaki, and greeted by a mysterious hooded figure. The hooded figure stated that she has watched her and her allies for a month, intrigued with both technology they possesses and their ultimate weapon that feed on emotions and converted it into magic energy. Kagura become suspicious towards the hooded figure and threatened her with both her swords and blades on her winged harness, only for the hooded figure revealed herself as Shadow Valkyrie as her clothes transform into black and purple valkyrie-motif armored dress with shadowy mask with flaming green eyes, larger winged mechanical harness with turbines, witch hat with a pair of ornaments that resembles bat-like wings, and a shadowy zewihander made of magitronic cubes. Shadow Valkyrie stated that she actually busy on something at the very moment they spoke, stating that she had no time for fighting and proposed an alliance for whatever the plan that Kagura worked on. But Kagura refuses, and rushed towards her and attack.

Undaunted, Shadow Valkyrie called forth a number of hovercraft-like drones to her side and a fight ensued. Kagura sliced off the drones around her with both her sword and blades on her winged harness before clashed her katana onto her opponent's large blade. To the evil Valkyrie's surprise, the katana glows in high frequency and easily cut her magitronic sword into half. Shadow Valkyrie expressed her interest on the weapon, even sneered Kagura by asking where she could get one of those. The rogue Valkyrie then summoned more of her magitronic cubes to her side and formed a flock of ravens to covered her escape. Kagura quickly made the short work on magitronic crows, but frustated that the crows have stalled her long enough so their master could escape.

On the next morning, Yosuke took her granddaughter and Biri Biri a tour to the building. Along the way, they walked past several workers who worked on various latest advanced products and technologies that only Kitsune Corporation able to create. At one point, Akko was amazed with a latest model of a VTOL motorcycle which her grandfather explained to be the prototype of Heli-Bike, only to be dismayed that it briefly flew out of control during the test, in which Yosuke stated that it still undergo several tests. Also, during the tour, Biri Biri noticed a blueprint of what appeared to be some kind of large aircraft carrier and exotic-looking war machines, which prompt Yosuke to snatch it and reprimanded the worker who carelessly left some blueprints of their latest technology.

Meanwhile, at the enterance of the building, Ursula, Diana, and Pongo had rendezvous with Lotte, Yondu, Sucy, and Jian. Just as Diana warned them not to provoke security in the building to attack them due to them very cautious towards witches, Jian, who noticed Akko who walked with Biri Biri and Yosuke, suddenly ran off of her own, prompt the witches to chase the mamba seal before causing any trouble. Unfortunately, just as Sucy managed to caught Jian, her mamba seal had accidently set up a trap where several thick net suddenly fall onto them and other witches, trapping them with enchantments that alsl interfering their magic. This alarmed Tsubasa, Inugami, and Saru who quickly surrounded the trapped witches. To Lotte's horror, she heard Tsubasa suggested to "cut the witches into sushi", only for her relief, Saru suggested otherwise as by doing so, they become something worse than their rivals. And thus, Tsubasa ordered her fellow Bladerunner Trio to "cut these morons free".

After released from the trap and Tsubasa had confirmed the witches as their allies from updated info Gaichu sent to them, Diana repimanded Sucy to keep her familiar from causing troubles in light of their near-death experience since they are in area where witches had to behave well if not wanted to literally lose their heads. Sucy argued that Jian was just still young, and Yondu added that Holbrooke didn't have much choice in sending him, Lotte, Sucy, and Jian as backup since the rest of witches of Luna Nova was either having vacation or busy with their assignments, and wondered whether Akko can help them too. Ursula agreed with Yondu, but their situation was already complicated and as of now, they had to wait in the building until Kitsune Clan finished deciphering the scroll she found at the house of 5th victim of Black Murders. That's the moment where to their pleasant surprise, they met Akko as they going to enter an elevator while accompanied by Bladerunner Trio.

Everyone were thrilled that Akko being the biological granddaughter of Kitsune Clan's CEO, with Lotte stated that the company once contributed in aiding her family during their dark times. Akko, whom a bit embarassed, argued that Kitsune Corporation was not that big, though Sucy stated otherwise due to Kitsune Corporation's reputation as one of Japan's largest enterprises. Diana was the least thrilled with Akko’s relation with Kitsune Clan’s CEO, but not denied it as she once heard a Japanese family called Kagari who helped rebuild the nation after World War II through their family business that gradually changed into large company over the years and recalled on Akko's unique fighting style. Akko then explained why she never talked about both her grandfather and her family's relation to Kitsune Corporation and knows very little about the company; Her parents didn't talked much about it, and she and her grandfather never had a close relationship. Due to his status as CEO, Yosuke spent a great part of his time in managing the company, leaving him little time to spent with his family. And when Yosuke unexpectedly asked her to stay with him for her summer holiday, she saw this as the chance to get to know him more.

Just then, Ursula and Biri Biri are summoned by the CEO Yosuke himself to his office. When the duo entered the office, both of them surprised that Yosuke had deduced their true identities: He knows that Ursula is actually the famous witch Shiny Chariot who once performed the show that his granddaughter Akko watch 10 years ago, and Biri Biri being Shiny Flash, Chariot's familiar at that time. During that point, Ursula and Biri Biri's brain lurched, realizing that they are talking with the very man who attacked them 10 years ago after performing the said show: Not long after they finished their show at Japan, Chariot and Biri Biri (who at that time known as Shiny Flash) were attacked by Yosuke and a small squad of Order of Kitsune samurais upon discovered that her magic show caused an anomaly which crippled her audiences' magic including Akko's. Yosuke even stated that at that time, he was enraged so much that he wished to kill Chariot for what she had done, but choose against it for Akko's sake and being stopped by Amaterasu. It was fortunate that he chose to spare them because he soon learned that Chariot and Flash's former friend, Croix Meridies, was the true mastermind of the whole incident and found that their confession for their involvment in that anomaly being genuine. Even so, he still punished Chariot for her foolishness to fall into Croix's trickery by crippled her Magic of Stars bestowed by Polaris Fountain with a secret weapon as remainder of that event.

The revelation that she had hurt a girl whom family being part of the Order horrified Ursula, though she later deduced that Yosuke didn't summon them for brought up the bad history between them as result of that incident. Yosuke stated that she was right, and told them why he had personal grudge towards witches where it dated back to the years of Golden Age of Magic in Japan:

At that time, a large coven of witches sparked an enmity between them and The Order, who at that time known as Kitsune Clan by unleashed the Nue and harming locals. The enmity soon escalated into the war that would be remembered as The Massacre of Kyoto. During that warring state, Yosuke was very young and had seen both sides spilled each other's blood, and both he and Master Onmyoji of Kitsune Clan at that time, watched the slaughter in dread and despair. That's until one day, the master of Kitsune Clan's craftsmen, offered to build the king an unstoppable wooden mechanical army called Mokujins that will help them destroying their enemies. The army then built alongside a mystical gauntlet called Tarakudo Gauntlet, which also share its name with strongest of Mokuji Unit. In spite of the army proved to be very effective, Mokujin Army proved too effective that their presence in the battlefield caused another horrible incident called Golem Incident: Being soulless constructs that have no remorse, felt no loyalty, nor pain, they lacked capacity in differentiate good and evil where they even killed innocent witches who had nothing to do with the war as well. Yosuke then stated that Amaterasu's witch master was among victims of that incident. Realized that the clan become something worse than their enemies, The Master Onmyoji's heart grew heavy in regret, so he called a truce where he entrusted some pieces of Tarakudo Gauntlet for witches while the rest being kept by Kitsune Clan themselves.

Even so, this peaceful approach in dealing Witches disillusioned some groups of onmyoji within the clan that a civil war within Kitsune Clan: Kagura and her followers decided to sever their ties with Kitsune clan and formed their own clan called Hiruko clan. The Hiruko clan then invented a sinister onmyodou ritual called Noir Hiruko Ritual and kidnapped some witches as sacrifice to create Noir Hiruko and unleashed it to both sides. Another battle broke out, forcing both Witches and Kitsune Clan to put aside their differences to vanquished their common enemy. Though actual peace eventually comes for both sides in the very hard way, they deemed that Hiruko clan deemed too dangerous to let around, and Kitsune clan decided to start the hunt on survivors of Hiruko clan until none of them left. Kitsune clan also forbade witches to interfere on the massacre as Kagura and her followers' betrayal was their responsibility alone. Even so, some managed to survive and hid, in order to regain strength to strike back.

As he concluded his story, Yosuke added that Kagura was used to be his fiancee until hatred made her lost her way, and when Ursula, Biri Biri, and Croix caused magical anomaly that crippled Akko and other innocent people's magic 10 years ago, he nearly become as bad as Kagura had it not for both his love for Akko and Amaterasu who advised him against revenge. Yosuke made it clear that while the Order give Ursula and Biri Biri the chance of redemption by helping the clan protecting Akko and stopping Hiruko Clan's reign of terror once and for all including preventing them from awakening Mokujin Army, his opinion about them won't change and angrily questioned why they have Akko involved in their quest for Grand Triskellion and stated out loud his indifference towards the fact that Shiny Rod chose Akko on its own and the duo genuinely had no choice because of it. Biri Biri justified his and Ursula's decision to bring Akko in and stated it was his fault alone that Ursula accidently sucked Akko's magic 10 years ago. Yosuke remains indifferent and unsympathetic to this, and give them an ultimatum: Not involved Akko in the quest and give up on the Grand Triskellion...

Chapter 3: Gran Gran's ProposalEdit

After the conversation with Yosuke, Biri Biri mused that it's unlikely they can gain the trust from the Kitsune Corporation CEO no matter what they and other Luna Nova Team members do for the Order as they returned to Akko's penthouse. Ursula stated that everything Yosuke said to them does have the point, something that Amaterasu and Gran Gran agreed as they followed the duo and join their conversation. Gran Gran stated that even though she upset for Ursula and Biri Biri's role in causing anomaly that crippled Akko's magic 10 years ago, she knows that they didn't mean to do it, which enough for her to trust the duo. The fox-like Pomokai Holoholona expresses her agreement with Gran Gran before further explained that Yosuke only seeing the worst in witches that he rather maintain his negative view on them than either compromise or seeing goodness in them, and troubles that Naglfar caused through their black market business lately doesn't help either. Amaterasu mused sadly that even though his decision to punish Ursula with Sin Blade was just, what Yosuke did was actually a horrible mistake as it more driven by revenge— the one who meant be cut with the said weapon was their old friend Croix Meridies due to her being the mastermind behind the Dream Fuel Spirit phenomenon. Gran Gran then told Ursula that it would be best that she and Biri Biri continued the Quest for Grand Triskellion regardless what Yosuke said for Akko's sake, as she believes that it will make her happy.

Just then, the Kitsune Corporation CEO came out of the office and eyeing both Ursula and Biri Biri with hatred before noticed Amaterasu and Gran Gran who stood near the duo. Yosuke told Gran Gran that he knows she trust the witch and doesn't understand why, and Gran Gran justified that she trusted Ursula as her friend. Amaterasu coldly dared the man not to lay a finger on either Ursula or Luna Nova Witches enlisted by Gaichu to assist Order of Kitsune. This slighty infuriated Yosuke for a moment, before calmed himself and wordlessly left them alone. Amaterasu then walk away, but not before glares angrily on the CEO. Yosuke noticed this, but didn't care.

Ursula asked Gran Gran whether Order of Kitsune and Witches used to be enemies like Yosuke told them previously, and Gran Gran confirmed it before further revealed more details regarding those dark times: Yosuke and Kagura were among those who approved the creation of Mokujin Army back during the conflict against Witches and even outraged by the Order's decision to made the truce with their enemies. Though he didn't betray Order of Kitsune like Kagura did, all horrors of the conflict and worst in witches Yosuke had witnessed not only made him intensely despised witches, but also made his loyalty to the Order come to the question.

Just as they walked past Gaichu's office, Ursula, Biri Biri, and Gran Gran heard a tense argument between Yosuke and Gaichu where Gaichu said, "I will not be reprimanded by an extremist!"

"We're both extremists. At least I act like one", Yosuke said coldly.

"You targeted civilians! Kill any who surrendered! If we stoop to the same level with our enemies, what would we become?!", Gaichu retorted.

"AND YOU'RE TOO SOFT TO OUR ENEMIES!!!", Yosuke thundered to Master Onmyoji's face. "The witches... they have destroyed the earth and harmed innocent lives! And now you dare to enlist help from the one who hurt one of us! Master Gaichu, you were once a proud onmyoji of The Order. Since when you become their pet?"

"I know how to deal our allies and enemies far better than you or Kagura, Yosuke Kagari", Gaichu sternly said. "Both of you always think those witches as heartless monsters incapable of reasoning and tolerance that you failed to see goodness in them. You think I don't know you gave Chariot ultimatum not to continue the Quest for Grand Triskellion? I will made this clear for you: That quest of her is her and Witches' business and responsibility in maintaining this world, not ours! Forbid her continue her Quest for Grand Triskellion, you doomed this world! Your hatred to them will only bring sorrow and torment not just for yourself, but also to those around you including Akko."

Overhearing the conversation, Biri Biri found Yosuke's extremist ways more disturbing than his ultimatum to both him and Ursula, which Gran Gran agreed as not just Gaichu, others from Order of Kitsune including Amaterasu worried that he will turned against everyone or worse, spark another war against Witches. This agitated Ursula who then asked Gran Gran whether they can do something about such possibilities, and Gran Gran stated that there's a way, but the duo need to trust her on it.

Back at the penthouse on top of the building, Akko and her friends spent their time at the penthouse park before notices Gran Gran, Ursula, and Biri Biri who entered the area. Akko is overjoyed to see her grandmother again, only to realize something had bothered her for some reasons. Gran Gran asks her granddaughter to meet her at her office as they need to talk about something, and Akko followed her without questions.

Entering Gran Gran's office, Gran Gran asked Akko whether she remember the bedtime story she once told her every night when she was 6, the story about Dreaded Mokujin Army. Akko said that she remembered the story a little before wondered why her grandmother brought up such topic. To Akko's surprise, Gran Gran revealed that the story was based on real events that take place in Japan during the time of Golden Age of Magic— a series of conflicts which remembered as The Massacre in Kyoto, Golem Incident, and Kitsune Clan Civil War. She then begins to explain more about those events to Akko, which lead her to reveal that their family, Kagari family, are in fact, part of the Japanese Order of Protectors called Order of Kitsune who fought invading evil witches during those conflicts, and the order itself remained active to the day under the name Kitsune Corporation. Akko is not greatly surprised, as Order of Kitsune crest on her Inari had give away her lineage to the Order as pointed by Newt Luna Nova few months prior. The brunette then asked her grandmother why she didn't tell this earlier, and Gran Gran stated that it was for her safety, before requested Akko to ensure both sides' teamwork to stop Hiruko Clan went smoothly as someone in the Order doesn't like her friends' presence in Japan. When Akko inquired her grandmother such individual, Gran Gran uneasily revealed him to be none other than Yosuke himself, much to her shock.

Akko asked her grandmother why her grandfather resented her friends, which prompt Gran Gran to explain how horrors in the past conflicts between the Order and Witches greatly affected him that he no longer concerned with civilians' safety and refused to take prisoners out of the Order's enemies, especially during their campaign against Naglfar's black market and mercenary business where he ended up slaughtered Naglfar agents they caught without mercy, which greatly infuriated Akko. At that moment, Tsubasa entered the room where she expresses her agreement before reassured that the office is under the Order's radar, which means everyone in the building is oblivious with conversation that take place in the room. Tsubasa elaborated that Yosuke outright opposing Gaichu's decision in enlisting Luna Nova's help to begin with, and with his hatred and grudge towards Witches no longer made him thinking straight, the Master Onmyoji had to keep an eye on him at all times. Gran Gran added that the thing that matter now is not simply about stopping Hiruko Clan's threat, but also to prove Ursula's Team's nobility as ally for Order of Kitsune and to that, they'll need Akko's help as she knows her friends and teacher better than anyone else. Recalling her dream to become a witch like Shiny Chariot is both to become a magical star like her hero and proving that witches are noble people in spite of their dark history, Akko firmly accepted her grandmother's proposal.