Here are list of minor villains and other factions excluding Naglfar that serves as antagonists in Little Witch Academia: Ragnarok Tetralogy.

Hiruko ClanEdit

A clan formed by Kagura in response of Order of Kitsune's decision to make peace with Witches. They are main antagonists of Determinator Spirit storyline. They possesses various weapons and assets similar with Kitsune Clan, but very outdated.


Dreaded onmyoji who present at and accepting of the creation of the Mokujin Army. She is anti-witch fanatic who blames witches for all of the misfortunes of human life including her own and believes their destruction will benefit mankind.


Like his former fiancee Yosuke, Kagura was a complex character. Her desire to better the lives of Japanese people and humanity were by no means evil, but her plans to achieve this and hatred of all witchkind were more malevolent. She was a fierce and courageous warrior and witch who proud of her heritage. Her hatred of witches stems from the devastating conflict between them and Kitsune Clan, the very conflict that killed her parents when she was young. Although her intentions were noble and Yosuke could understand the pain, Kagura was still willing to go to extreme lengths to achieve her goals and had no issue whatsoever with killing potentially millions of witches and bystanders, many of whom were innocent or ignorant of the crimes against humanity, or with killing anyone who got in his way. She even willing to betray those she love like Yosuke and manipulates a group of Yakuzas to troubled those who stood between her and her goal.

Individual VillainsEdit

Hunger DemonEdit


Daphne "Zapper" WattersonEdit

A witch and thrill-seeking thief. She is part of an aristocrat of thieves who targeted the more high profile Witches for the thrill of it. Also known as Zapper due to her usage in lightning spells.


Like her rival Amanda, she is a kleptomaniac thrill-seeker who have rebellious side. Like Diana, she also very confident in her abilities. However, she had sense of honor as she tend to wary towards black market dealers who sell dangerous weapons and other items. Though often at odds with Witches of Midgard, the gang sometimes asked her some advices, as long as she doesn't see this as chance to steal something from them of course...


  • Athletism: Like Amanda, Daphne is very athletic as she can easily avoid traps.
  • Grab On: An ability belonging to the Wattersons, they are able to steal certain abilities from their opponents. Its only temporary as using magic from a different person could cause damage to your magic systems. She only uses this against tougher enemies.
  • Lightning Magic: Daphne's signature ability where she manipulate electricity to generate and release powerful blasts of electric shocks through her slaps that, when used on a human being, can propel them a great distance away and also subdue them.

Penny GalaxiaEdit

A black shuck who also Daphne's partner and Jack's love interest.


She is more or less paralel to Jack as both are level-headed familiars who tried to keep their masters from troubles. Penny at first indifferent towards Jack, but grew to fond with him albeit out of respect due to him helping her healing Daphne from Angolmois infection.


  • Shadow Role: Turns into a shadow and create shadow weapons. When in shadow form, the only to aware the presence of a Black Shuck is when it moves by, you felt a chill.