Niflheimian Lindworms are a type of lindworm native in Niflheim, realm of cold and darkness which connected with the rest of Nine Realms by Yggdrasil featured in Little Witch Academia: Witches of Midgard.

Description & CharacteristicsEdit

Niflheimian Lindworms are a race of serpentine dragons native at Niflheim, but a number of them somehow made their way to Midgard during the era of Nine Olde Witches, presumably due to at that time, Nine Realms fall into chaos following the war between Norse Gods and Jötnar. Their presence in Midgard became problematic for Nine Olde Witches and humanity as the largest of their kind, Great Lindworm, prone to leaving destruction in its wake in spite of displaying no actual hostility towards humanity. Unfortunately, the God of Destruction Loki, formerly known as God of Mischief, who was on the war against Norse Gods and outraged that Yggdrasil bestowed Nine Olde Witches immense magical powers to help humanity in the absence of Norse Gods, captured all lindworms that roaming around Midgard and enslaved them all. This includes the Great Lindworm, whom the fallen god forced to wreak havoc and killed million lives. By doing so however, Loki inevitably staged his own downfall however, as Great Lindworm soon broke free from its control and sided with both Nine Olde Witches and surviving Norse Gods to defeat their common foe. The devastating battle eventually culminated with Heimdall and Great Lindworm defeated Loki and have the fallen god's body parts scattered across Midgard at the cost of their lives. To honor the legendary serpent's sacrifice, Nine Olde Witches uses Yggdrasil's powers to purify its remains so its inherent black magic won't ravage the world upon its death and allowed its soul to reincarnate in order to regain peace it lost, leading to birth of Pomokai Holoholonas. Nine Olde Witches' followers also took a portion of its scales for study in hopes of creating elite group of witches who can fight powerful adversaries including Jotnar, leading creation of Valkyrie Corps.

In spite of their reputation as legendary beasts of mass destruction, Niflheimian Lindworms appeared to be more peaceful than it seemed. Records about them stating that these creatures never display hostility towards humanity and one of them, the Great Lindworm, even befriends Beatrix Cavendish prior to the war against Jotnar. Although capable of communicating (as Beatrix shown in Great Lindworm who communicates with its friend Beatrix Cavendish and later, its human incarnation Akko through telepathy), most of them choose to express themselves through actions rather than words. They are also beings endowed with great biological and magical abilities, having large amount of black magic inside their body. Though seeminly destructive, like eitr, the lindworm's black magic has the ability to create life, as shown in the case of Great Lindworm's which gave birth to Pomokai Holoholonas through purification with essence of Yggdrasil.

For combat, Niflheimian Lindworm has incredible physical strength, flight, and immense magic power. On physical combat alone, a Niflheimain Lindworm can stomp or swatting a target to death like a bug with its arms, able to use its tail to ensnare and capture, use its mouth to bite through its enemies, and squashed foes with its sheer weight. Great Lindworm demonstrated that it can dried up lakes, collapsing mountains, and destroy city by its momentum alone. They can also project destructive aurora-like dragonfire said capable to vaporize entire forests and decimate an entire mountains. Ultimately though, a Niflheimian Lindworm relies on ambient magic power to help recharge their physical energy.

An unique ability which Niflheimian Lindworm shared with Pomokai Holoholonas is its ability to create thick lust forest around their bodies upon death, albeit in more massive scale. Auriga Forest, the forest that located near Thapoli, said to be formed by Great Lindworm upon its death at hands of Loki. With guidance of Diana, Asa, and spirit of Beatrix Cavendish, Akko explored the forest to find the meaning of her recurring dreams where she encountered Great Lindworm who attempted to tell her something, in which the young Valkyrie discovered that she is the human incarnation of Great Lindworm and fated to combat the reincarnated Loki once again.