Draugr Nokken LWA WoM

A Nokken

Nokken is a race of lion-sized, toad-like magical beast that inhabit swamps Germanic origin.

Description & CharacteristicsEdit

Nokken is basically repulsive-liooking, blue colored toad-like monster with three webbed, clawed arms and legs and have short tail. Their jaws can split into five ways like a flower. Possessing magic power, they can alter the structure of their body for combat such as morphing their hands into razor-sharp tentacles, forming durable shell for protection, or projecting bone spikes. Even so, they are susceptible to fire and heat. A Nokken can even retain their powers upon reanimated as draugr, but gained increased durability and resilience granted by its undead nature, making draugr nokkens more dangerous.

Being carnivorous beast, Nokkens are inherently aggressive creatures who lived in secluded watery bodies. Because of this, Witch Community advised to capture or exterminate the beast on sight should they enter sewer area of population.