One Shall Fall Part 2 is the second and final part of two-parter story of Little Witch Academia: Ragnarok Tetralogy.


Countdown to RagnarokEdit

Diana was informed by Lotte, Sucy, Jian, and Yondu, that they haven't found Akko ever since they left town. Understood their worry, Diana accepted in helping them find Akko. Little did they know the weather slowly begin to get worse.

Settling the ScoreEdit

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Descendants from Antiquity -Gamera 3 OST

Chasing down Biri Biri, Croix had been consumed by rage due to sight of enraged lighting weasel reminds her with the day their feud had started: Back when she, Chariot, and Biri Biri, who at that time known as Shiny Flash, still together in the quest for Seven Words of Arcturus, Shiny Flash sensed her inner resentment over the fact that Shiny Rod choose her best friend Chariot instead of her, and become distrustful with her for it. No matter how hard she tried to prove that she can still aiding Chariot in spite of having such resentment and gaining his trust, Shiny Flash was too focused on guiding Chariot from acknowledging her merit. And then, after she suggested Chariot to use Dream Fuel Spirit magic on her spectators to improve her magic show and "forget" to tell its effects until she used it for the first time, it not only caused her and Chariot to separate, but also rapidly worsened the already established distrust between her and Shiny Flash. The degenerated distrust between Croix and Shiny Flash eventually culminated to the breaking point where Shiny Flash ended up wrongfully blamed her for causing Shiny Rod to disintegrated on Chariot's hands, causing Croix to in turn, expressed her frustation over her resentment and the weasel's distrust on her before ran off. This was actually the beginning of the worst, of course, as Croix began to questioned their quest for Seven Words of Arcturus that led her break into Nova Clan's secret archive near Grand Triskellion's seal and discovered the truth about both it and something else, which are more than what she was signed for. When Shiny Flash come for her and tried to reason with his friend in hopes to mend their fractured friendship, Croix rejected him, and they ended up nearly killed each other where their battle scarred Arcturus Forest, forming a valley called Valley of the End.

Blue and LightEdit

By the time the guilt-ridden Ursula returned to her office, Alcor cawed on his master and dropped a letter that he didn't had the chance to give to her earlier. Inspecting the letter, Ursula found that it was from Biri Biri which says:

Chariot, You have been there for me eversince the day we met, an ally, a friend. However, I now urge you to stay away from what I'm about to do. I have been a fool to not see what both history and everything we gone through have proven time and time again: Forces of Yggdrasil and Nidhoggr will never mend their ways. I can't let more darkness and suffering to fall upon you, Akko or anyone throughout the realms because of Croix. The longer she stays with Nidhoggr's side, it's just the matter of time before everything Nine Olde Witches stood for will come to ruin. I'm not gonna let that happen. Croix must be destroyed.

Biri Biri's message for Ursula worsened her mood that she instantly fall into depression. First, she lost her beloved student and fan Akko, and then, her two best friends Shiny Flash and Croix are about to kill each other. The old prophecy about oncoming Second Ragnarok had come to pass: As the innocent lose her hope, an everlasting conflict over fate of magic and world will culminates. The weak shall perish in the shadow of death. One shall stand, one shall fall. Ursula believes that both the weak and the innocent would likely Akko, and last parts of the said propechy, One shall stand, one shall fall, is likely referring to confrontation between Flash and Croix where only one of them will survive. It wasn't long as Diana visited her. She informed Ursula that Akko and Biri Biri has disappeared, causing more guilt to her conscience and could only apologized for her role in it. Knowing something amiss, Diana revealed to Ursula that she is aware of the latter being Chariot Du Nord, the missing Shiny Chariot. Ursula confirmed it. After Diana shows desire to help in searching for the missing girl, Chariot complied and revealed everything.

Learning about the Dream Fuel Spirit and Akko discovering what it did to her as well as her learning true identity of Shadow Valkyrie, Diana was in complete loss for a while before resuming to inquire why Ursula hadn't went after her, couldn't believe that the former idol had left her own student alone unlike Biri Biri. Diana demanded Ursula to speak up. Ursula, ashamed weakly replied that she was useless to Akko. An enraged Diana got up from her seat and tore through to her that this was the time Akko needed her more than ever. By this point, Diana revealed her identity as Blue Valkyrie with Pongo angrily accused her of breaking fourth and most important Valkyrie Code; Master Valkyrie must always on her apprentice's side no matter what. Disgusted at Ursula's actions, Diana left the professor to her fate and declaring she'll rescue Akko and Biri Biri. Before she exit the room, she and Pongo admonish Chariot for becoming a disappointment today than in the past with devastated Pongo added that she may no longer a true Valkyrie anymore. With the doors closed, Ursula stood and took her glasses as she pleads to Diana to look after Akko in her place.

The ConfrontationEdit

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Croix finally able to catch up with the weasel as be entered Glastonbury Abbey. She deployed swarms of her magitronic cube that taking form of flock of crows against Biri Biri. Predictably, Biri Biri stops and conjures an arrow made of pure lighting before magically sent it flying in supernatural speed, skewering through every single magitronic crows one by one like a guided missile. None of those crows able to avoid the arrow that, by the time Biri Biri catch it a second later, all surrounding magitronic crows dispersed into swarms of magitronic cubes that swirls around Croix. Believing she wanted to end the devastated Akko's life, Biri Biri pleaded to her not to involve Akko anymore in their feud, but the Naglfar leader scoffed that she actually after the weasel first before end the Japanese witch's life.

Reconciling his failure to prevent Croix's fall from grace that started all of this, Biri Biri expresses his resolve to confront Croix and put an end of their feud once and for all so no more innocent lives get caught into it. Biri Biri tried to convince Croix that he now attempting to save her from both herself and Hel and tearfully added that they, alongside Chariot, had failed Akko and took her precious magical friend away 10 years ago. Croix however, laughs bitterly, mockingly taunts the Herald of Woodward that his love for Akko made him soft. Now acknowledging that Croix truly gone, Biri Biri unveils his true identity as he tells Croix that the battle is between him and her and prepared for combat. Little did they know that Akko had overheard their conversation and further fall into depression, but for some reason, couldn't bring herself to leave her beloved lightning weasels.

The Search BeganEdit

Diana headed to Akko's dorm room and found the friends Akko has made were there. Diana explained to everyone about Akko's condition. While Amanda believed that Akko might want to leave Luna Nova, Lotte called her out, refusing to believe Akko would do that and Amanda taking back what she just said. At this very point, Diana notices the snow somehow turned into thundersnowstorm. Believing Biri Biri in danger, Diana Diana rallied them to find the missing girl but to no avail as every place they went to was a dead end.

Fallen Volkar vs. Shadow ValkyrieEdit

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Flash jumped out of the way just as Croix, transformed into Shadow Valkyrie in a flash of dark purple light, employs several shadow-infused magitronic cubes that fused into a large lizard-like monster that rushed towards him. Flash dispersed the magitronic monster with a single slam of his elongated tail, but failed to react when Shadow Valkyrie punched him with shadow-infused fist that send him flying. 

Flash recovers quickly and faces his former friend as she stormed for him with fiery green eyes of pure fury. Storming after him, Shadow Valkyrie finally unleashed her rage over heartbreak from his negligence, shouting he cast her aside just because Shiny Rod chose Chariot. Flash acknowledge that she has every right to yell at him and remained on the defensive, Shadow Valkyrie attacks by conjuring thorny vines against the lightning weasel, continuing to scream accusations that it was them (Chariot and Akko) who took away her dreams. Flash tried to reason that it was never his or Woodward's decision to make, in which Shadow Valkyrie respons with her resentment over Nine Olde Witches and even thinking them as pathetic as late Ragnhild, Akko, and Chariot. Outraged that Shadow Valkyrie mocked his loved ones (which includes Woodward that he thought as idol and mother), Fallen Volkar finally goes on the offensive and charges towards Shadow Valkyrie, only for her summoned magitronic giant leech swat him aside with its tail. Wasting no time, Shadow Valkyrie combines with it into Magatsu Hiruko.

Magatsu Hiruko leaped towards Flash and slammed her unsheathed arm blades towards him. Flash managed to jumped away at the last moments, but to his surprise, her mobility greatly enhanced that she quickly overwhelmed him with her blade attacks before sending him flying to the air with an uppercut formed from lower part of her body before leaped upwards to finish him. Lightning flashes as Akko only able to watch her familiar's fight against the composite monster become more vicious. Tired in clashing their blades onto each other, Flash spewed forth multiple barrages of plasma balls against Magatsu Hiruko, only for the composite monster utilizes her tentacles to deflected every single one of them elsewhere. Some struck the walls of Glastonbury Abbey, whereas the others set the trees below ablaze. One of the deflected projectiles even struck bushes Akko hiding at, forcing her to jumped away before the flames could reach her.

Meanwhile, Flash gets the upper hand before Magatsu Hiruko gets her tentacles around Flash's throat as they plummeting back to the ground below them until Flash spewed his supercharged plasma ball at the composite monster's face in point-blank range. The ball's explosion sent them apart: Whereas Flash crashed onto the Abbey's wall before falls to the ground and lands hard right near Akko, Magatsu Hiruko bounces off one of burning trees, spreading the flames further. Magatsu Hiruko's magitronic leech-like body is aflame as she charges at Flash with a roar, ignoring the presence of young witch who stood near her adversary. Flash on the other hand, was shocked to see his master stood beside him, but neither he nor Akko have the time to react as the weasel is immediately forced to struggle to block Magatsu Hiruko's fiery attacks. Magatsu Hiruko yelled that that all she wanted that day was his guidance and comfort over Shiny Rod's rejection, with her assaults having the affect of a battering ram against Flash, weakening his defense and not allowing the lightning weasel the chance to so much as block her attacks. With a slam of giant anvil out of magitronic cubes, she gave Flash a powerful blow, crushing him beneath it.

It was with that last disabling blow that Flash finally cracked, telling Croix that he only wanted restoration of magic to the world and at the same time, thought of her and Chariot as his friends and ones who can help him accomplish it. Sadly, his focus on his mission and dreams blinded him to what Croix was becoming before it was too late. Flash offered a sincere and heartfelt apology as he pleaded to Croix that he could not allow her to kill all innocent people of Midgard including Akko and instead to take his life to protect them all from harm.

Inside Magatsu Hiruko, Croix hesitated, seeing that Flash did love him and thought her as his friend, but her disgust on both him and Akko's bonds ultimately hardened her heart once more. Preparing to deliver final blow, Croix declaring that their love to each other disgust her more than anything because he gave her support the lilac-haired witch denied while adding that she will present his dead body to the Japanese witch as she about to kill her.

Akko's InterferenceEdit

All of sudden, the magitronic anvil was blown into pieces at the last moments. The composite monster and Flash then turned around, and to their surprised, Akko comes to Flash's rescue. Akko tearfully demanded Flash whether he have role in crippling her magic 10 years ago that caused her Primordial Avatar disappeared, wanting to hear it from her familiar. Knowing that Akko won't accept no for the answer, Flash finally confessed that everything she heard from conversation between Croix and him was true: The weasel's focus on duty made him forget to be compassionate with those who need him most. Because he too absorbed on his and Chariot's mission, he unknowingly neglected Croix whose darkness grew since Shiny Rod's rejection which led her tricked them casting Dream Fuel Spirit and become very villain she is now. Flash then begged for Akko to take her anger out of him, as it was never Chariot nor Croix's fault.

Despite being brokenhearted by this revelation, Akko however, made it clear that she will protect Flash no matter what, as Flash's guidance and love to her helped her improving herself as a witch and unable to bear the thought of losing someone she loved ever again. Sadly, when Akko raised her wand again, Croix nonchalantly skewers the young witch on the shoulders and abdomen with Magatsu Hiruko's blade-tipped tendrils before tossed her upwards several meters on the air and mercilessly slammed her against a nearby tree with a single but powerful lash of its right tentacle. The tree collapsed upon impact, seemingly crushed her beneath it. She then proceed to bury Flash alive inside large rocks.

12. Offensive/Defeat is No Option (Shin Godzilla Soundtrack OST)

Believing that Croix had killed her, the dying Flash lost control of his anger and grief as he slipped into his lost soul beast transformation, creating a fiery giant pillar of magic. Meanwhile, Sucy, Jían, Yondu, and Lotte returned to the bridge where Sucy and Jían first met Akko. Lotte become despaired by the thought of Akko leaving, having never considered that possibility. Sucy went to Lotte and comforted her that Akko is stronger than to be believed and confident that Akko will find a way back to them. It was at that very moment Yondu notices Flash's energy pillar and somberly tells everyone to evacuate as he investigate what happened. Lotte begged the dragon horse to take her with him, but Yondu refused, recalling that his father told him that a calamity happens whenever that pillar appears. That, and Sucy's reassurance that Yondu can easily evade dangers, Lotte finally relents as her familiar makes his leave. Along the way, Yondu meets Diana and Pongo who still frantically searching Akko and Biri Biri. The three decided to go for the pillar, knowing that Akko and Biri Biri might be there.

Back to Glastonbury Abbey, Croix, still inside Magatsu Hiruko, stood in front of a smoldering crater where Flash stood at. At that point, the lightning weasel's skin and fur already caught fire and slowly replaced by searing layer of black energy membrane. The furious Flash summons a twister against Croix, who casually repel it with a dark orb before crushed him in anger with large arm out of magitronic constructs that Magatsu Hiruko composed of. Despite being crushed, Flash unexpectedly reforms his body before sending Magatsu Hiruko sailing.

Lost Soul FlashEdit

Diana, Pongo, and Yondu finally arrived at the source of fiery pillar, and greeted by a horrible sight: Flash who halfway transformed into his Lost Soul state confronted a tentacled leech-like monster with fire surrounding them, Magatsu Hiruko, and not far from them was Akko's unconscious body that lies beside a fallen tree. As this happens, the storm become worse each minutes passed. The three become panic to see their seemingly lifeless Japanese girl only for a miracle happen; Akko's body generates golden sparks that revitalize her and even healing her wounds in matter of seconds. The unconscious display of power awed Diana, who herself never seen this kind of magic. At the same time, Pongo and Yondu finally notices Flash who has progressively transform into a Lost Soul Beast as he grieves over Akko's apparent death.

Now a Lost Soul Beast, the fight between Flash and Croix become more brutal and vicious. As they start fighting again, Croix once again lashed out on Flash not to follow Chariot's ideals as a witch, with her rage further causes Magatsu Hiruko to evolve yet again, but it suddenly suffer brief malfunction, apparently overloaded by her hatred. This gives Lost Soul Flash opportunity to break Magatsu Hiruko's lower jaw with a single slap before tore its bladed arms off one by one. With Magatsu Hiruko become malfunctions by each assaults, Croix attempted to escape, but Lost Soul Flash won't give mercy. He speared his tail onto the magitronic monster's back just as it turned around and slowly crawled closer to it. The composite monster only able to watch as the Lost Soul Familiar get a hold on it and tore it into two like a piece of paper with Pongo, Diana, and Yondu only able to look at such brutality in horror and disgust.

But it seemed that tearing his enemy into half not soothed Lost Soul Flash's rage. When the upper half of Magatsu Hiruko weakly hoisted itself with a number of tentacles formed underneath it to crawl away, the Lost Soul Lightning Weasel mercilessly mauled it and even tore its humanoid head off before tossed it right onto Pongo's feet, causing him to howl in horror. The sight of Lost Soul Flash mauling Magatsu Hiruko terrified and confused Yondu, in which Diana somberly explained that Biri Biri now reduced into a violent beast of battle who will indiscriminately attack anyone on sight. At this point, Lost Soul Flash suddenly turned his attention on Diana, Pongo, and Yondu and attacks.

Akko's TearsEdit

The Beast - Neon Genesis Evangelion OST

As Lost Soul Flash glares on Diana, Pongo, and Yondu, Akko unexpectedly regained her sense, surprising her friends and leaving them open to attack. Yondu tried to reach out for Flash, but get mauled in process. Pongo and Yondu combine their powers to restrain Flash in hopes to forcefully return him to normal, but the endeavor backfires with Flash who in response, spewing forth huge amount of flames that obliterate whole Glastonbury Abbey. This forces Diana, Akko, Pongo, and Yondu to form magic barrier to protect themselves from the flames. However, the danger is far from over, as Lost Soul Flash severely injures Pongo and Yondu, but not pressed his attack on the dragon horse and chamrosh. This left Diana and weakened Akko last standing.

As Akko about to ask Diana Biri Biri's whearebouts, Lost Soul Flash's expression changed upon the sight of her still alive with the glow of his skeleton slowly shift to yellow. Looking at the Lost Soul Lightning Weasel's glowing eyes, Akko soon recognized him as the very lightning weasel she cherised, and all the memories about his fight against Croix earlier flowed through her in that very instant: Over the course of their fight, in rage and anguish, Croix cried out on Biri Biri for wronged her in the past as she overwhelmed him in her rage. It was equaled by Biri Biri who finally cracked, telling Croix that his focus on the duty to restore magic made him forget to be compassionate to others who need him that he indirectly ruined the friendship he already established with Chariot and Croix as well as what led Croix tricked Chariot to use Dream Fuel Spell on Akko and other innocent audiences in the first place. She also recalled on Biri Biri's statement where all he wanted now is her happiness to atone his role in crippled her magic. Through it all, Akko understand why Biri Biri begged her to take her anger on him for her loss of magic instead on either Chariot or Croix: He blamed himself for letting Croix losing her ways to the point of her started all of this, and the sight of his master killed by Croix plunged him into despair worse than hers.

Without realizing it, in the midst of her epiphany, and to Diana's horror, Akko unconsciously approach Lost Soul Lightning Weasel Flash has transformed into. Diana attempted to snap Akko out of it, but made a mistake by slapping the brunette on the face, she unwittingly provoke Lost Soul Flash to attack her, much to Akko's shock and horror. Disarming the Cavendish, the Lost Soul Beast holds Diana in chokehold until Akko cried out to the beast her beloved familiar transformed into to stop. To everyone's surprise, Lost Soul Flash unexpectedly relents and turned on Akko.

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The Guardian Beast - Gamera 3 OST

With Lost Soul Flash become calmer, Akko tearfully confessed that she now understands that his love for her not simply because he not wanted her to lose her hope. All this time, she somehow knew that Biri Biri always in constant pain for what he had done to her and blamed herself for his transformation. Realizing that her recklessness only worsened his pain, Akko tearfully begged Flash for his forgiveness for his current state. Fortunately, Flash, who slowly regained his senses and begin to return to normal, argued that Akko is never a bad master for him as everything that happened is his fault alone. Akko attempted to reach her familiar, but Flash moved away in shame, claimed that he now just a monster. Even so, Akko reassured that he is always her cute and fluffy familiar before proceed to embrace the weasel, disregarding the risk of getting burned.

As this happened, Flash remembered the time when he tried to avoid Chariot in Arcturus forest out of shame in ruining her friendship with Croix. In spite of his best efforts, the former entertainer still persist that he finally relented and allowed her to visit him. Returning to the present, overwhelmed by both said memory and realization that he and Akko have become inseparable friends, Lost Soul Flash let out a tearful howl in Akko's arms as he undergo a miraculous transformation— Akko's love, and strong bond they shared together, returned him to normal lightning weasel he originally was, with storm clouds that he summoned in his rage earlier disappeared. Diana, Pongo, and Yondu couldn't help but deeply moved by this heartwarming sight.

The young Cavendish then looked on charred remains of Magatsu Hiruko, and then Akko and her familiar. For some reasons, he didn't attack Akko whilst in his Lost Soul form and only attacked anyone else around him. That's when she realized how and why the lightning weasel undergo Lost Soul Transformation in the first place: The leech-like monster he mauled to its death must have seemingly killed Akko, which triggered his transformation and rampage.

Diana then noticed what appeared to be damaged magitronic cube near her feet. Upon closer inspection, she realized that it was the similar cube she found at Croix's Lab when she and Pongo snuck into the place and uncovered her dark secrets. Rage curled inside her upon realizing who was responsible for hurting both Akko and Biri Biri.

Conversation with DianaEdit

Although Diana, Pongo, and Yondu managed to find both Akko and Flash, and Akko even managed to bring the latter back to normal after undergo Lost Soul Transformation, the atmosphere is still grim. As they left the abbey for Magic Item Cafe, Diana uneasily take the last look on devastated terrain. Though the snow began to put out the flames before it could reach the town, it still looked pretty bad: A smoldering crater where Flash previously transformed into Lost Soul Lightning Weasel still smoking, the whole Glastonbury Abbey and the surrounding area have been consumed by sea of flames caused by either lightning bolts from the storm, Flash's fight with Magatsu Hiruko, or Lost Soul Flash's fiery breath; and scattered remains Noir Fuel Spirit Devices, Magatsu Hiruko, and wooden dragons were everywhere. It's unbelievable destruction they left behind would be that cathastropic, and most of the damage were caused by Biri Biri himself than the leech-like monster.

Taking Akko to the shop to warm her up with Yondu, Flash, and Pongo have their injuries treated by Ambrose, the bunyip who once one of Cavendish's best healer, Diana asked her if she was okay which met with a lack of response from a lifeless Akko. Seeing the situation, Diana revealed something to Akko. Akko's eyes finally moved as she saw the premium card that she had long desired but the question was how did Diana came to possess it. Diana explains she had the card ever since she was small and after that, Diana unveils to Akko that like her, she was a fan of Shiny Chariot. Akko couldn't believe it but Diana didn't deny it.

Wanting to go one of her shows, Diana's mother, Bernadette allowed a trip to Japan so that her daughter could see it. The show was the greatest Diana had ever seen and the performance Chariot provided filled her with an array of emotions. Ever since then, Diana became a fan of Chariot and collected the premium card. Soon however, Diana suffered the ailment where she is unable to use magic. It was then the two rivals expressed sympathies towards one another for being victims of an unfortunate accident. Diana express confidence that Akko will recover from this as she is living proof that the magic is still there within her. Akko wasn't surprised as she believed Diana worked hard to get back her magic since she never let childish dreams get in her way unlike herself, whose pain worse due to loss of magic also seeminly killed her Primordial Avatar. However, Diana asks Akko why she wanted to get her magic back.

Akko answers it was to live up to her family legacy. While indeed some small part of it was true, Diana admits that alone would have taken a toll on her. The truth was actually the passion that Chariot inspired her that allowed her to regain it. Overtime though, Diana locked her childhood away so that she could prioritized on her family but that didn't stop her in going to the school that Chariot went.

Akko was continued to be surprised and Diana understood why she wanted to leave Luna Nova. Diana couldn't handle the truth that Akko was closer to Shiny Chariot than she could ever be and that despite the lack in her studies and her reckless nature, Akko was able to create incredible magic that even Diana couldn't able to achieve in that short span of time. That magic Akko had filled her with life much like Chariot did. With her story completed, Diana entrusted her childhood treasure to Akko. Reading the words that Chariot used, Akko looked to Diana who placed her blessings to her friend, expressed that she believed in Akko's believing heart and her magic will surpass everyone in the magical world and stopped Second Ragnarok, the very reason why Flash chose her as her master in the first place. It was there that life returned to a humbled and touched Akko,.

The two heard the door opened and saw Lotte. Lotte immediately hugged Akko and begged her to don't leave Luna Nova. Akko answered Lotte that she wasn't going anywhere. Sucy appeared and bestowed the Shiny Rod that Akko cherished. Akko could only tear up and expressed her gratitude to her friends' support. With Amanda and the others arriving, the owner free of charge offered them drinks. Their joy however, cut short by the sight of bandaged Yondu and Pongo. Knowing that something bad had happened, Constanze demanded Akko explanation. Akko then somberly explained to everyone what happened, including the true identity of Shadow Valkyrie.

Rise and Downfall of Shiny Chariot and FlashEdit

While Amanda greatly outraged with the revelation, the gang become terrified that Croix might learned all of their secrets. Akko argued that the fallen Valkyrie might only after her and Shiny Rod, reflecting on recent events. Nevertheless, Lotte was amazed by the fact Akko managed to help Biri Biri returned to normal from his Lost Soul transformation, a feat that no witches ever done until now. Ambrose returned from treating Biri Biri's injuries and expressed her agreement. Even so, this revelation left with even more unanswered questions. Yondu then recall that Biri Biri used to be a lone wolf prior to meeting him again at Luna Nova Familiar Stable, and Diana revealed that it all because of Croix and Chariot. The prodigy then reveals a crystal ball given by Alcor and with it, she revealed how their war against Naglfar begins:

Biri Biri, who once known with his birth name Shiny Nova, was originally the Woodward's herald who present when Shiny Rod descends to Midgard and chose Chariot. Upon seeing Croix rejected by the staff, Nova realizes that darkness inside Croix's heart grows. As he and Chariot continued to unlock the words but stopped at the sixth, Nova notices that their friendship with Croix deteriorating and become more and more wary towards her. Their luck changes when a talent agent discovered Chariot and Nova and asked them to become an idol. Thus, Shiny Chariot and Shiny Flash were born. Chariot and Flash's fame went to new height but overtime, more people begun to lose interest with magic and the pressure to satisfy them all overwhelmed her which is where Croix meet Croix again who had a new spell that would impress the audience, Dream Fuel Spirit.

Using the power, Chariot and Flash were able to access magic they didn't even knew. After a successful show, Chariot thanked her friend for her help. Unfortunately, Chariot discovered that Croix has used her and didn't inform her of the side affects. Whenever that spell was used, magic around would be taken. Chariot, horrified asked what happened to the people. Croix answered that they would lose certain abilities but justified that all of them would never learn magic since there won't be any witch who would affiliate with idols that tarnished the name of Witches. Chariot wondered why her friend did this. Croix yelled in anger and blamed everything on Flash and Chariot who she believed had forsaken their duty to revive magic and used it to make parlor tricks instead of saving it and the world from Second Ragnarok. Unfortunately for Croix, Flash, who overheard the whole conversation, enters and calling her out for the deception and revealed to her that she is nothing but setback for his and Chariot's quest ever since Shiny Rod rejected her. With that, Flash cast Croix out in spite of Chariot's protests.

As she paused her story for a moment, Diana revealed that the said event take place in the very year she and Akko attended Chariot's show in Japan. Most of the gang except Akko, Diana, and Yondu left in speechless shock upon learning Akko's familiar was a different person in the past. Akko explained to everyone that Second Ragnarok is a calamity that take place once magic in the world completely gone and vulnerable than ever, with Grand Triskellion as only thing that can save it and Nine Realms from annihilation. Diana then somberly continued the story, but not without warning that the next part is grim one:

Chariot and Flash forbade themselves from using the Dream Fuel Spirit but their diminished popularity resurfaced. The audience begun to pressure Chariot to make more impressive magic while Croix watched this from afar. Chariot, who fearing the loss, used the Shiny Arc against Flash's wishes that ended up scarred the moon. Croix was amazed at the power, but also terrified that she decided to erase everyone's memories about the event. Having used the power of the Seven Stars for a selfish desire, the Shiny Rod deemed Chariot unworthy and disappeared, leaving Chariot to realize the mistake that she just did. Flash was confused with what happened, and caught Croix who attempted to leave the scene. A tense argument ensued where Flash wrongfully blamed Croix for the staff's disappearance only for Chariot defended her friend, revealing that this had nothing to do with it. Chariot then confessed that Shiny Rod disappeared because of her selfish decision that resulted damage on the moon, which left Flash devastated that he and Chariot had indeed failed their mission. Realizing his error, Flash tried to apology with Croix, but Croix, brokenhearted by his mistreatments and betrayal, stormed off.

Creation of Valley of the EndEdit

Outraged and disillusioned, Croix laid waste on Nova Clan's village for their secret archive to seek answers of Chariot and Flash's quest for World Altering Magic. Entering their secret archive, she learned more of the truth about both Grand Triskellion and First Ragnarok from their stone tablets. Just then, Flash arrived to confront her and attempted to reasoned with her, but his plea for her fell into deaf ears. Croix attacked him, absorbed a portion of angolmois inside him before they engaged in a devastating battle. Because they battle with monstrous constructs where Croix's being magitronic dragon out of hundreds of magitronic cubes whereas Biri Biri's being thunder golem, their fight devastated the landscape in Arcturus Forest, carving out what would later be called the Valley of the End. As they fight, Flash spent the duration of the battle to reasoned with Croix for one last time before realized that he had to destroy what he created. In the briefest moment of pure instinct, once Croix on his mercy, Flash contemplated to deliver a final blow, but was quickly overcome by shame for thinking of killing his mistress' best friend, especially upon realizing that Chariot also there. Sadly, in his hesitation, Croix slashed his right eye with a magitronic blade and fled the scene in confusion, leaving both Chariot and Flash who clutched his injured eye only able to watch what had become of their friend.

For his part, a shameful Flash blamed himself and went into exile deep in arcturus forest, vowing to return when Shiny Rod returned to the world once more. At one point during his exile, Flash saved Chariot who looked for him from two cockatrices' attacks. Upon their reunion, Flash realized how much he actually loved both Croix and Chariot as if he never loved anyone before.

Everyone was quiet in the moment as the video ends. Lotte, Yondu, Jasminka, and Constanze are in brink of tears upon the tragic past of Croix, Chariot, and Biri Biri. Akko also left devastated by this revelation as much as her friends, but now she understood what kind of pain that tormented her beloved familiar for 10 years. Diana concludes that with Shiny Rod returned with Akko, he now had the chance to set things right. Ambrose wonders how bad the pain Biri Biri had gone through.

Witches of Midgard's Next MoveEdit

"I am Jìan?", Jían cried with Sucy translated. "What happened to Professor Croix afterwards?"

"Nobody knows... But we can assume that with everything she learned from deciphering stone tablets she stole from Nova Clan, she moved her own plan to prevent Second Ragnarok from destroying the world forward, Ragnarok Plan", Pongo said.

"Ragnarok Plan?", Amanda wondered.

"Yes", Diana nodded. "Professor Croix knew that even with magitronic assets she pioneered in her disposal, she cannot complete her plans by herself, which is why she formed Naglfar and recruited several rogue witches for her cause, including Haggar, the Last Acolyte of Nidhoggr. Pongo?"

Diana's chamrosh familiar pulled out a large, thick file folder from his supply pouch before hand it to Akko. The brunette accepted the folder and opened it. To everyone's surprise, the contents are revealed to be documents and pictures about Naglfar's activities for the last 10 years.

"T-these are...", Akko muttered before looked on Diana who nodded, "Yes, Ragnarok Plan. The project involves various experiments with angolmois, malevolent essence inside all Pomokai Holoholonas; and Noir Fuel Spirit, the way to convert emotional energy into magic energy as well as research to find alternate means to harness Grand Triskellion without Shiny Rod. Professor Croix and Naglfar had commenced the plan since around 10 years ago."

"They fund the whole thing from mercenary and arms-trafficking business?", Jack wondered. "Damn, they truly far worse than Wattersons."

"Why they also collecting angolmois?", Amanda wondered. "That stuff is dangerous."

"And doesn't look tasty at all", Jasminka added also.

"Is this... the Shiny Rod...?!", Lotte cried all of sudden.

"What is it, Lotte?", Akko asked.

Lotte uneasily showed Akko one of files which startled her. Inspecting the said file, Akko was surprised that it is in fact, the picture of a mechanical monstrosity that true to Lotte's word, greatly resembles her Shiny Rod. Its shape is different in some sections, but like the staff, it has seven glowing red orbs cut into it. "Shiny Rod? But something is different..."

"Actually, it is Noir Rod", Diana corrected. "Professor Croix attempted to create a magitronic replica of Shiny Rod which enable her to break the seal of Nine Olde Witches by force. Thirteen of them resulted in failure and currently, she worked on the 14th."

"A replica with same powers? Is it possible to create something like that?", Rico wondered. "Shiny Rod is only one of its kind, and there are still mysteries that yet to be solved around it. The only way to do such thing is by studying the staff itself or—"

A sudden realization hits Akko in that instant. Without warning, the brunette suddenly slammed her fists to the table while cried, "HOW COULD I BE THIS STUPID?!!!", shattering it and startled everyone.

"Akko, what's wrong?", Lotte asked. "Why are you so hysterical all of sudden?"

"I... I was once lent the staff to her!", Akko moaned indignantly.

"You what?!", Pongo cried in disbelief.

"Professor Croix asked me to bring the Shiny Rod to the New Moon Tower for analysis", Akko explained. "I... I thought she will help me finding Chariot in doing so. But... when we wait until her machines complete its analysis, everything suddenly went black and..."

Yondu face-tails himself in exasperation. "Great, Akko! Just what we need from a jackass who wanted her own Shiny Rod!"

"I said Noir Rod is created to break the seal of Nine Olde Witches, but its actual purpose is far more sinister", Diana said firmly.

"Actual purpose?", Lotte wondered. "What do you mean?"

"Noir Rod... is not a staff. It is a recreated body of a celestial being. The cosmic serpent that once plagued Midgard and attempted to consume what had left of Yggdrasil in this planet", Pongo nodded somberly.

Akko grow fearful upon realizing what Pongo referred. "Nidhoggr?"

"The progenitor of Pomokai Holoholonas?!", Sucy spat.

"Wait a minute! Does that thing supposed to be a myth!?", Amanda argued.

"Nidhoggr existed, and all races of Pomokai Holoholonas are beings created from purified fragments of the cosmic serpent itself by hands of Nine Olde Witches", Akko insisted. "During the First Ragnarok, Nine Olde Witches defeated the beast before it could destroy both Yggdrasil and Midgard. But in process, angolmois, essence of the cosmic serpent itself, scattered around the planet and threatened to plague everything with its evil. Left with no other choice, they channeled most of Yggdrasil's powers to purify the corruption, with the birth of Pomokai Holoholona races as the end result. It's true, Pomokai Holoholonas were created by Nine Olde Witches, but they still originated from the very being that come close to destroy this world and Nine Realms."

"And with her gathering angolmois from inside those Pomokai Holoholonas, it means...", Lotte said before cried upon realizing what it means, "Oh, no! She's going to resurrect Nidhoggr!"

"And that's not it all: Professor Croix planned to use Grand Triskellion so both Yggdrasil and Nidhoggr able to exist in controlled coexistence as well as using their powers to change the world. That is the goal of the Ragnarok Plan", Diana added.

"Controlled coexistence? That's totally insane!", Ambrose bellowed. "Yggdrasil and Nidhoggr are opposing forces that can only destroying each other. Furthermore... The revival of the cosmic serpent means the end of the world!"

"Then we have to stop her!", Akko exclaimed. "If we destroy Noir Rod, Second Ragnarok would be averted. Am I right Diana?"

"Unless if she had another way to revive Nidhoggr, yes", Diana nodded.

"Where is Noir Rod?", Akko asked again.

"It is in the largest chamber at the center of New Moon Tower, specifically at the lowest floor", Pongo explained as she revealed several copies of the map of New Moon Tower. "It won't be easy to access that chamber. You need to past through dozens of sentinel statues, Sorcery Units, blast doors, bunch of Hel-Draugrs and Apollyon nests. Jaegers and the rest of Naglfars also there as well. But with that tower intruded twice, the security is likely doubled. Or perhaps tripled."

"Chariot and Biri Biri left a huge mess to save your life when Croix tricked you to unveil secrets of Shiny Rod to her. I and Pongo on the other hand, stumbled upon an unfinished Noir Rod and Apollyon nest", Diana added somberly.

"I am Jìan", Jían cried fearfully.

"Akko, don't tell me we are going to blast our way into that tower just to save the world", Amanda said.

"Didn't you hear what they said? We are outnumbered! I mean, there's only 17 of us while Croix have an army of Naglfars in there!", Constanze said fearfully through her stanbot.

"Not to mention that she also got the Nordic Goddess of Death on her side", Karl added. "She would likely turn us into zombies after they killed us."

"I don't want to enjoy my favorite cuisines as a zombie!", Jasminka added fearfully.

"Zombies? So exciting", Sucy trilled.

"Wait for pigs to fly, you imbecile!", Yondu growled to Sucy.

Akko wanted to argue, but it's clear that they are outnumbered. As far as they know, Naglfars are not some little group of bad guys, but rather a large organization with large sums of power and resources enough to challenge both Witch Community and Order of Kitsune. Not only that, they operated under everyone's radar for 10 years until her and her friends' recurring encounters with them made everyone finally noticed their activities. It's true that Naglfar is better than them in many ways, but they still have to try for sake of both magic and Nine Realms.

Akko took a deep breath before gets back on her feet and said softly, "Guys, I look around us. You know what I see? Kids. I mean a bunch of normal kids and their familiars. We've been through a lot ever since Shiny Rod came to me and you guys. And if we've learned anything since that day, it's that we are what we are: Normal kids with their normal familiars. I on the other hand, just a girl whom life ruined by a selfish rogue Valkyrie through swindling her idol to suck my magic. But that's okay, because it proved that we can."

"Can what?", Lotte wondered.

"Proving that we can do what everyone said normal kids and their familiars couldn't do", Akko said with confident smile. "Retrieving lost Godslayer weapons and missing Legendary Valkyrie Armors, saving Southern Islands from Jormungand's wrath, stopping the Second Siege of Thapoli, and defeating Surtr and his Dragon Gods. But most of all, not to run away. I, for one, am not gonna stand by and watch as Croix destroys the world. Not after what she had done to Biri Biri, Chariot, Ragnhild-sensei, and those poor Pomokai Holoholonas."

Everyone can tell that Akko is dead serious through her crimson eyes. It's clear that this is not another of her selfish schemes. All she wanted now is to do the right thing, not for herself, but for sake of Midgard and the rest of Nine Realms.

"But Akko, stopping Naglfar... it's suicide", Jack pleaded.

"Yeah. I guess it's suicide", Akko nodded in defeat before lost in thought.

Suddenly, Diana stands up and said softly, "We all outnumbered. It's true. But if we don't fight now, everything that my family, Nine Olde Witches, Thapoli, Manbavaran Clan, Nova Clan, and even Order of Kitsune stood for will come to ruin. That's why I and Pongo in."

"I and Mistress Diana will fight beside you, Akko", Pongo added. "You helped me and my mistress during our household crisis. And now it's our turn."

"I don't like this, Akko. But I'm right behind you!", Lotte said uneasily as she stands up for Akko, with Yondu nodded, "I can't wait to give that jackass a piece of my mind!"

"I am Jìan!", Jían cried with Sucy added sarcastically, "So do I. Besides, where else I can get a best guinea pig?"

Constanze thumbs up with Rico added, "You can count on us!"

"No world means no cuisines!", Jasminka exclaimed with dismayed Karl wondered, "As always, your love for food is your drive, Jasminka. Well, I'm in."

"Let's get to it!", Amanda added.

Everyone waits for Jack to give her answer to Akko. The jackalope is the least enthusiastic about this. After a long pause, he finally stands and said, "All right, we all standing up now! Bunch of idiot witches and their familiars with a death wish standing in the circle."

"Everyone...", Akko muttered happily.

"I'm not sure I can help you with anything, but you have my blessing", Ambrose said.

"Um, does anyone wonder that we missed someone?", Amanda wondered.

A sudden realization hits Akko, who realized that Biri Biri still absent. So she asked Ambrose, "Mr. Ambrose, can I meet Biri Biri now?"

"I think you have to, Miss Kagari. He needs you more than you know", Ambrose implored. "I met him at Arcturus Forest 5 years ago and heard his story about how this all started. He dedicated his life to restore magic to Midgard, but he never had a sight about his own dreams, let alone his greater purpose. It's awful to see that he had nothing, not even memories to look back in the middle of night. Saal is the only family that he had."

"No. Saal is not only family that he had", Akko reassured softly. "He have me, Lotte, Yondu, Sucy, Jìan, Constanze, Rico, Jasminka, Karl, Amanda, Jack, Diana, and Pongo. And we won't leave anyone behind."

Akko and Fallen VolkarEdit

Meanwhile, in the Room 03 on the second floor, Flash is sitting on top of the gray blankets on an iron bedstead, staring on a partially charred eyepatch on his front paws. The weasel's eyes were dull and void of lively spirit. His whole body on the hand, except the half of the tail, was covered by bandages: Injuries he sustained from the fight with Magatsu Hiruko and Croix/Shadow Valkyrie was severe that they yet to fully healed, even with his regenerative healing factor. These injuries even not completely healed during his Lost Soul Transformation and got worse instead, resulting them requiring medical attention.

The weasel then looked on the lower half of his tail that now red in color. There's no use of him turned it gray as Akko now know his true identity as Flash and the Fallen Volkar.

Just then, he heard loud knocks from the window, and sees a white crow with blind left eye and 4 pointed yellow star-shaped crest on its chest pecking on the glass. The crow cawed for his attention, prompt the him to magically opened the window so it can enter.

"Oh, Alcor!", Flash greets the crow as it entered the room and sit on the nearby chair. "Excellent. I could use some good news right now."

Alcor cawed uneasily several times and Flash eyes widened, "Croix is still alive? Newt confronted Chariot for breaking 4th Valkyrie Code? And Chariot is not looking for us?!", he exclaimed. "Damn it! It can't be helped. She must be depressed that Akko now know the truth."

Little did he know that Akko, who going to entered his room, hearing him yelling on something. Taking a peek through the door's keyhole, she saw her familiar talking with Alcor. At that moment, Flash pulled out what appeared to be a piece of paper and a pen from his pouch before writing what appeared to be a letter. The lightning weasel then rolled up the paper and give it to the white crow and instructed, "Get this message to Mr. H. We will need their help soon."

Alcor nodded, before immediately flew out of window. Afterwards, Flash turned on the door and said, "Akko, I know you already there from a moment ago. You may enter now."

It was not surprising for Akko that her familiar know that she was on the other side of the door thanks to his sharp nose. So, the brunette opened the door and greets, "I brought you some manju, Biri-I mean, Flash."

"Biri Biri is fine, Akko. And thanks", Flash nodded weakly.

The young witch then sat on the bed before gestured her familiar to rest on her lap. "Diana told me everything that happened... between you, Croix and Chariot."

"I'm sorry, Akko", Flash murmured. "Instead of setting things right, I put you in the harm's way."

"Why you have to apologize, Biri Biri? A witch should protect her familiar, remember?", Akko said gently before gave him a manju. "Hungry? I brought one in case you do."

"Little bit", the lightning weasel said before took a big bite of the manju, chewed, and swallowed. A good delicious manju at least made him better, albeit a little.

Flash then put his chewed manju down before pulled something from his pouch. It was a drawn picture of himself with a witch with stag-like horns on her head. "You once said that you looked up on Chariot, right? I also had someone looked up too."

The lightning weasel then handed the picture to his master. Upon the brief inspection, Akko recognized the said as Woodward. "The true measure of witches and familiars is not their outward appearance, but their determination to stand firm and endure to prove their worth", Flash said before explained. "I learned it from her, and other Nine Olde Witches. But unlike theirs, my accomplishments have all been petty and insignificant. Not to mentioned I just a screw-up with many blunders; Failed in guiding Chariot to restore magic of the world, tricked by Croix to suck magic from innocent people including you that you lost your friend, and unable to stop a friend who lost her ways..."

"I want to be like them... or at least do the right thing on purpose. Mistress Woodward foretold me that I will become a familiar whom the fate of magic and the whole world would rest on... and also saving both from ruin, the Fallen Volkar. But cycle of misery I started 10 years ago had turned Croix into a monster and made Chariot hurt you twice, and you totally taking a hit for it. Like, this is the most "cataclysmic" screw up ever, Akko. Not to mention because of Croix's deception that day, we were also had to endure Order of Kitsune's wrath as well."

"What?", Akko cried in disbelief.

"Well, when we used Dream Fuel Spirit on you and those audiences, it triggered mystical disturbances that draw The Order's attention", Flash explained. "Your grandfather were pissed upon figured out that the said disturbances resulted you and those who attended Chariot's show that day lose your powers and confronted me and Chariot for it. He nearly killed us both, but it was thanks to Amaterasu that we still alive, though he able to scarred Chariot's Magic of Stars as remainder of our foolishness. Only I, Chariot, your grandmother, Yosuke, Amaterasu, and other few who know this part of story, and since you finally learned that your magic got sucked, you deserved to know it as well."

"But that's not it all. Aside betraying me and Chariot and stole my clan's Stone Tablets, Croix also eluded The Order's wrath. They may have forgiven us, but it's unlikely they will do the same to her, especially with her involvement with Naglfar's illegal activities which potentially led her become an international criminal. Furthermore, she also wanted to destroy everything Mistress Woodward and other Nine Olde Witches built to everyone. That's why I tried to end her before it happens since she went bad because of me. But I... I was no match to her wrath, and you got hurt. Maybe Croix was right. I and Chariot are Woodward's failures..."

Flash then staring sadly on the moon, "It's okay if you don't want to forgive us Akko, but I want you to understand: Bonds we shared together, including with Chariot, were never lies. We loved you too well that we placed ourselves in personal peril for your sake."

Flash's eyes said it all, and Akko found herself at a loss for words. All of his guilt had took its toll on him, and seeing her nearly killed in front of him worsened it than ever. After a long pause, Akko gently shushed her familiar, "Come on, don't say that, Biri Biri. Remember when we defeat the snake god who terrorized Southern Islands, battling a giant wolf thing and Four Dragon Gods at Thapoli, saving everyone during Wild Hunt, helping me bringing Diana back to Luna Nova and unlocked the 5th Word at the same time? I think you have done what Woodward foretold you as a Fallen Volkar and not a failure. I mean, both you and Chariot aren't failures. You just haven't known it."

For a moment, Flash looked moved, but his gaze dropped sadly. "...p-please don't say that. What I and Chariot did to you was pale compared to what I did to Croix. I knew from the very day Shiny Rod rejected her she was dangerous. But instead of preventing the worst, I... I pushed her until she consumed by the darkness, and innocent lives had to pay for it! Don't you see how far she had fallen, and had no remorse in hurting you and others?!"

"...maybe it was terrible." Akko said. "Maybe it was unforgivable either. But you inspired me, and changed me into the better person I am now. You even changed too. When other teachers lost her faith on me because of my poor grades, you and Chariot defend me. You even saved my life several times. If you hadn't been there for me, I would not be here. I would be either miserable, or dying, or both."

Akko put her hands on Flash's shoulders, to see her friend eye to eye. "But I'm not, and that's not because both of you were perfect, but because you are kind person who believed in me. And I will never forget that."

Flash shook his head, but where his disbelief came from, Akko wasn't sure. "Why are you saying this?"

"Because I care about you, Biri Biri. And Diana, Pongo, and the rest of Witches of Midgard will always as well, not as mere friend, but as a family. They really have been trying to find us both all night. Because regardless of anything, of anything, none of them want us to leave again."

Flash swallowed, taking all the words in. He looked up, trying to deny it. "But...but I..."

"It's okay" Akko cut him off by reached out, and held the back of Flash's head. She guided it to rest on his shoulder, pulling him close. Flash didn't move. He didn't try to hug back. But he stayed there, his face down on his master's shoulder. Akko felt the fabric of her shirt grow wet as she said tearfully, "Thank you for being my brother, Biri Biri. I love you."

"Brother?", Flash mumbled as he sank deeper into the embrace and whimpered into her shoulder. without realizing it, he embraced Akko back with his elongated tail. "Thank you, Akko... Thank you for everything... F-for stopping me from killing Diana. For being my sister..."

After a while, they released their hug, and Flash decided to tell his master his background, "Akko, it's time you know how my life looked like until I met Chariot and Croix: Saal, the chief of Nova Clan, found me as a cub and raised me as his son. He named me Shiny Nova, and believed I was destined to become the next Herald of Woodward who will help restore magic to the world. Everyone in the clan thought my life was perfect, but in reality, it wasn't. He was torn between his duty as leader of the clan and as a father that we rarely spent our time together, and I became a lone wolf as result. I did make many friends among the clan members, but that was because my father's reputation and my talent in magic. At first, I didn't mind being alone for my entire childhood... until I saw how happy the life of one of my friends who lived with both of his parents and siblings. I was jealous to him, and through it, I realized how lonely I was."

"When I finally appointed as the new Herald of Woodward, I used that opportunity to made friends more than I ever did. Woodward herself even inspired me to made friends with witches that led me enter their world. I was excited with such idea, until I saw the unfortunate truth about my race: Lightning Weasels are the most feared among other Pomokai Holoholonas that witches barely befriend with any of us. I thought I can make actual witch friends through my duty to guide Chariot and Croix to unlock all Seven Words of Arcturus, but my efforts is not enough, and you now know the rest from Diana, Chariot, and Croix herself. I heard what Diana told everyone about us, and all of it was true. Then Shiny Rod, and the chance for me and Chariot to set things right came with you. There's a world filled with magic, yet the only magic I saw was a young girl who brought the life back to it. The same girl who is not so different with me in many ways, here with me in this room."

"Are you talking about me?", Akko wondered.

"Of course!", the lightning weasel nodded with smile, before realizing his last lines sounds as if he flirting his master, which prompt him to clasped his mouth with his hands and blushes. "D-Don't the wrong idea about me, okay!", he hastily said. "I said that not because I had a crush on you like that weird Rico nor get stung by a stupid cupid bee! It's just uh... we're just not so different at all! I mean, we were inspired by our idols to enter their worlds, only for the said worlds not like what we imagined."

Akko merely laughs upon her familiar's embarrassment. "Don't worry, Biri Biri. I know what you actually trying to say. It freaked me out when I figured out Rico have crush on me, but I'm okay with that."

The young witch then looked on the night sky. "I remember Diana told me about the legend of Fallen Volkar who will guide me to revive all Words, the last hope of magic, but it's still strange the beast of propechy was you all along. Would you keep my Biri Biri instead?"

The deeply moved lightning weasel nods happily. "Calling me Flash or Biri Biri is up to you, Akko. After all, they are both my identity and my true self."

Just then, Akko and Biri Biri heard loud sirens from the outside. Taking a look through the windows, the duo sees several fire trucks that made their way for the fire at Glastonbury Abbey.

"Things got hectic lately, and I still in terrible shape", Biri Biri mused uneasily before jumped to the floor and sit with his tail elongates and coiled itself around his body like a ball. As he did, he removes bandages on his body before explained, "Akko, don't get freak out with what will you see in front of you. It's just my special ability to restore my body before we set out to stop Croix and Hel."

"What do you mean Biri Biri? I just seeing you sit with—", Akko wondered before realizing her familiar's body oozes glowing blue slime started from his feet which hardens and forms what appeared to be crystal-like cocoon around his body. "Biri Biri! What's happened to—"

"Calm down, Akko! I'm not going to die or something like that", Biri Biri abruptly interrupted where at once, the partially formed cocoon had covered the whole lower half of his body and some part of his tail. "I guess this is the first time you see a Pomokai Holoholona using Healing Coma to quickly restore their body faster, do you? You see, healing coma is our special ability to quickly recover from severe injuries which too much for our regenerative ability to handle by forming a crystal cocoon around ourselves. Once we completely encased within the cocoon, we will enter coma-like state which allowed our magic to heal our injuries in faster rate. The bright side is, as soon as we broke free from our cocoon, we will enter the peak of our health as if we never injured at all. But the downside is, we cannot perceive our surroundings within the duration of this state. I supposedly doing this after the fight near Wagandea. And save the rest of your questions for later."

Akko wanted to argue, but the weasel did had the point. So the brunete simply watch as Biri Biri's cocoon completely encased his body. The sight of him doing this disturbed the brunette, but not too surprising as she had read this kind of ability in the book about Pomokai Holoholonas Ursula once lend to her. His injuries already takes its toll on him that he had to resort to the said ability to recover. The young witch at first, wanted to left Biri Biri alone, but changed her mind and stay on his side.


Recalled on her near-death experience during the battle at Glastonbury abbey, Akko goes to the mirror at the room and pulled her shirt to look at her upper midriff where she was stabbed by Croix's Magatsu Hiruko's tendrils. But there's nothing on her skin except bloodstains.

"It's odd", Akko wondered as she pulled her shirt down. "I don't remember using my Poho mode at that moment..."

In that instant, the answer for the young witch's recovery comes in form of golden sparkles that emanates from her body started from her hands without warning. As this happens, she notices the silhouette of a large creature rose behind her. Turning around, she sees the sparkles slowly coalescing into a short teenage human-sized, black and gold phoenix-like creature with 4 wing who stood in front of her. The avian entity also have piercing white eyes and whistles happily to Akko.

< It's been a while, Akko >, the avian entity's voice, which almost exactly the same as Akko's own, echoed throughout Akko's head. She seemed to be speaking to her using some sort of telepathic ability.

Confused at first, Akko soon recognizes the avian entity as the same bird born from her Primordial Magic back before she disappeared due to Dream Fuel Spirit 10 years ago. "No way...", she muttered with tears begin to running from her eyes. "Little Birdie? Is that you?"

< Yes, Akko. It's me >, the golden avian nodded with smile like someone who finally meet a person they dear most after separated for so long. < I may not look like the little bird you used to remember, but... >

Little Birdie's telepathic line abruptly interrupted by Akko who run to her and hugged her tightly all the while cries in tears of joy. "It's really you! I thought I lost you forever!"

< There, there. I never left you, Akko >, the Primordial Avatar comforted. < I won't since I become part of your very being. I just too weakened by that accursed Dream Fuel Spirit that it took a long time for me to recover. But now I'm here, and I won't let anything happen to either of us ever again. It was a close call to both of us when you challenged Croix, Akko. >

A sudden realization hits Akko upon hearing her Primordial Avatar's last few words. "So it was you! You saved my life, did you?", Akko as as she wiped her tears.

The black and gold avian nods before staring sadly on crystallized Biri Biri. < I now understand how and why this all happened, Akko. What Biri Biri and Chariot did to us was awful, but they didn't mean to do it. Croix pulled their strings like marionettes for her own schemes and they suffered because of it... and it got worse with them believed they destroyed me as well. >

"Do you think they can get better once they know you never disappeared, Little Birdie?", Akko wondered.

< Yes >, Little Birdie nodded. < Anyway, it would be proper if you called your childhood guardian angel Vethrvolnir from now on. I changed too much that I no longer looked like cute little bird I used to be. But it's all worth so we can meet again and help our friends stopping Croix before she can do more harm. >

"Vethrvolnir?", Akko wondered.

< It is a hawk who sits on the head of giant eagle who trading insults with Nidhoggr in Norse Mythology, Akko >, Vethrvolnir explained. < From now on, Akko, you can use my help. You and your friends will need that to stop Naglfar. >

"Vethrvolnir... thank you", Akko thanked happily. "We need all help we can get now. I had a feeling something terrible will happen soon. Um, mind if I called you Veth?"

Veth nods before put her right clawed wings on Akko's shoulder as she telepathically said, < I'm more than proud to see what you have become, Akko. You believed in yourself without me nor anyone else. Because of that, Shiny Rod and Biri Biri chose you. Biri Biri, Diana, and Chariot believe in you, and so do I. It also inspired me to become more than mere guardian angel for you as well. Becoming what I am now. >

Encouraged by her Primordial Avatar's words, Akko exclaimed, "All right, let's revive the Final Word and put an end of this together, Veth! And welcome to Witches of Midgard."

Suddenly, Akko falls to her knees, which prompt Veth to hold her host and put her onto the nearby bed. "Looks like Biri Biri is not the only one who in terrible shape here", Akko murmured weakly before notices her Primordial Avatar begin to disperse into golden sparkles. "Coming out from inside me after trapped so long must have strained us both, did it?"

< Not quite. I might come out of you too soon > Veth argued. < Akko, one more thing... >

Before disappearing completely, Veth draws what appeared to be a circle of golden light with her right wing talons and gestured something with it. Recognizing it as summoning circle to invoke the Primordial Avatar to her side, Akko nods to Veth as she fades. With that, the young witch gained new ability to summon her childhood guardian angel for assisting her and her fellow Witches of Midgard. But for now, they need to rest for the oncoming battle.

It was a hard day for them...

Ragnarok PlanEdit

Back in Glastonbury Abbey, a squadron of Sorcery Units have arrived and converged the remains of Magatsu Hiruko. One of them, which red in color, spew forth a number of green magitronic cubes that fused with scattered pieces of magitronic leech-like monster, bringing it back online and put the pieces back together. What appeared to be a hatch sprouts on its back, and Shadow Valkyrie jumped out of it and looked on her surroundings.

"Damn it. Flash's bond with Akko is stronger than with Chariot, and now that little bastard's first magic has fully recovered", Shadow Valkyrie curses before realizing her Magatsu Hiruko began to malfunctions. This prompted her to jumped away from it and ready several shadow weapons around her, only for Magatsu Hiruko crumbles and emit smoke, no longer operable.

Just then, the red Sorcery unit projected a holographic image of Noir Rod which construction had finished 80% to Shadow Valkyrie as she disengaged her armor, revert into Croix. "But at least I stalled Fallen Volkar long enough to prepare Ragnarok Plan. However, Witches of Midgard must be destroyed, with Akko being utmost priority. This is no longer about ruining Chariot's last hope of dream anymore, but to prevent it from becoming a threat."