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Kitsune Clan's Insignia

The Order of Kitsune, commonly known as Kitsune Corporation, are an order of protectors from Japan whose sole goal is to defend Japan and in greater extent, Earth, from threats, be they global or supernatural. On the outside, The Order were started as a clan of onmyojis before grew into larger organization, but the have secrets: Aside onmyodou, their strengths lies in technology unlike any other which they utilized to protect the world should the need to use them arise. They prefered secrecy to safeguard the full extent of their power as much of the world that majority of the citizens in their homeland who aware with their existence were oblivious with fulk extent of their powers.

With the advancement of science and technology as well as to ensure their true nature as protectors remained hidden in modern era, the Order formed a technological company called Kitsune Corporation both as cover and to help revive Japan's economic and industrial sector and lead it on the road to recovery after World War 2. The company's advancements in the market and sales not only fund the organization, but also what led it become a powerhouse as one of the premier zaibatsu of the region, and the business became one of Japan's largest enterprises in process.

They are rivals of witches.



During the Age of Yggdrasil where Nine Olde Witches defeated Nidhoggr, a meteor fell to Earth somewhere in Japan. The locals nearby investigated the crashsite and discovered an unknown form of metal. This metal started a massive boom in technological advancment which grew even more when Titans invaded the land of the rising sun. However due to wars rising across the globe, it was decided that the people of Japan who were aware of the power they possessed kept their secrets hidden. At the same time, these people met a mysterious wanderer from a distant land who called himself Ancient One. The Ancient One told them about the legendary battle between 9 powerful witches (Nine Olde Witches) and a serpentine beast (Nidhoggr) that occurred at his homeland and through that event, he also learned the existence of Nine Realms where one of those Realms, Jotunheim, is the homeworld of very Jötnar who attacked Japan recently. Believing that other realms within Nine Realms also introduced extradimensional threats like Jotunheim, the Ancient One proposed that they had to build a society of protectors to protect the world, and thus, Order of Kitsune, who at that time known as Kitsune Clan was born.

Conflict with WitchesEdit

The Clan had dealt with many threats from Witches, their main adversary as most of the destruction they dealt with were caused by rogue factions from their kind. The Clan then a massive blow during the Massacre on Kyoto where thousands of Witches were slaughtered by their forces with help of Mokujin Army. However this also led to the Golem Incident where their creations, clockwork automatons, unlike witches' golems, revealed to be soulless machine incapable to perceive a difference between good and evil, bystanders or soldiers, or even child or adults, destroyed countless lives. In fact, they were horrified that some of their clockwork robots marched not only onto the battle field, but also pursued fleeing witches to settlements, killing them and spare no one: Those clockworks even killed innocent witches who had nothing to do with the war nor opposing the Clan as well.

With this, Kitsune Clan and Witches put a stop to them and formed a truce.

Onmyoji Civil WarEdit

In the light of Golem Incident and the fact that both sides grew weary with the conflict, both witches and Kitsune Clan decided to made a truce with councils of the clan. Yosuke Kagari, Kagura, and some other members of the clan, were displeased by this act, believing not only that the witches could not be trusted, but that they could have commanded the army more efficiently.

Disillusioned that Kitsune clan decided to formed a truce with witches in spite of their protests, Kagura and her followers decided to sever their ties with the clan and formed their own clan called Hiruko clan. The Hiruko clan then invented a sinister onmyodou ritual called Noir Hiruko Ritual and kidnapped some witches as sacrifice to create Noir Hiruko. The disappearance of some witches who sacrificed for the ritual brought another tense between Kitsune clan and Witches, and as they distracted with their bickering, Kagura and her fellow Hiruko clan unleashed the newly formed Noir Hiruko against them. The beast then attacked Kitsune Clan's home village, wreaking havoc, death, and suffering in process. To Kagura's surprise. Onmyojis of Kitsune clan and witches decided to put aside their differences to combat the threat, but in spite of their valiant efforts, Noir Hiruko seemed indestructible. To make matter worse, Noir Hiruko, upon absorbing too much negative emotions from misery and suffering of its victim went out of control, turning against Hiruko clan and caused more damage than ever, even more that Golem Incident.

When the hope seemed lost, Yosuke Kagari discovered the weakness of Noir Hiruko when attacked ofuda charms that embedded on its body: Should those charms damaged with either magic or physical attacks, Noir Hiruko will significantly weakened, and the loss of its charms will kill it. With that, he managed to land a blow on the monster, destroying it.

Though peace eventually comes for both witches and Kitsune clan in the very hard way, both sides deemed that Hiruko clan deemed too dangerous to let around, and Kitsune clan decided to start the hunt on survivors of Hiruko clan until none of them left. Kitsune clan also forbade witches to interfere on the massacre as Kagura and her followers' betrayal was their responsibility alone, something which they agreed.

After the conflict, and upon the advancements of science and technology, the Clan improved many of their assets and grew into larger organization called Order of Kitsune.

Notable MembersEdit


The current leader of Order of Kitsune and Master Onmyoji.


Gaichu is the wise and level-headed Master Onmyoji.

Bladerunner TrioEdit

Trio of well-trained Kitsune Clan onmyoji and bodyguard for Yosuke Kagari.


Leader of the trio. Formerly a head of the Kitsune Clan council and the cousin of Akko. She always look out for Akko.



Powers And AbilitiesEdit



Also referred as The Sumo or The Hound. Born to a small mother, Inugami stumbled into a bad crowd. Abandoned by those he trusted, he was taken in by the Order who taught him the value of honor.



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Saru is the wisecracker of the group. However, all of this is to masked the truth of the battles she has faced and to bring smiles to those she cares for, especially her mistress.



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Yosuke KagariEdit

A veteran onmyoji of Kitsune Clan and Akko's grandfather who live at Nagasaki. Current CEO of Kitsune Corporation. He became resentful on witches due to destruction they have caused in the past and worst of all, causing death of parents of his former fiancee Kagura who in turn, led her instigated Onmyoji Civil War that led their faction separated into two opposing faction in a civil war called Onmyoji Civil War: Kitsune clan and Hiruko clan. After the civil war ends with Hiruko Clan presumably wiped out, he eventually settled and had his son and later his granddaughter. He returned to fight when Hiruko clan returned again to threatened his loved ones.


Yosuke is cynical man who is serious and unflinching when it comes to performing his duties as an onmyoji ad CEO of Kitsune Corporation. Having involved in the war against witches that led to Golem Incident, Kagura's betrayal, and Onmyoji Civil War caused Yosuke to developed intense hostility and distrust against them, so much that this resentment remains after decades and being least pleased with Gaichu's decision to enlist Luna Nova's aid to deal Hiruko Clan's threat. He also a conflicted man who rather maintain his negative opinions about witches, but with Amaterasu and Akko's insistence on putting aside his difference with them for sake of greater good and his hatred costs him his best friend Amaterasu, Yosuke overturns his hatred and willingly allowing Luna Nova to aid Kitsune Clan for the world's salvation.

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Amaterasu is a gumiho (a Pomokai Holoholona Race in form of nine-tailed fox) who befriends with Biri Biri during his visit to Japan as well as former familiar of Yosuke Kagari.


A generally friendly individual, but can be very intimidating at times due to her incredibly serious and direct demeanour that she rarely laugh. In spite of this, she is more sociable than her master.

Like Gran Gran, she is more caring and considerate to witches due to his good history with them until Massacre of Tokyo and Golem Incident that killed her master. Though initially had no grudge towards The Order for creating Mokujin Army that killed her master, Amaterasu developed grudging respect to the Order upon seeing them taking noble decision in both sparing her life to make up with the guilt and made truce with witches in hope of better future for both sides. After stopped Yosuke from killing Chariot with sin blade but failed to prevent him from scarred her Star Magic in process however, Amaterasu's resentment towards The Order reborns, but most of it focused on Yosuke alone as he was only member of the clan who least willing to make alliance with the clan's former enemy to deal their common foe, Hiruko Clan. Ultimately, when Yosuke decides to sacrificed the captured Diana just to prevent Mokujin Army's awakening, Amaterasu ultimately sided with Akko and severed her ties with Yosuke and the rest of The Order members, revealing her selflessness to do the right thing.

Powers And AbilitiesEdit


Gran GranEdit

Akko's loving grandmother and Holbrooke's friend who worked part of Intelligence Division of Order of Kitsune. Holbrooke usually contacted Gran Gran to ask for assistance in dealing investigation which too much for Luna Nova to handle.


Gran Gran could be described as an older version of her granddaughter. She has shown to be high spirited despite her age and have a supportive nature. However when the situation arises, she displays a very powerful leadership aura to those around her and her age reflects that with her combat skills. Gran Gran has shown to be a trusting individual and placed confidence in Holbrook's ability to look after Akko. Like Akko, Gran Gran seems to be the most caring to Witches, particularly the ones she had bonded with like Holbrooke who was her best friend and Ursula.

Powers And AbilitiesEdit

  • Physical Peak: Holbrooke has noted that Gran Gran was suprisingly powerful having pushed back a Titan with only her Amenonuhoko.
  • Martial Arts: Gran Gran is very proficient in various forms of martial arts taght by masters of Order of Kitsune.


  • Amenonuhoko: The spear named after the weapon belonging to Izanagi. Highly trained with it, Gran Gran was able to decapitate multiple targets at once. A slam to the ground caused a massive shockwave.
  • Omyoudou Attire: Her wearing has been blessed with charms that provides protection against dark spirits and their powers.


The corporation's mascot. The theme of Ika-Tan is a squid due to one commenting that a Kitsune and his tails resembled that of a squid. Despite this, Ika-Tan became a popular mascot in Japan. He would make appeareance in videos from the PDA Akko has demonstrating tutorials in using the various weapons and gadgets provided by the Kitsune Corp


Order of Kitsune's power comes from two things: Impressive mystic art of onmyodou comparable to witches' various witchcrafts and extremely advanced technology that primarily clockwork and steam-based with few exceptions. But due to their preferences for secrecy, those who know about them know very little about full extent of their powers, let alone their technology.

Like witches, onmyojis of Order of Kitsune channeled energy from Ley Line to perform magic. The difference however, instead of wands, onmyojis of they utilizes ofuda charms as instrument to cast magic. Other differences with witches is source of their magic energy that instead of Ley Lines, they channeled the said energy from Dragon Lines. Dragon Lines is source of magic energy similar to Yggdrasil's Ley Lines, but said to be made by Shinto God Izanagi-no-Okami himself instead of branches of World Tree. Order of Kitsune utilizes special lantern called Dragon Lantern that functions both to power their magic in the similar manner with Sorcerer's Stone and locate Dragon Lines. Once a Dragon Line located with this lantern, Order of Kitsune will build a Shinto Shrine around it with a large Dragon Lantern inside. In this way, Dragon Line Shrines functions both as source of magic and to pray and communicate with the Shinto Gods like regular Shinto Shrines do. In a way, they do get their powers from the Gods. Being the source of magic, other magic users like Witches can also use magic energy from Dragon Line Shrines, but only allowed to use it under the blessing of the Shrine's Guardian.

Magic that utilized by Japanese clans of protectors like Order of Kitsune, onmyodou, less vary than those of other magic users like witches. However, they are very powerful in their own right and mostly employed via. ofuda charms.

  • Shikigami Conjuration: Transfigures one of user's ofuda charms into sentient creatures that aid him/her in various tasks. This can be done by:
    • Spirit Shikigami: Enlisting help from nearby spirit and have them possesses required ofuda charms as temporary vessel to increase their efficiency in performing given tasks. Lotte noted this being reminiscent to her Spirit Calling Spell ability.
    • Golem Shikigami: Magically give a life to used ofuda charms, animating them to act/move on their own accord out of the user’s control; however, they do seem to work in tandem to their conjuror. As they animated via. magic incantations instead of assigned spirit's possession over the charms, only trained onmyojis that can sensed them.
  • Radiant Barrier: Creating light barriers with use of strategically placed ofuda charms on the area. Useful for fortification against rogue magic users and evil spirits.
  • Radiant Heal: The user have his/ber ofuda charms generates soothing light that heals injuries.
  • Radiant Smite: Throws out 5 enchanted ofuda charms that instantly merges into damaging concussive bolt of light that knocks enemies whom hit. Comparable to magic bolts fired via Extermination Spell.
  • Radiant Force: Generates damaging, omnidirectional shockwave of light that repels foes and projectiles away from the caster.
  • Radiant Spear: Using ofuda charms, the caster throws an energy spear that explodes upon impact, severely damaging those who struck by it.
  • Binding: The caster put a bewitched ofuda charm on a foe, instantly paralyze him/her on the spot. The charm can even be channeled to arrows (be it regular ones or energy ones fires with Ex-bows) to bind foes on distance.
  • Radiant Blessing: Uses bewitched ofuda charm to increase person/creatures/objects' inherent attributes. This spell is essential in blessing senshi armors and other weapons utilized by Order of Kitsune members.

Known Technology/AssetsEdit


Senshi ArmorEdit

Described as steam-powered armor of old times modernised for the current generation and have few enhancements by spells via ofuda charms attached on the plates to increased their efficiency. This armor is standard issue armor of samurais and onmyojis of Order of Kitsune.

Classified into four categories;

  • Vanguard-Class: Vanguard class is balanced with suitable attack and solid defenses due to their design and enchantments optimized for balanced speed, strength, and defense.
  • Heavy-Class: Heavy class' enchantments and design more optimized for brute force and enhanced strength.
  • Assassin-Class: Assassin class' enchantments and design more optimized for speed and agility.
  • Hybrid-Class: Hybrid class is a mix between two or three types.

Additional gears:

  • Light Wielder: A ball shaped weapon that attaches to the arm and fires a laser. Works well during anti air attacks, but its primary function is to drill through solid walls/obstacles and even breach through titanium and diamond layers if used properly. Nightraid Assault Mech have multiple Light Wielders installed on it.
  • Combat Hook: A gear in form of body harness with specialized grapple hook shooter that enable skillful user to fight in 3D space aside breaching tactical obstacles.
  • Tengu Wings: Gear in form of winged jetpack-like device that propels the user through the air and allows for flight and levitating on the air. With sufficient skill, the user can display considerable maneuverability mid-air through the use of this contraption. Said to enable the user to tore through an armada of witches in seconds as the wings also equipped with razor-sharp blades. The firsts of this arsenal have aided many Kitsune Clan warriors dealing their enemies in airborne combat during the Massacre in Kyoto. Tengu Wings also has undergo several improvements to increased its production rate and effectivity.
  • Utility Gauntlet: Gear in form of gauntlet built to be various purpose. Fire bombs, smoke bombs, one-shot flamethrower, poison darts, grappling hook, etc. This weapon has undergo several improvements that they can carry multiple built-in weapons and gadgets at once.
  • Shoulder Thunder Drum: Miniaturized doombox like device that can unleashes a sonic waves that could render the target deaf for six minutes. Inugami utilized one of these when he and Tsubasa stopping Shadow Valkyrie from slaughtering Luna Nova Security Forces and Damage Control officers.
  • Shuriken Glove: Specialized Glove with shuriken launching device that can store up to 5 shurikens The projectiles are able to slice a wall of steel to pieces. Though designed as last resort weapon, it is surprisingly effective.
  • Seeker Drones: They are a support class weaponry. They come in four wasp like drones. Each one has a standard pistol but can be latter upgraded to homing lasers. Even so, their primary function is to tracking down and/or observing enemies without have to resort on shikigami.
  • Maser Shield: A badge-like gear attached to chestplate of Senshi Armor Pressed, it can activate a forcefield that upon contact with any form of energy increases the strength of the shield. It could also fire a blast derived from that energy.

Mamba BombEdit

The bomb with noxious concentrated gas that paralyzes opponents.

Abomination RocketsEdit

A Bazooka like weapon that fires experimental rockets when upon impact could be divided into two more. Standard heavy weaponry of Order of Kitsune alongside Hyper Heat cannon. Constanze jokingly commented that few modification on an Abomination's missiles would be enough to literally destroy a moon, something which Akko advised against.

Thorian WhipEdit

Based on data colleected on extendability of the tail of a Lightning Weasel, the Thorian Whip harnesses the power of lightning to strike back against tenacious opponents. Can split into 3 whip at once.

Hyper BoEdit

Bo Staff used by the royal guards. Designed to deflect magic bolts without being scratched and enchantments given by onmyoji on them that enable it to unleashed a powerful energy wave. Also equipped with one-shot flamethrower. Has undergo several improvements to increased its production rate and effectivity.

Hi-Frequency KatanaEdit

A mechanical katana known for its sleek and beautiful edges. The metal of the blade is reinforced by a powerful alternating current and resonated at extremely high frequencies with right soundwave activated by holding hilt with two hands. This oscillation weakens the molecular bonds of most solid objects within millimetres of the cutting edge, allowing it to cut through the hardest steel. While remarkably efficient and able to deflect spells from witches, they have their limitations: Other vibrational weapons of equal frequency can disrupt the sword's oscillation, often resulting in explosive feedback (often referred to as high-frequency lock or high-frequency clash). As with Tengu Wings, the firsts of this weapon have aided many Kitsune Clan warriors dealing their enemies during the Massacre in Kyoto, but at that time, only high-ranked samurai who wield this weapon due to at that time, Vibranium Katana's production rate was slower than in modern days, something which eventually solved with advancements of science and technology that allowed this weapon to undergo several improvements to increased its production rate and effectivity.


Resembling a bow, it has an energy generator in the base of the bow that allows the wielder to fire near unlimited amount of energy arrows. The bow also have retractable blades for close quarters. A customized version of this weapon is Saru's weapon of choice.

Hyper Heat CannonEdit

A handheld cannon that requires both hands that unleashes a fireball. This heavy weapon fires napalm fireballs with firepower comparable to most damaging RPG, only better.

Apollyon HunterEdit

Increasing problems of magical bioweapons such as Apollyons by rogue magic users across the world drives Order of Kitsune to create better weapons against such monsters without have to rely on heavy firearms. Apollyon Hunter, also known as Nura Driver Gauntlet, is the latest in a long line of Order of Kitsune technology combined with magic designed for such purpose, and the first of collaboration project between the Order and Yggdrasil Armada. However, this project eventually become the perfect success due to unexpected aid from Constanze, who managed to overcome flaws within the prototypical version of the weapon.

Apollyon Hunter resembles futuristic-looking gauntlet with a slot for blank Poho Talismans designed to copy the power of any Pomokai Holoholona who touch it. The project was designed to properly utilize the full potential of the Pomaikai Holoholona without entering the Lost Soul stage. By inserting Poho Talismans, the user can form Kami Armor, transparent armor of solidified pure magic energy each one having a different armament and ability.

Sin BladeEdit

The Sin Blade was a new kind of sword forged from the metal they used on their technology only this particular metal was experimented to conduct a theory. The theory was based on experience from the Purifier Cannons which when lit with fire and speed of ignition emits a powerful flame that nullifies magic, the order wondered if it could permanently destroy a user's magic. Its ability to destroy a person's magic is so potent that it cannot truly reversed even with most potent Magic Rejuvenation spell that can undo effects of Dream Fuel Spirit.

The Sin Blade was the first and only of its kind, use for the worst sinners. There are a select number that fell by the blade with Shiny Chariot the last person to be inflicted by it although it only removed her Magic of Stars from the Polaris Fountain. Out of all weapons forged by The Order, this weapon deemed far more destructive even more than Mokujin army.



An enormous and powerful spider tank and is the mobile fortress for Order of Kitsune. It was said that at least 4 of Gyukis that ever created due to complex design and costly production, with one of them was sank in deep ocean until uncovered by Hiruko clan.


Siege warfare that can fire napalm bombs that can burn enemies into ashes. Had 2 variants:

Purifier CatapultsEdit

Order of Kitsune's siege warfare that previously were mobile mortar launcher akin to improved siege catapults that had built-in clockwork motors for great mobility. They fire explosive fire balls that burn enemies into ashes as well as demolishing fortified walls.

Purifier Armored Personel CarrierEdit

Successor of Purifier Catapults. Unlike its predecessor, Purifier APC is also designed as troop transport vehicle like conventional APCs does. Even so, they must not to be underestimated, as Purifier APC possesses firepower, defense, and mobility greater than conventional tanks. Their primary weapon is twin napalm cannons mounted on remotely controlled turrets.

Liberty HoverEdit

With help from secret allies in the USA, the Order teamed with NASA to build an anti gravity generator that would allow ships to have an alternate mode of travelling through space. A success it was and implemented into a hybrid VTOL aircraft called the Liberty Hover. Acting as a jet and bomber. This aircraft is among new technologies that Order of Kitsune recently created, as during Akko's visit at Nagasaki, it was mentioned that there are at least 8 of them that finished during its production, but it's implied there are more of them. Saru owns a customized version named Kazegami.

Berserker WalkerEdit

Another new technology created by Kitsune Corporation. Berserker Walkers are created based on Gyuki series, but are smaller than their predecessor whilst still bigger than a small apartment building. Armed with six legs to pound enemies and a modified Purifier cannon for attacking enemies from distance. Gaichu stated that he had commissioned the creation of at least 10 of these machines to combat sunken Gyuki unit that reactivated by Hiruko Clan.

Nightraid Assault MechEdit

Another new technology created by Kitsune Corporation. Nightraid Assault Mechs are Amphibian mech modeled after a centipede, these machines were used at night at full effect, demolishing and terrifying enemies. Also equipped with multiple Light Wielders that allowed it to tunneled underground and even breach fortified hull of a Gyuki. As with Berserker Walker, this mech is utilized to combat a Gyuki. At least one of them used by Akko and co. to breach through Hiruko Clan's Gyuki.


A Motorcycle with wheels that also transformed into rotors that allowed it to take flight. During Akko's visit at Nagasaki, Yosuke explained that Heli-Bikes still requiring few more improvements before its eventual mass-production.

Supercarrier SusanooEdit

Also known as Project Susanoo or jockingly referred by Kur as Plan B, is the second collaboration project between Order of Kitsune and Yggdrasil Armada with Apollyon Hunter being the first. Supercarrier Susanoo is the advanced supercarrier ship that capable for VTOL flight and could reached beyond the Earth's atmosphere, but yet to be ready for space travel. Named after Shinto Deity of the same name, the ship possesses an array of weapons composed of 4 large Assault Cannons, 32 upper deck space/air defense turrets, 6 micro missile launchers and 40 lower deck laser turrets. This supercarrier can also stored an armada of Liberty Hovers in case of space battles.

Project Susanoo has become the main objective of the Order of Kitsune ever since the possibility to evacuate the Earth in case it was deemed uninhabitable and required protection when craft encountered any threats. Originally, during the early stages of Susanoo Project, these Supercarriers had fewer arsenals, but once Yggdrasil Armada joins the project and later, the Order receives the report of Naglfar having their own flight-capable supercarrier called Helhest and data about it had been spread to the black market, The Order improved the arsenals of the supercarriers so they can also combat Helhest and its derivatives.

The Order of Kitsune would activate Project Susanoo along with its armada to battle Nidhoggr and his forces. During Battle for Terra, at least 3 of Susanoo Supercarriers had been deployed with Mark 1 assisted Witches of Midgard.


Kitsune TalismanEdit

Basically a badge of honor, Akko's was modified to allow her to access Kitsune bunkers for safety purposes. It also acts as a communicator to her grandparents.

Destroyer UnitsEdit

Technomagic soldiers that succeeded the dangerous Mokujin Army created after decades of development and improvements. The alloy it composed of enchanted with Onmyodou Magic and combined with its self-repairing program, allowing it to repair itself from most severe damage faster. Aside complex programming that enable it to differentiate friend and foes as well as better capacity in following orders from their masters, they possesses failsafe components and programming in case of them turned against their master due to CPU error or hacking. Most recent versions of the units, including the one that Akko gained among her presents, have updated failsafe programs that also enable them to simultaneously both override the control of Noir Fuel Spirit Devices and disintegrated them. The said program even active whilst in inactive form.

Destroyer's inactive form takes the appearance of golf ball-sized, futuristic cube-like shell that encased a spherical core where its CPU resides. It can be activated with a glass of water on any part of its surfaces where the shell would reconstitute to form the unit's active form which composed of dispersed shell and solified gray magic energy around its core. The unit's basic weapons is optic laser with firepower comparable to Magic Beam Spell and energy blades.

The only way to destroy a Destroyer Unit is exposing them to extreme heat until the whole liquid inside it evaporates and reverted to inactive cube form before melt it with extreme heat or corrode it with acid. This weakness, alongside failsafe programs mentioned above, were intended by scientists of the Order to prevent another Golem Incident and made the units easier to handle unlike Mokujin Army that deemed too invincible and too destructive.

There are 3 class of Destroyer Army units:

  • Scout-Class: Scout class have the size of weasels and true to its functions, designed to swiftly scout the enemies' territory and stalking individuals down. Whilst not very good in combat, Scout-Class Destroyers makes up with its incredible mobility and speed.
  • Combat-Class: Combat-Class have the size of average teenager and possesses greater strength and defensive capabilities that allowed them to fight side by side with their masters but with average mobility. They also possesses one weapon exclusive to their class: Electroshock missile battery which fires electroshock missiles made of pure plasma at enemies.
  • Support-Class: Support class have low combat capability like Scout-Class, but also lacked speed either as its mobility is comparable to Combat-Class. However, they make up this setbacks with their ability to project a beam of healing ray that can heal injuries and ability to fix other machines, particulary complex ones that normally took hours for a technician to fix them.

PDA (Product Delivery Assistance)Edit

The PDA resembled of a Smartphone. When activated it could expanded to a large screen providing the user tutorials on using the variosu weapons and gadgets of the Kitsune Corp. While used during the major story arcs in Ragnarok, they have provided source of comedy in between with Akko ordering plenty of them using her family discount which is 100% and Rico asked Akko buy components with her PDA for creating weapon that can destroy a moon.



Inspired by Akko's actions in defending witches and alliance between both The Order and Witches against common enemy (Hiruko Clan), several members of the Order who had connections with witch-craftsmen of Thapoli, decided to create the state of the art Broom-Tek both as a token of friendship and to counteract magical bioweapon threats posed by arms-trafficker of Naglfar. The Broom-Tek resembled that of a hybrid between a broom and a hovering motorcycle due to designed to carry more advanced broom gears than standard magic brooms. Gears for broom-tek come in different shapes and sizes with abilities unique to them:

  • YW-Gear: This gear used for training purposes. Capable of below average speed.
  • RF-Gear: A well balanced Broom Tek gear outfitted with magic bolt projectors and the standard grappling claws/drills. Used for rescue Missions.
  • NS-Gear: Broom-Tek gear that can project a powerful stealth field that leaves it undetected even to magical means. Constanze noted this comparable to wraith cyberware.
  • SB-Gear: The heaviest of broom-tek gear that made the broom overall looked more like a battering ram. The gear also outfitted with a powerful automatic magic bolt projectors and a load of explosive payload. Has been adapted into usage by Luna Nova Security Forces.
  • AE-Gear: Designed for underwater missions, launches electron mines and the turbine could release whirlpools to disrupt pursuers. Has been adapted into usage by Luna Nova Security Forces.
  • RW-Gear: Broom-Tek gear which enhhanced broom tek's speed, but at the cost of lower protection. Its overal speed however, still pale compared to Shiny Balai and Shooting Star.
  • WG-Gear: Broom-Tek gear designed for security and patrol. Equipped with capture beams and magic tasers. Has been adapted into usage by Luna Nova Security Forces.
  • SD-Gear: Activates a powerful forcefield that repels magical energy. Extra weight slows broom tek. Added is a claw attachment that combined with the forcefield could slice ships into halves.
  • ES-Gear: Provides storage of high contents of magic. Long range combat using the mag cannons.
  • MH-Gear: Used for hunting quarry. Added with an advanced aerial unit for assistance.
  • TH-Gear: Used in artic regions. Internal heaters added.
  • PS-Gear: Used in volcanic and desert regions.

Dining PortionsEdit

Using state of the art compression technology, users could carry small packets of cuisines. Add water would restore it to its original size.

Gravity DisksEdit

Aid in lowering or increasing the gravity of objects its placed on. Allow sufficient transport.

Mokujin ArmyEdit

Eight times thousands and one Mokujin army are humanoid wooden clockwork robots and one of two worst and deadliest weapons Order of Kitsune ever built, with the other being Sin Blade. Able to repair themselves from damage even by fire or dismemberment. They are proved too destructive as they incapable in differentiate hostile witches and friendly witches which led them ultimately locked away and no longer used. The only means to control them is Tarakudo Gauntlet, magical artifact that can only wielded by those with blood of members of the Order.

Tarakudo GauntletEdit

Magical gauntlet with the power to command and control Mokujin Army. The only one who can use its powers is those with blood of family who found the Order of Kitsune, including Kagari family and Kagura's.

Kensei UnitEdit

Basic Mokujin unit modeled after samurai. Their primary weapon is katana and retractable blades whereas their secondary weapon is either built-in bomb launchers and machine guns. Possessing balanced speed, power, and defense.

Led by Kensei General who armed with nodachi instead of katana.

Shinobi UnitEdit

Mokujin units based on ninjas. Their primary weapon is scythe, katana, and retractable blades. Their secondary weapons are built-in bomb launchers, poison gas launcher, shuriken launchers, sticky goo launchers, and poison darts. Have superior speed, but weak defense and power. They also possess built-in tengu wings for fly and gliding on the air for aerial assault. They are controlled by the Shinobi General.

Shugoki UnitEdit

Heavy assault Mokujin units based on sumos controlled by the Shugoki General. Also known as Juggernauts. Armed with kanabo and retractable blades. Their secondary weapons are built-in bomb launchers, machine guns, flamethrower, poison gas launcher, and one shot lightning blasters

Orochi UnitEdit

They are based on serpents controlled by the Orochi General. Resembles Kensei Unit except less armored whilst possesses same weaponries. They have special ability to fused into a 9-headed clockwork serpent composed of 5 Orochis, hence the name.

Tarakudo UnitEdit

Leader of the Mokujin Generals. His role is to survey the horde. Nonetheless, he's the most powerful among the Mokujin and only one Tarakudo Unit who ever created. The Tarakudo Unit went out of control and its rampage is reason why Mokujin army sealed in the first place. Having largest array of weaponries than other Mokujins where he armed with nodachi and kanabo and possesses built-in machine guns, flamethrower, poison gas launcher, poison dart, and lightning blasters as secondary weaponries.