Pomokai Holoholonas (lit. meaning: Blessed Animals), better known as Poho Familiars, Magic Energy Beasts, or simply Familiars (the term often confused with regular familiars) are anthropomorphic living forms of magic created by Nine Olde Witches featured in Little Witch Academia: Ragnarok Tetralogy. They are identified with innate ability to generate tremendous amounts of Magic Energy and exceptional powers. This because they are special lifeforms created from combined essences from both Yggdrasil and its opposite Nidhoggr. Many of them live among witches as their familiars due to peculiar traits they possesses which enable them to perform feats that even regular familiars unable to do. Their appearance vary from one and another, be it classical small draconic creature to ancient beings.

While it's widely believed that there are only 100 Pomokai Holoholonas created by Yggdrasil, there are actually more of them created, but remained dormant within Well of Urd until being released by Akko Kagari.


After destruction of Nidhoggr, the cosmic serpent left behind tremendous amount of Angolmois that threatened all life on Earth. To purify it, Nine Olde Witches combined their magic and that of Yggdrasil to absorb Nidhoggr's energy and its remaining essence into the cosmic tree. Inside the cosmic tree, some portion of Yggdrasil's magical energy, and Nidhoggr's both absorbed magical energy and essence combined into unique lifeforms that later expelled from the tree itself. Sensing goodness within them in spite of carrying essence of cosmic serpent, Woodward christened them as Pomaikai Holoholona (lit. meaning: Blessed Animals), and she, and other Nine Olde Witches, have them spread to various countries around the globe, including Korea, Japan, America, China, and Persia. Alongside other magical creatures, Pomokai Holoholonas' presence at those countries played further role on their history, expanding the already existing mythologies there.

But over the years, peaceful existence between witches and Pomokai Holoholonas not went like what Nine Olde Witches wanted because their relationships quite different compared with in the past. By the end of Middle Ages and dawn of Golden Age of Magic, witches began to forgot the legend about Nidhoggr who nearly destroy the world, and everyone's opinion about them gradually changed: Witches no longer remember what made Pomokai Holoholonas unique compared with other magical beings, while normal humans dismissed their existence as myth or perceive them as evil spirits. Worse, Pomokai Holoholonas were also accused to be weapons of mass destruction which confirmed when learned that Nidhoggr's essence designed all of the Pomokai Holoholonaas, each having a unique ability that made them deadly. However with Yggdrasil's essence, they were restrained with the only way to unleashed their full potential is if they underwent Lost Soul transformation. Kur and Heimdall proposed that Acolytes of Nidhoggr was partly responsible for proposing the idea of various Lost Soul experiments.

The ownership of Pomokai Holoholonas and regular Familiars ultimately become strictly controlled near the end of Golden Age of Magic because some of them having tense relationships with their witch partners than others that led to several incidents: Slug Hounds' near extinction that caused Land Squid and other 39 Pomokai Holoholona races abandoned Witch Community, a jabberwocky turned into its lost soul form as living weapon, and ultimately, Hodag Holocaust. To ensure that those incidents never repeated again, any witches who wanted to have a familiar, regardless whether from regular Familiars or Pomokai Holoholonas, must have necessary license and papers to own one, and therefore, those who suspected to abuse her familiar will be punished severely depend on how bad they abuse the said familiar: If the victimized familiar revealed to be belonged to Pomokai Holoholona and undergo transformation into Lost Soul form more that twice, those who responsible for the transformation and abuse will be punished by painful and unpleasant death. Pomokai Holoholonas themselves on the other hand, formed a society of their own called Yggdrasil Armada to fight for the rights of oppressed Familars all over the world.


Though each races of these special familiars have different shape and size, they have few things in common: All of them are created by combination of Yggdrasil’s magical energy with absorbed essence and magical energy of Nidhoggr, giving them tremendous magical powers and advanced physiology. They can perform extraordinary magical techniques unique for them such as:

  • Shiny Arc Bomb: Shiny Arc Bomb, better known as Shiny Ball, is the ultimate technique of Pomokai Holoholonas derived from Shiny Rod's Shiny Arc ability. Shiny Ball is created by focusing and compressing large amount of magic energy in front of user's face, shape it into green and yellow sphere before fired to the target. Known methods in firing Shiny Balls are:
    • Basic Shiny Ball: The Pomokai Holoholona formed a Shiny Ball which then fired in form of a single green bolt coated by yellow energy shroud. When fired, the bolt takes more oval shape whilst its energy shroud change shape into arrowhead akin to Shiny Arc arrow.
      • Ultra Big Shiny Ball: Same with Basic Shiny Ball except the fired bolt created with larger amount of energy that it become extremely large.
      • Rapid Shiny Balls: Advanced version of Basic Shiny Ball where instead of single bolt, it instead spewed forth into multiple bursts of smaller but multiple Shiny Balls like machine gun.
    • Shiny Ball Beam: The newly formed Shiny Ball is compressed within the mouth before fired in form of continuous, destructive laser with tremendous firepower and able to cut through multiple skyscrapers at once.
    • Shiny Cone Wave: The Shiny Ball is formed in unstable state before compressed within the mouth and spewed out. This technique is similar to Shiny Ball Beam, but the unstable properties of the compressed Shiny Ball resulted it fired in form of cone-shaped energy blast.
    • Shiny Ball Suicide: The Pomokai Holoholona conjure a condensed ball of green magical energy which then slammed to the ground, destroying everything around them (including the user) within huge explosion. Very powerful, but also killing the user with it. Only lightning weasels who can survive usage of Shiny Ball Suicide.
  • Balai Repulsors: All Pomokai Holoholonas possesses a pair or two hollowed tube-like protursions on either shoulder blades or hip area that release jet of magical energy with propulsive force strong enough to allow the familiar to fly or moves in incredible speed as fast as Shiny Rod's Shiny Balai form.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Pomokai Holoholonas can heal and regenerate all physical and mental harm to themselves very quickly. While their regeneration rate varied between one species of Pomokai Holoholonas and another, it's obvious that they able to rapidly regenerate damaged or destroyed tissue with much greater speed and efficiency than any ordinary lifeforms on Earth. They can even fully regenerate and/or reattach missing limbs as well. Even so, this ability still had its limits as continuous regeneration from injuries will gradually strain and weakened them. Also, disintegration, incineration, and dismemberment can kill them if their regeneration cannot overcome it.
    • Healing Coma: Special ability of Pomokai Holoholonas to recover from severe injuries should those injuries proved too much for their regenerative healing factor to heal quickly. When performing this, they will enter a coma or vegetative state, allowing their magic to quickly regenerate and restore severe injuries they have sustained. In this state, they can't be harmed due to them encased their body within durable crystalline cocoon and, when they wake up, will emerge from the cocoon and at the peak of their health. This ability however, only used as last resort to recover from injuries as in this state, they will left in vulnerable state and unable to perceive their surroundings.
  • Size-Shifting: Large Pomokai Holoholona races whom natural form larger than humans like Leviathans, Edenarus, and Zord Rex can magically shrunk their size to ostritch-size as means to enter and interact within human environments like buildings or houses.
  • Anthropomorphic Physiology: All Pomokai Holoholona races are well known for having anthropomorphic physiology which ranges from simply able to speak with human language or possessing primate/humanoid features like having opposable thumbs.

When created by Yggdrasil with its power that combined with Nidhoggr's, Pomokai Holoholonas were took on form of most intriguing organism on Earth during that time, be it regular modern animals or magical creatures. This explained why they bore resemblance to typical magical creatures and animals known by mankind to various degree. Some even have resemblance to extinct animals, looked like completely strange lifeforms, or even chimeric lifeforms altogether.

In spite of possessing impressive regenerative abilities that enable them to survive injuries that fatal to humans or regular animals/familiars, this doesn't practically made them outright immortal— Pomokai Holoholonas in general have a life span similar to a human, being around 60 to 70 years. The only exception are Lightning Weasels and Bunyips whom lifespan around 120 years and onwards, Atmospheric Beast and Zord Rexes whom around centuries or more, and Slug Hounds who live around 16 which made up by their ability to propagate quickly. Differences of lifespans between familiar race is speculated as the way Yggdrasil prevent them from overrun the planet

Lastly, unlike other magical creatures and regular familiars, familiars from Pomokai Holoholonas carried magical energy derived from Nidhoggr inside them called Angolmois, which reacts to their strong negative emotions. The only exception of this is New Gen Pomokai Holoholonas whom released by Akko and had their Nidhoggr half purged and replaced by the young witch's Primordial magic.

Rage ModeEdit

Rage is the state between normal and Lost Soul of a Pomokai Holoholona. Should they enraged enough, essence of Nidhoggr inside a Pomokai Holoholona will trigger violent reactions that causing their blood boiling hot to the point of generating glowing red aura. In this state, the Pomokai Holoholona will gain increased strength, speed, healing, and power.

In spite its advantages, Rage Mode is not without its drawbacks: individuals near the Pomokai Holoholona who undergo this state will experience a slight physical discomfort; those who come into contact with fiery aura their bodies generates will suffer a painful burn wherever they touch it; the Pomokai Holoholona themselves become more animalistic and aggressive whilst retaining self-control. Also, subsequent increase of power will decrease the said Pomokai Holoholona's self control, which is reason why they must deactivate this mode after certain amount of time by controlling their anger. This also reasons why Kur, whom have mastered this mode, forbade other familiars to perform the same feat due to risk of become a Lost Soul.

LWA Ragnarok Shiny Flash Midway Lost Soul

Risk of Rage Mode

Biri Biri has yet to knowingly enter Rage Mode and unlike Kur, he quickly lost control over himself. As noted by Kur and Biri Biri himself, this is due to fear of losing Akko and rage and trauma from memories of Croix's betrayal. In fact, whenever he accessed Rage Mode, he become more violent and aggressive with his body suffer an increasing amount of corrosion that constantly healing itself. Though both Chariot and Akko able to forcefully deactivated this form before he become Lost Soul on separate occasions, Kur stated that this merely delaying the worst, as he believes that it would be better if the lightning weasel let go of his painful past and never undergo Rage Mode at all. This proved to be true as, when he thought that Croix had killed Akko not long after Chariot's past mistakes revealed to her and the young witch left depressed with it, Biri Biri's rage and sorrow resulting him undergo Rage Mode that quickly escalated to Lost Soul form in mere seconds.

Lost Soul Beast Pomokai HoloholonaEdit

Because they carry Angolmois that reacted to negative emotions, had any member of First Generation Pomokai Holoholonas overwhelmed by rage and sorrow, it will trigger violent chain reaction where Angolmois taking over both body and mind, turning them into Lost Beast Pomokai Holoholona. As they succumbed to their rage, the Pomokai Holoholona's skin and fur (or either shell/scales) will caught fire and replaced by searing layer of black energy membrane. This followed by white protective armor, which resembles furled leaf buds, materialized around the tail and formed barbed blade on its tip. As the eyes glow in white, the mouth become jagged like jack-o-lantern with sharp teeth. The transformation ends with a pair of long horns proturding at the back of their skull and their skeleton glows through their flesh.

In this state, the transformed Pomokai Holoholona lost their ability to distinguish between friend and foe and attacks in whatever way will enable him to defeat his target, oblivious to the consequences of the attack. They also taking no restraint from releasing their magical powers, causing them to inflict more damage to their surroundings than intended target. This usually happened on Pomokai Holoholonas who suffer PTSD (Post Traumamatic Stress Disorder) from abuse, torture, or other unfortunate events in their lives that bad enough to induce PTSD such as having their beloved master killed in front of them.

If a Pomokai Holoholona once had PTSD-inducing traumatic experience, it's advised that they need immediate psychological healing to prevent any unfortunate incidents.

Notable incidents that involving Lost Soul Pomokai Holoholonas are:

  • Black Death: Earliest known Lost Soul incident. It was said that a Myrmidont undergo Lost Soul Transformation after her children being forced to worsened Black Plague.
  • Great Fire of London: Not much known about this incident, but the fire was said to be worsened by brief rampage of a Lost Soul Garuda Drake.
  • Hodag Holocaust: Hodag Holocaust is arguably most memorable incident that resulting the control over familiars become stritly controlled. A band of rogue witches, suspected to be Acolytes of Nidhoggr, had conducted inumane experiment on numerous Hodags as means to weaponize their Lost Soul forms as well as enhanced them with essences of other Pomokai Holoholonas and creating several horrific hybrid clones of them. In response of this crime, 40 races of Pomokai Holoholona chose to abandoned witches and Witch Community issued a secret witch hunt on the Acolytes, leaving Haggar as the last surviving member of her coven.
  • Lost Soul Biri Biri:

First Generation Pomokai HoloholonasEdit

See also: List of First Generation Pomokai Holoholonas

First Generation Pomokai Holoholonas are considered as Original Pomokai Holoholonas as they carried essences of both Yggdrasil and Nidhoggr themselves. Whilst this gave them immense power and massive magic energy reserves, their Nidhoggr half made them suspectible to Lost Soul Transformation as the said half will taking over should they overwhelmed by rage and sorrow.

Lightning WeaselsEdit







LWA Ragnarok OC Saal

Lightning Weasel

Lightning Weasels, also known as Volkar, Kamaitachi, or Raiju, is a Pomokai Holoholona race in form of weasel with special ability to manipulate electricity and storms, retractable scythe blades, enhanced speed, and extendable, prehensile tail. While they confirmed to be creatures derived from combined essences of both Yggdrasil and Nidhoggr's like other Pomokai Holoholonas, lightning weasels' legendary powers and reputation led many humans in the past believed them to be born from Thor's Hammer, and it was said that one lightning weasel could unleash a power equivalent to a God's wrath: They can summon devastating storms that can level the whole forest or cities, but this likely the exaggeration of true testament of their strengths, as only a handful of members of this race that can perform such feat.

Due to their destructive capabilities, many witches were afraid of lightning weasels and advised others to immediately flee upon seeing one. But overtime, the relationships between lightning weasels and witches become improved with them developed respect on each other, though only a handful of courageous witches who have made contract with some of them. The most famous faction of this race is Nova Clan, a large pack of lightning weasels entrusted by Woodward to guard both seal of Grand Triskellion and secret archive build near it, which documented detailed history of magic including Nidhoggr and First Ragnarok.

Lightning Weasels are arguably one of fastest and powerful of all Pomokai Holoholona Races. True to their name, they possess immense electrokinetic powers and able to summon ferocious thunderstorms at will. They can also move and flies extremely fast akin to teleportation (with a mention of one lightning weasel can disappear and reappear behind a witch in a blink of eye), prehensile tail that can be extended to at least 10 metres, greatly enhanced strength, enhanced durability, retractable scythe blades on the arm and tail that can cut through metals, and generic Pomokai Holoholona abilities such as magic, regenerative healing factor, and Shiny Ball. Unlike other Pomokai Holoholonas, lightning weasel's regenerative ability is unusually strong that they can quickly recover from severe injuries fatal to humans or other creatures, able to putting themselves back together if dismembered, and barely survive Shiny Ball Suicide explosion. Even so, continuous regeneration from severe injuries will gradually strain and weakened them; if they take too many serious injuries, lightning weasels will become too weak to regenerate, and thus vulnerable to fatal blows.

In their natural form, Lighting Weasels is weasel-like Pomokai Holoholona race with golden four-pointed star-shaped badge in the middle of the face, front limbs which had structure akin to human's complete with opposable thumbs on their clawed hands, retractable scythe blades on the arms and tail. Even so, they can grow to size of Japanese martens as the adult of this Pomokai Holoholona race is half a meter (1,5 feet) in length on average, not counting a 20-centimeter-long tail (7.9 in). It should be noted that lightning weasels are originally resembles ermine, but when many of them spread across various points in the world and adapt to different environments there, these ermine-like Pomokai Holoholonas change colour which give them resemblance to various normal weasel species native to the land where they settled in. In a way, this can be seen as a type of evolution, akin to allopatric speciation.

Known Lightning WeaselEdit

Mamba SealEdit

Mamba Seals are species of magical seals with special ability to create, shape and manipulate poisons and poisonous substances, be it from within their bodies or nearby existing source. They only used this ability to fight on land because their poison easily dissolves in water. These seals also possess potent resistance to their own poisons and poisonous substance they manipulated, which vary from one to another.

Being aquatic mammals, it was widely believed that Mamba Seals were slow on land, but this later proved to be false as they can roll into a ball to move about quickly on land to counteract these limitations. There are some reports from witches that a pack of Mamba Seals rolls into a ball to move across the island for new nesting grounds, but occasionally rest near large bodies of water to keep their bodies fresh. Mamba Seals also possesses unusually strong limbs and immense physical strength, allowing them to crawl deceptively fast.

As discussed before, Mamba Seals can manipulate toxin by either breathes a concussive stream of corrosive toxic breath, firing several balls of poison, and creating solid armor made of toxin. They can also move very fast by rolling into a ball and rammed through their enemies. When fighting underwater, they relied on their speed, claws, and teeth due to only able to manipulate poison on land.

Mamba Seals inspired the legends of the Selkie. Sometimes, their poison could go haywire during a specific planet alignment, causing their poison to produce a maiden like hair and an almost siren like voice. Several people witness this phenomenon, which lead to the rumor of manatees be mermaids, although manatees are totally separated species. Also, during a phenomenon called Venus Effect, Mamba Seals will undergo transformations into humanoid forms with enlarged webbed limbs. For Jian's case, she's a beautiful young girl with a doll like appearance. Jian's mother Nia has a model like appearance almost as if a princess fairy tale coming to life.

Known Mamba SealEdit

  • Jiàn
  • Nia

Dragon HorseEdit

LWA Ragnarok OC Yondu

Male Dragon Horse

Dragon Horses, also known as Kirins, are race of horse-like Pomokai Holoholonas that resembles chinese dragons. They resemble a green cross between a lizard and horse with hooved legs, long reptilian tail with hairy ends, fins on the upper legs, and dolphin-like head that had 2 pair of horns proturding backwards where upper pair more like deers'. The male of this race possesses lion-like mane around their necks. They were a proud race, but overtime, Witches and Humanity see them as nothing more than a symbol of status, much to their dismay.

Known KirinsEdit

  • Yondu


Chamroshes are Pomokai Holoholona race that said to resembles cross between bird and dog in the same style with griffins Though they had head, neck, front legs, wings, and feathers of that of falcon, their rear legs, torso, and tail resembles that of dog. Biri Biri stated that Beatrix’s endeavor to bring chamroshes for Witch Community at Persian led to the myth about them.

Known ChamroshEdit

  • Pongo
  • Perdy

American JackalopeEdit

LWA Ragnarok OC Race Jackalope

Jack the jackalope

Pomokai Holoholona race in form of rabbit with human-like arm, short antlers, and a long tail with large foldable sail underneath that can deliver powerful gust of wind in one swipe. They can also casting basic magic, jump and run very fast, and unleashing sonic scream.

Known JackalopesEdit

  • Jack


Elwetritsch LWA Ragnarok

Karl, one of Elwetritsch

Pomokai Holoholona race that in form of cross between chicken and dodo with antlers (though resemblances with Dodo more apparent due to their beak shape). They also have scales and feathers. They have large four wings that can be folded to aid their mobility on land. The adult of this race can grew to the size of horse, and possesses considerable strength due to able to lift a fully grown Zord Rex.

The first generation of these Poho race initially settled at the island of Mauritius where they blend in with Dodos who live there due to their resemblance to each other until an incident where human newcomers showed up and their presence pushed the dodos to the brink of extinction. Threatened due to their resemblance to their regular dodos, these Elwedristch were forced to move their nesting ground to Germany. The mass migration of this Poho race was covered by Witch Community to ensure Elwedristches' safety.

Known ElwetritschEdit

  • Karl
  • Eagle Eye


Kluddes are Pomokai Holoholona Race in form of giant wolf with bat wings and ears. Firsts of their kind was introduced to Belgia by Nine Olde Witches to witch community there, further expanding their mythologies there. These creatures inspired elements for vampire lore and later, Bram Stocker's Dracula which includes ability to transform into wolf and bat. Kludde have retractable wings to hide as an ordinary wolf.

Known KluddesEdit

  • Belle
  • Nomak


LWA Ragnarok OC Rico Khepri


Khepri are Pomokai Holoholona race that taking form of human child-sized anthropomorphic Egyptian Scarab (Scarabaeus sacer) in their adult form but possesses a pair of balai repulsors on their thorax, shoulder plate-like growth that covering the shoulders, and a pair of large insect wings larger than the original pair, along with a whip-like prehensile tail, growing from above the end of its abdomen. Interestingly, their mouth structure more akin to that of human's. Named after Egyptian deity of the same name.

Known KheprisEdit

  • Rico

Zord RexEdit

LWA Ragnarok Kasai Rex Armadillo Lizard

Zord Rex

The second largest of the Pomokai Holoholona race only behind the Leviathan. Though they primarily resemble armadillo girdled lizards, they also bore the image of theropod dinosaur due to large, muscular rear leg and walked in bipedal manner like theropod dinosaurs do. Zord Rexes possesses two pair of arms; original pair being smaller and weaker which further reinforcing their theropod dinosaur image, whereas extra ones (which normally folded within their shoulder pylons) that above original pair are stronger, longer, and muscular, usually folded when not needed. Like other huge Pomokai Holoholonas, they can also shrink to smaller version of themselves both to make witches and other Pomokai Holoholonas comfortable with them as they interact with each other and to enter and interact within smaller areas such as human buildings. Interestingly, in spite of their size, they are capable to hiding and sneaking through enemies and preys alike. Their special ability is manipulating growths of their scales into durable shields which, combined with their ability to curled into a ball, enable them to perform cannonball attack.

Notable Zord RexEdit

  • Kur the Destroyer


Grootslangs are giant snake-like Pomokai Holoholona race that resembles giant snake. Nine Olde Witches brought first members of their kind to witch community at Africa, expanding mythologies about magical creatures there. In appearance, Grootslangs resembles a python with head that resembles vipers adorned with a pair of horn-like protrusions at the back of the head. In spite of possessing poisonous fangs, the shape of their fangs and their body’s physiology closely match of constrictor snake. They also large enough to swallow an adult human whole. Grootslangs are also natural enemies of Lightning Weasels due to them can easily sensing their presence and easily avoiding their attacks.

While capable to perform magic, Grootslangs seemed to more dependent for their natural abilities to constrict their foes so they can bite them with their poisonous fangs. But they can also shed away damaged skin both for healing themselves and creating diversion, and performing camouflage like cuttlefish.

Known GrootslangsEdit

  • Daryl’s Unnamed Grootslang

Land SquidsEdit

LWA Ragnarok Land Squids

Big Guy aka. Big Boss, an Elder land squid

Pomokai Holoholonas that taking form of squid-tree hybrid that are able to walk on land and having upper body which resembles evergreen tree. They are rogues compared to the other First Generations. Their mission is to protect the Green, aka plant life. Possesing multiple tentacles that could crush a car and spewing a paralysing smog, they possess vampiric abilties that allow them to absorb and use their victims' powers without stripping it from them. Kur noted them least cooperative to join Yggdrasil Society.

Due to the resemble plants, they inspired the rumor of Man-eating trees.

Notable Land SquidsEdit

  • Big Boss

Drake LizardsEdit

LWA Ragnarok OC Race Drake Lizard

Drake Lizard

Small lizard like Pomokai Holoholona race with draconic traits. Resembles baby form of Ancient Dragon, but lacked wings.

Known Drake LizardsEdit

  • Lurch


LWA Ragnarok Eel Leviathan

Eel-Anglerfish Leviathan

Pomokai Holoholona race in form of underwater sea beast legendary throught the world. A Leviathan can open its mouth and sucks in its prey in a whirlpool and its tower like antenna that fires a beam that can cut through ship hulls and turns its enemies into ashes (this ability is called Plasma Cutter). It described as cross between moray eel, angler fish, and a ray with short and wide neck with 3 pairs of gills underneath, triangular head with reflective white eyes, mouth full of sharp teeth, and 3 tentacles on the face: The main one, which have bioluminiscent lure on the tip, located on the forehead whereas others located at the lower jaw. The lower ones, which segmented, can extend and manipulate objects at will. They also possess a large sail on the base of the tail, two pairs of strong fins where front one resemble those of seals with clawed fingers to move on land whereas rear ones being weaker and shorter, and powerful long tail to quickly move underwater. Lastly, they have a pair of bioluminescent organs across the head and neck, and two pairs of the same organs on the back. They have 2 pairs of Balai repulsors to help move quickly on both land and water.

Known LeviathanEdit

  • Nautilus
  • Clover


Lembuswana OC Race LWA Ragnarok

A A Lembuswana

Six-legged, four-eyed wooly elephant like Pomokai Holoholona race who said to took part in the Battle of Mahakam River.

Known LembuswanaEdit

  • Phil

Pixie OwlsEdit

Chimeric Pomokai Holoholona race that have body of Hamsters but with the face, beak and wings of Owls. They come in many colors.

Known Pixie OwlsEdit

  • Jennifer the Witch's Pixie Owl


LWA Ragnarok OC O Connell the Jabberwocky


Human sized, frilled lizard-like Pomokai Holoholona race with slender body and draconic features. They have long necks, black scales, large wings, and whip-like long tail.

Known JabberwockyEdit

  • O' Connell


LWA Ragnarok Petsuchos


Reptilian Pomokai Holoholona race in form of two-tailed crocodile with crested head and a pair of energy-projecting horns. Their special ability to detect and hunt evil spirit made them favored by Wild Hunt participants.

Known PetsuchosEdit

  • Ammit the Petsuchos


Swamp-dwelling Pomokai Holoholona race who helps others to find their way after becoming a Lost Soul and being last race to be created by Yggdrasil. Bunyips were the first Pomokai Holoholona races to ever control their Lost Souls forms and have share necessary information to ease Pomokai Holoholona races trapped in their Lost Soul forms to witch community. They resemble a beaver with tusks on their lower jaw.

Notable BunyipsEdit

  • Ambrose the Wandering Bunyip

Panther EelsEdit

Pomokai Holoholona races that live in the Switzerland Alps. They have front of Panthers but lower half of Eels. They possess special ability to open Leylines.

Notable Panther EelsEdit

  • Bastien
  • Jonas

Black ShuckEdit

Labrador-like Pomokai Holoholona race who are able to turn into living shadows as well as manipulating shadows into weapon. Also known as shadow hounds.

Known Black ShucksEdit

  • Penny Galaxia

Known GumihoEdit

  • Amaterasu

Odin's WingsEdit

Pomokai Holoholona race in form of birds with traits of both ravens and hummingbirds. Legends that surrounding them stated that they have said to bring messages from the Gods. Today, they spent sending messages for Witches and others who are aware of their existence.

Known Odin's WingsEdit

  • Mrs. Yanson's Odin's Wing flock

Atmospheric BeastEdit

Heimdall AB LWA Ragnarok

Heimdall, one of Atmospheric Beast

Large Jellyfish-like Pomokai Holoholona races who used to lived in the skies, but now can only found at the area around Ley Line portal that led to Bifrost. They were once used by Witches as homes working akin to that of a clownfish and sea anemone. Their sightings led to the belief of Aliens or UFOs on Earth. According to Woodward, the Atmospheric Beast are prophecised to play an important role at some point in the future, which confirmed true as Heimdall, a member of this race, formed Yggdrasil Society to help prevent incident as worse as Hodag Holocaust and later, combat revived Nidhoggr during Second Ragnarok. Possesses extraordinary ability to manipulate matter with magic.

Further study on this bizzare Pomokai Holoholona race revealed that their jellyfish-like body actually not their physical form, but rather "shell" made of earthen matter that they form and manipulate from the inside like vehicle or armor. In fact, Atmospheric Beasts' true form is confirmed to be a white, soccer ball-sized spherical core covered by glowing fleshy tendrils. It's also clarified that witches who use Atmospheric Beasts as both familiar and home have them expanded their shells into hut-sized and have the said shell hollowed so they can use the hollowed interior of their said familiar's shell as home.

Notable Atmospheric BeastEdit

  • Heimdall
  • Maverick
  • Goose

Garuda DrakeEdit

A powerful Pomokai Holoholona race that bore characteristics of both Wyvern and eagle with powerful beaks and teeth. Known to aerial dive while enveloping themselves with a combustible energy.

Known Garuda DrakeEdit

  • Unnamed Garuda Drake who infused his essence on Shooting Star


A Gargbeast, a term used for quadrup Gargoyle. Unique winged Pomokai Holoholona race that can pose as stone gargoyles.

Known GargouilleEdit

  • Knoxx


Wolverine-like Pomokai Holoholona race strictly protected by witch community for tragic Lost Soul Pomokai Holoholona incidents: Many of them become victim of mass experimentation causes them to transform. Analysis shows that the experiment was involving fusion with several Pomokai Holoholona essences to resurrect Nidhoggr. Witches who involved in the mass experimentation was executed. Since then, such infamous event was remembered as Hodag Holocaust, and while Hodags now treated better by witch community, they now become symbol of anti-Pomokai Holoholona abuse. Croix would later steal the confiscated data from the Holocaust for her own plot before return to Luna Nova.

When Yggdrasil Society grows to fight for the rights of all familiars and Pomokai Holoholona across the world to prevent similar incident, many hodags join the group.

Known HodagEdit

  • Edgar

Amphitheatre PeacockEdit

Peacock-like Pomokai Holoholona race who consider themselves the Party Masters. They control birds to make fabulous festivals.

Known Amphitheatre PeacockEdit

  • Lyonna Rarity Wishmeyer Cavalier Dungan Lance 77


LWA Ragnarok Sarangay Final


Pomokai Holoholona race in form of chimera with the head of a Water Buffalo, the upper body of a Gorilla, the lower half of a Steed and spike-like protrusions along the length of their functional twin lizard-like tails. Their clubs holds a powerful Sorceror Stone which they use to battle Lichesand Ghosts from the Great Exorcism. Favored by Wild Hunt Participants.

Notable SarangayEdit

  • Angelo
  • Omar
  • Jorge
  • Dante
  • Gibson


One of Pomokai Holoholona race that inspired Japanese legend, this creature brought untold terror amongst the populace. Although the Japanese only saw its Lost Soul form, the Nue's natural form was actually more like Tasmanian Tiger with monkey head, yellow arms and legs with black stripes, and snake-like tail.


Heiðrún are goat-like Pomokai Holoholona race who were even pets to Celestials, much to other Pomokai Holoholona races' chagrin because they were actually lazy and slothful creatures in spite serving as proof of friendship between Nine Olde Witches and Celestials. They produced a tasty wine. As with Jambavans and Atmospheric Beasts, Croix found them near Ley Line portal that led to Bifrost.

Slug HoundsEdit

LWA Ragnarok Slughound

Slug Hound

Slug Hounds are Pomokai Holoholona race that resembles slug-like creatures. They are bigger than their smaller counterparts and are the size of a bloodhound as well as dog like personality. They were the inspiration to the Minhocao. The Slug Hounds produces a slime that could be used for a variety of purposes. The slime can act as a super nutrient for the trees or it could be used to make high quality potions. Long ago, a rogue band of Witches took the Slug Hounds and abused them leading to a mass extinction. This act was what prompted the Land Squids to break away from Witches during Middle Ages. Even so, there are rumors of survivors of these creatures found a safehaven in uncharted lands, which confirmed by Croix who spent month looking for them at uncharted forest at Black Forest. They ultimately saved from extinction thanks to Yggdrasil Society's efforts.


Pomokai Holoholona race in form of winged deer. Also known as the Swan Deer. It was revealed that Diana actually wanted one as her familiar when she was young before settled with Pongo instead.

Myrmidon AntEdit

Ant-like Pomokai Holoholona race that also known as The Assassin Ants. In truth, the Witch commands one Mymidons who are the Queens. Myrmidons create soldiers from their magical storage. Depending how much they have, it could range from a couple to an entire army. Due to its ability to amass an army, witches only allowed to made contract with them for security reasons.

Masked AviansEdit

Humanoid bird-like Pomokai Holoholona known as the Protectors of Hallow's Eve. While having avian features, masked avians's upper body had more humanoid body plan and had two pair of black wings, with lower pair are smaller and had 3 digit claws with opposable thumbs. They can also stand upright like humans do. Their head also protected by retracable chitinous mask around their head inspired the image for faces of Jack-o-lantern. The retractable mask, combined with their habit in wrapping their large wings around their body and standing upright gave them appearance of large masked man with coat. In contrast of their imposing appearance, they are shy creatures who love to communicate with their mask on.

Dragon Line Pomokai Holoholonas=Edit

A unique variant of Pomokai Holoholona associated with Order of Kitsune. This variant came to being as unintended result of purification on a piece of Nidhoggr's essence by elite onmyojis at Japan during the end of the First Ragnarok: When Nine Olde Witches attempted to purify corruption Nidhoggr left behind with power of both Shiny Rod and Yggdrasil's remaining magic, they only able to purify most pieces of the cosmic serpent's scattered flesh while leaving the rest to deteriorate on its own. One of Nidhoggr pieces that escaped the reach of purification ritual somehow washed to Japan shoreline and attracted the attention of newly founded Order of Kitsune (which at that time known as Kitsune Clan). Aware with potential danger it posed to everyone, The Order ordered their best onmyojis to carefully bring it to one of their temples to purify it with magic from their Dragon Lines. To their surprise however, combined energy from Dragon Lines and the piece of cosmic serpent's corruption creates a new lifeform the Ancient One (one of founders of The Order) noted to be similar with ones created by Nine Olde Witches, and thus he christened as Dragon Line Pomokai Holoholonas. Holbrooke speculates this phenomenon as one of reasons why witches in the past attracted to the land of rising sun in the first place.

The major difference between Dragon Line Pomokai Holoholonas and regular Pomokai Holoholonas aside magical composition is two aspects of their physiology due to the former created with onmyodou and Dragon Lines magic: First of all, Dragon Line Pomokai Holoholonas possess a pair of Radiant Repulsors, foldable bird wing-like organs that generates magic energy propulsion which provide the ability to fly instead of Balai Repulsors, but as powerful as the latter. Also, instead of Shiny Ball, Dragon Line Pomokai Holoholona possess comparable ability called Radiant Ball. The last, but not least, they lacked their counterpart's ability to enter coma-like state to hasten regeneration process.

Koinu is only race of this variant Pomokai Holoholona, making them unique lifeform.


Dragon Line Pomokai Holoholona race that resembles Akita dog with long swiping tail and visible Radiant Repulsors.

Known Koinu:

  • Amaterasu