Pomokai Holoholonas are collective of seven races of plant-based magical lifeforms featured in Little Witch Academia: Witches of Midgard.

Description and CharacteristicsEdit

Pomokai Holoholonas came to existence when Nine Olde Witches channeled magic of Yggdrasil to purify both remains and black magic of the deceased Great Lindworm in the aftermath of Ragnarok. The process allow the legendary beast's tortured spirit to be reincarnated into a mortal being that would be born in the distant future at Midgard and an unforeseen miracle: The combined black magic of Great Lindworm and Yggdrasil's magic created a thick lush forest around the legendary serpent's body, from which it spawned several plant-like creatures comprised of seven races that became collectively known Pomokai Holoholonas. Each races of these creatures then named by Nine Olde Witches after mythological animals in Norse mythology.

While they outwardly bear resemblance to animals in varying degree, Pomokai Holoholonas' anthropomorpic features and plant-like traits such as presence of moss/foliage, bark-like texture on skin, and absence of skeletal frame betray their true nature. Common traits that they possess are presence of moss/foliage, bark-like texture on the exposed skin, absense of skeletal frames, glowing green eyes with black sclerae, presence of yellow four pointed, star-like crest resembling that of Arcas' on nasal bridge, and teeth comprised of wooden structure. Whereas star-like crest on Arcas merely for display, Pomokai Holoholonas' acted as conductor of their magic to project spells and center of their nervous system: Attacking the said organ will instantly disorient them inside out to the point of severely weakened or unconscious. Their blood, which Akko described as sap-like liquid, highly potent at growing simple plant-life such as grass and small flowers.

In spite of possessing digestive systems and thus able to gain sustenance from eating, Pomokai Holoholonas can survive simply with light and water thanks to their plant-like physiology. While Pomokai Holoholonas are agender entities, they usually referred to as "he" or "she" depending on the tone of their voice. For instance, Asger is referred as he due to his deep male voice.

Pomokai Holoholonas are intelligent creatures, capable in verbally communicating with other sapient beings like humans and forming their own society. It was suggested that they originally led a tribal life before their coexistence with Thapoli allow them to develop further to the point of capable in forming an organization such as Sword of Laeradr. Through members of Wrath of Thor, Pomokai Holoholonas originally pacifist and not fully understood the concept of violence and fighting until Thapoli-Naglfar War.

Each of Pomokai Holoholonas has their own unique abilities, but they all share the same attributes: they have massive quantities of magic power greater than any witches or wizards possess and fraction of both Claiomh Solais (also known as Shiny Rod)'s powers and Seven Words of Arcturus:

  • Shiny Arc Bomb: Shiny Arc Bomb is the ultimate technique of Pomokai Holoholonas derived from Shiny Rod's Shiny Arc ability and First Word. Shiny Arc Bomb is created by focusing and compressing large amount of magic energy in front of user's snout, shape it into green and yellow projectile resembling an arrowhead before fired to the target. Alternatively, it can also be fired in form of concentrated beam that can obliterate anything it touches or opening a portal to Ley Lines.
  • Tail Shockwave: With a single swipe of their tail (s), a Pomokai Holoholona can unleash a powerful, destructive magical shockwave that wipe out vast areas in front of them. This ability arguably derived from both Second Word and Shiny Rod's Shiny Ax ability.
  • Balai Repulsors: All Pomokai Holoholonas possess a pair or two hollowed tube-like protursions on either shoulder blades or hip area that release jet of magical energy with propulsive force strong enough to allow either flight or enhancing their mobility. This ability is derived from supersonic flight ability from Shiny Rod's Shiny Balai form and Fifth Word.
  • Healing: Pomokai Holoholonas possesses powerful healing ability derived from power of Sixth Word. They can form glowing yellow tendrils that can revitalize and heal any living beings they touch and restore them to full health.

Like some plants, Pomokai Holoholonas breed asexually by releasing spores once every 20 years. During that period, they would instinctively go for nearby fertile soil which has enough nutrients for their spores to grow into a batch of few to many pods. After around few months, the pods hatched into young Pomokai Holoholonas.

When a Pomokai Holoholona dies, magic within his/her body will form a thick lush of small forest and within that forest will be a canopy of wood that formed around his/her grave, reminiscent to a tree that will grow around the grave of a deceased powerful witch manifested from power she had in life. According to Diana, this is the proof of them being part Yggdrasil and difference in amount of power they have compared to witches in general.

Berserk FormEdit

As Pomokai Holoholona's very being also created from Great Lindworm's dangerous black magic, Pomokai Holoholona's magic became tied to their emotions that they must always maintain mental/emotional balance or succumbed to their own darkness. If they ever overwhelmed by negative emotions such as rage and/or sorrow, a Pomokai Holoholona would undergo violent metamorphosis into a monstrous beast. Their skin ruptures under the force of their Berserker Form, releasing energy shockwave and splattering blood all around. Blinded by hate and rage, they would lost all sense of self and destroy everything on sight.

Nine Olde Witches, the ones who responsible for their creation, aware with danger Pomokai Holoholonas pose should they succumbed to their inner darkness. In fact, yellow star-like crest on their nasal bridge was designed by Beatrix Cavendish as failsafe feature to undo their transformation. The crest must be struck with great force in order to reverse and/or prevent a Pomokai Holoholona from fully transformed. This must be done correctly and quickly, as their Berserker Form would take its toll on their health.

List of Pomokai HoloholonasEdit


Ratatoskr LWA WoM

A Ratatoskr

Cat-sized Pomokai Holoholona race that resembles a squirrel. They have light green moss as fur with brown underbelly, a pair of dark green stripes across the long, swiping tail; armored shoulder, arms, and lower legs; green eyes with black sclerae, black nose, and yellow four-pointed, star-like magic organ on the nose bridge area.

They are named after mythological squirrel of the same name from Norse mythology.

Geri FrekiEdit

Geri Freki LWA WoM

Geri Freki

Geri Freki is Pomokai Holoholona race that both around same size and resemble wolf. They have dark green body covered by moss with brown underbelly, armored lower legs, sharp paws, and jagged mouth. They also have light green eyes with black sclerae, black nose, two swiping tails, and a pair of balai repulsors on the back.

Geri Freki is named after two wolf companions of Odin.


Eikthyrnir LWA WoM


Eikthyrnir is deer-like Pomokai Holoholona race with emerald body and head covered by moss, light green foliage-like mane, brown antlers, light green eyes with black sclera, black nose, armored forelegs and lower rear legs, a pair of balai repulsors on the hip area, and three long, reptilian brown tail covered by brown bark.

They are named after mythological deer in Norse mythology.

Huginn MuninnEdit

Huginn Muninn LWA WoM

Huginn Muninn

Crow-like Pomokai Holoholona race with brown beak, armored lower legs, balai repulsors on the back, feather-like moss all over its body which also makes up the wings, three-digit claws complete with opposable thumb, and four whip-like prehensile tails that glow in bright shade of green. In spite of both resemble and around same sive with ravens, they have surprisingly strong grip.

They are named after two raven companions of Odin.


LWA WoM Slidrugtanni


Slidrugtanni is Pomokai Holoholona race that resemble boar. Their whole head, with exception of lower jaw, protected by armor layer with bark-like texture with a pair of tusk-like growth on the upper jaw. Their body is light green covered by moss with lower legs covered by bark-like exoskeleton and have five long, brown whip-like tails to interact and manipulate objects like hands. Like other Pomokai Holoholonas, they have a pair of balai repulsors which located on the shoulder blade area.

They are named after a boar in Norse mythology which also known as Gullinbursti .


LWA WoM Heidrun


Heidrun is Pomokai Holoholona race that resemble a goat. They have four brown horns akin to Jacob sheep, brown armor plates across the nape, dark green body covered by moss, and armored lower legs. As with Slidrugtanni, they have long, prehensile brown tails which around six instead of five.

They are named after mythological goat in Norse mythology.


Vedrvolnir Seven Tail LWA WoM


Eagle-like Pomokai Holoholona race with brown beak that has a four pointed star-like crest on it, armored lower legs, balai repulsors on the back, feather-like moss all over its body which also makes up the wings, three-digit claws complete with opposable thumb, and seven whip-like prehensile tails that glow in bright shade of green instead of a normal feathered tail. Alongside Huginn Muninns, Vedrvolnirs are Pomokai Holoholona race that can fly.

They are named after hawk who perched on top of giant eagle who constantly mocked dragon Nidhogg from the top of Yggdrasil.