Pomokai Holoholona refers to seven races of anthropomorphic living forms of magic featured in Little Witch Academia: Witches of Midgard. Resembling cross between plants and animals, they are created by Nine Olde Witches out of combined magic of Great Lindworm and Yggdrasil.

Description and CharacteristicsEdit

All Pomokai Holoholonas in Witches of Midgard are originally magic of Great Lindworm which was purified and combined with that of Yggdrasil by Nine Olde Witches by the power of Shiny Rod aka. Claiomh Solais. Following Loki's defeat at hands of combined effort of Heimdall and Great Lindworm at the cost of their lives, the latter's inherent black magic threatened to ravage the world upon its death. To prevent this, and also to help the legendary serpent regain the peace it lost because Loki's control over it, Woodward and Beatrix, with help of their fellow Nine Olde Witches, utilized the power of both Yggdrasil and Shiny Rod to both reincarnate its spirit and purify black magic inside it. To their surprise, the latter caused purified magic within the beast's lifeless husk combined with that of Yggdrasil, giving birth to unique magical creatures that came to known as Pomokai Holoholonas.

Pomokai Holoholonas' physiology possess characteristics of both plant and animal life due to their ties with Yggdrasil. Instead of scales, feathers, or fur, their outer skin is covered by either tree bark, foliage, or moss which share same functions. They also lacked bones, but compensated this by having bodily tissue that can become as hard as bone which also contributes their durability. While some have jagged mouth reminiscing to fangs, all Pomokai Holoholonas possess true set of teeth made of wooden structure. Even so, Pomokai Holoholonas also possesses digestive system, reproductive systems, and respiratory system animals its physiology resemble of.

Generic Abilities and AttributesEdit

  • Shiny Arc Bomb: Shiny Arc Bomb, better known as Shiny Ball, is the ultimate technique of Pomokai Holoholonas derived from Shiny Rod's Shiny Arc ability. Shiny Ball is created by focusing and compressing large amount of magic energy in front of user's snout, shape it into green and yellow sphere before fired to the target.
  • Balai Repulsors: All Pomokai Holoholonas possess a pair or two hollowed tube-like protursions on either shoulder blades or hip area that release jet of magical energy with propulsive force strong enough to allow either flight or enhancing their mobility. This trait derived from supersonic flight ability from Shiny Rod's Shiny Balai form.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Pomokai Holoholonas can heal and regenerate all physical and mental harm to themselves very quickly, even able to regrow lost limbs.
    • Regenerative Inducement: Pomokai Holoholonas can project energy tendrils that can heal any living being they touch. This ability proved to be potent enough to outright reviving a recently deceased human and restored their bodies at the same time.
  • Anthropomorphic Physiology: All Pomokai Holoholonas possess anthropomorphic features, ranging from simply able to speak with human language or possessing primate/humanoid features like having opposable thumbs.
  • Plant Mimicry: All Pomokai Holoholonas have biological characteristics of plants and even able to transform between their natural form and tree form at will.

Black BeastEdit

Due to being balanced magic of Yggdrasil and Great Lindworm given physical form, Pomokai Holoholonas possesses tremendous magic power, moreso than even Nine Olde Witches that they can use magic where magic not present. However, this cursed them to always maintain mental/emotional balance or succumb to their own darkness. Black magic they inherited from Great Lindworm responsive to their negative emotions that should they overwhelmed by rage and sorrow, it will painfully corrupt them from inside out and turned them into monstrous beast coated with shadowy aura. During the intermission and metamorphosis, the Pomokai Holoholona's body begins to crack and simultaneously generates black flames. Blinded by hate and rage, they would lost all sense of self and destroy everything on sight.

Nine Olde Witches, the ones who responsible for their creation, aware with danger Pomokai Holoholonas pose should they succumbed to their inner darkness. In fact, Beatrix Cavendish have designed a failsafe feature in form of four-pointed yellow star-like crest on their face. The crest is a special organ that needs to be struck with great force in order to force a Pomokai Holoholona who either partially or fully transformed into Black Beast form to revert to normal. This must be done correctly and quickly, as leaving them in such transformed state for too long will severely injure or killing them, as black magic that overwhelmed them also corroded their body.

List of Pomokai HoloholonasEdit


Ratatoskr LWA WoM

A Ratatoskr

Cat-sized Pomokai Holoholona race that resembles a squirrel. They have light green moss as fur with brown underbelly, a pair of dark green stripes across the long, swiping tail; armored shoulder, arms, and lower legs; green eyes with black sclerae, black nose, and yellow four-pointed, star-like magic organ on the nose bridge area. The males of this race have jagged lips reminiscent of fangs, but either genders have true set of squirrel-like teeth made of wooden structure.

Geri FrekiEdit

Geri Freki LWA WoM

Geri Freki

Geri Freki is Pomokai Holoholona race that both around same size and resemble wolf. They have dark green body covered by moss with brown underbelly, armored lower legs, sharp paws, and jagged mouth. They also have light green eyes with black sclerae, black nose, two swiping tails, and a pair of balai repulsors on the back.

Geri Freki is named after two wolf companions of Odin.


Eikthyrnir LWA WoM


Eikthyrnir is deer-like Pomokai Holoholona race with emerald body and head covered by moss, light green foliage-like mane, brown antlers, light green eyes with black sclera, black nose, armored forelegs and lower rear legs, a pair of balai repulsors on the hip area, and three long, reptilian brown tail covered by brown bark.

Huginn MuninnEdit

Huginn Muninn LWA WoM

Huginn Muninn

Crow-like Pomokai Holoholona race with brown beak, armored lower legs, balai repulsors on the back, feather-like moss all over its body which also makes up the wings, three-digit claws complete with opposable thumb, and four whip-like prehensile tails that glow in bright shade of green. In spite of both resemble and around same sive with ravens, they have surprisingly strong grip.

They are named after two raven companions of Odin.


LWA WoM Slidrugtanni


Slidrugtanni is Pomokai Holoholona race that resemble boar. Their whole head, with exception of lower jaw, protected by armor layer with bark-like texture with a pair of tusk-like growth on the upper jaw. Their body is light green covered by moss with lower legs covered by bark-like exoskeleton and have five long, brown whip-like tails to interact and manipulate objects like hands. Like other Pomokai Holoholonas, they have a pair of balai repulsors which located on the shoulder blade area.


LWA WoM Heidrun


Heidrun is Pomokai Holoholona race that resemble a goat. They have four brown horns akin to Jacob sheep, brown armor plates across the nape, dark green body covered by moss, and armored lower legs. As with Slidrugtanni, they have long, prehensile brown tails which around six instead of five.


Vedrvolnir Seven Tail LWA WoM


Eagle-like Pomokai Holoholona race with brown beak that has a four pointed star-like crest on it, armored lower legs, balai repulsors on the back, feather-like moss all over its body which also makes up the wings, three-digit claws complete with opposable thumb, and seven whip-like prehensile tails that glow in bright shade of green instead of a normal feathered tail. Alongside Huginn Muninns, Vedrvolnirs are Pomokai Holoholona race that can fly.