Raider Armor
Raider transform trinket LWA WoM
Raider Band, Raider Armors's vital part and transformation trinket.
Known Users

Raider Armor refers to magical suits of armor designed to be enhanced combat equipments for magic users, be it wizards, witches, or magical creatures. It is mass-produced armor designed with similar purpose to Valkyrie Armors; to make magic users more formidable in combating powerful adversaries such as Jotnars. This type of magical armor prominently utilized by Sword of Laeradr members.

Description & CharacteristicsEdit

Raider Armors are magical suits of armor which, alongside Valkyrie Armors, created as enhanced combat equipment for magic users to better combating powerful enemies. In contrast to the latter which exclusively created for witches, Raider Armor also designed for wizards and sentient magical creatures such as Pomokai Holoholonas. They basically themed after Vikings, though it is shown each users customized their armor's appearance into their liking.

Raider Armor's system is outright different compared to its stronger counterpart Valkyrie Armor, as the armor primarily comprised of Construct Ribbons instead of Solais Metal, which stored in the spool attached on the armor's vital part and transformation trinket, Raider Band. Raider Band is a metallic, magical arm band with a clasp which if pressed, would release the ribbons that proceed to wrapped themselves around wearer's body and magically assembled into suit of armor in the matter of seconds. Like Valkyrie Armor, it has basic ability to magically enhance the wearer's strength, speed, and power to superhuman level albeit pale in comparison. Even so, Raider Armors still effective in its own right, as it doesn't have a two minute time limit for combat and being made of versatile construct ribbons, can be customized by the wearer to make it more effective. For instance, Asger's Raider Armor has undergo extensive customization into Caerbannog Armor for stealth combat, giving it ability to virtually invisible at will. Since there are no rules over customizing the armor's appearance and ability, Raider Armor users can freely customizing their armor as much as they please.

In spite of possessing greater advantage than Valkyrie Armor when it comes to the length of use, Raider Armor has some limitations: Because the armor composed of Construct Ribbons, Raider Armor cannot be repaired in conventional manner like other magical armors such as Valkyrie Armors do. As such, the only way to fix damaged parts of Raider Armor is by dispersing it back into construct ribbons and then forming the armor a new. However, repeated dispersing and forming of the armor would gradually worn out its ribbons until the formed armor become brittle and easily fall apart, especially if used ribbons being repeatedly exposed to damage. Because or it, it's advised to bring spare construct ribbons to replaced worn out ones and using the armor sparingly

Variant Description
Barding Armor Biri Biri WoM Caerbannog Armor

See: Caerbannog Armor

Caerbannog Armor is an extensively modified Raider armor belonged to Asger and specifically designed for stealth combat.

Harr Armor LWA WoM Harr's Raider Armor

Designed for enhanced aerial combat, the armor enable Harr to perform supersonic flight, enable him to swiftly swoop down towards his enemies from above and evading attacks.

Jalk armor LWA WoM Jalk's Raider Armor

Jalk's Raider Armor possesses highly fortified armor which not only make him less suspectible to attacks, but also enhances his strength and durability which enable him to ram and trample enemies easily. However, the armor's weight give him disadvantage against fast-moving opponents.

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