LWA Ragnarok OC Reaper Volkar
Another succesful clone of Biri Biri like Trechres. He is far stronger than Trechres and more deadlier, and due to Hel's modifications against Haggar's consent, he developed his intelligence faster than Trechres was. Just as Hel ended her partnership with Croix, Reaper Volkar revealed his true colors by siding with Hel as they resurrected Nidhoggr. Reaper Volkar is finally destroyed by combined forces of Biri Biri and Trechres.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Unlike Trechres who feral and aggressive but had developed compassion to others that made him an anti-villain among Naglfar members after Mutate incident, Reaper Volkar is cunning, manipulative, arrogant, and pure evil, much like Hel who turned him that way.