Shiny Ray is the fourth and final part of Little Witch Academia Tetralogy: Ragnarok.


Despite Nine Realms saved from Nidhoggr's wrath, there are still some loose ends. Chariot learned from Croix that Second Ragnarok might yet from over: The former Naglfar leader revealed the existence of Fenris Valkyrie, legendary fallen Valkyrie blessed by the wolf god Fenrir who prophesied to return upon the Second Ragnarok to finish what both Naglfar and Acolytes of Nidhoggr started and worried that she had made her move. Simultaneously, Akko is plagued by a nightmare where she surrounded by a group of undead witches led by a monstrous six-winged dark Valkyrie.

What Croix feared eventually come true when Fenris Valkyrie made her existence known to Akko and co. by attacking them during their summer holiday at Chariot's cabin in Norway. Not only that, Fenris Valkyrie schemed to summon progenies of Nidhoggr from Niflheim so she can harness their powers to conquer Midgard. It's up to Akko and her fellow Witches of Midgard to save the world once again...

List of ChaptersEdit

No. Chapter Summary
0 Big Dipper (chapter) TBA
1 Wolf Girl (LWA Ragnarok) Akko, Ursula, Newt, Nelson, and Biri Biri receive a letter from convicted Croix who asked them to visit her at the prison to discuss about the last part of prophecy of Second Ragnarok they yet to be solved. Upon arriving at Ouroboros Correctional Facility where Croix being kept at however, the prison unexpectedly attacked by an army of clockwork monsters summoned by mysterious hooded witch who after Croix for her past involvement with Naglfar. To make matter worse, the hooded witch also took control over Croix's confiscated magitronic cubes to deter everyone's effort to regain control over the prison. She attempted to sway Croix to her side, only for former Naglfar agent rejected her due to her experience with Hel just as Akko and co. come for her rescue. The hooded witch attempted to fatally suck Akko's magic, but fails due to Akko's Primordial Magic counters by severely injured her and severely crippled her magic-absorbing ability in process. Akko retaliates by attacking the hooded witch, but to everyone' shock, the witch revealed to be a young woman who bear resemblance to Ursula. A fierce battle between Akko and co. and their mysterious adversary ensues with the witch unveils her tainted, wolf-themed Valkyrie Armor. The duel went stalemate until the rogue Valkyrie decided to retreat before reinforcements from Thapoli arrives, summoned by a mysterious entity...
2 Fang of Fenris (chapter) In the aftermath of the attack on Ouroboros Prison, Nelson is summoned back to Luna Nova while Croix entrusted her journal to Ursula before relocated to more secure prison at Thapoli. The journal revealed that during the conflict between Witch Community and Acolytes of Nidhoggr, Fenrir had formed a coven of evil witches called Fang of Fenris to aid the Acolytes, but were defeated and subsequently imprisoned following the First Siege of Thapoli. Even so, the coven was prophesied to return upon Second Ragnarok. The coven's acting leader was legendary Fenris Valkyrie, fallen Valkyrie blessed by Fenris' dark powers. As Akko and co. discussing their findings in the journal, Gran Gran's medical equipment detects foreign magic inside Akko— It's revealed that Akko's Primordial Avatar Veth absorbed portion of magic from various Pomokai Holoholonas Akko met since The Terra Supan Nova Gala event through her host without everyone's knowledge so they will come in handy in Akko's direst situations, but had no chance to reveal it due to her and Akko had to destroy Nidhoggr as soon as they reunited. Knowing the absorbed magic will useful against their new adversary, Biri Biri proposed to create a special device for Akko to house and properly use is in the next confrontation.
3 Return of the Wolf God On the same day Akko, Ursula, Newt, Nelson, and Biri Biri confronting Fenris Valkyrie, Diana, alongside Sucy, Jian, Constanze, Rico, Lotte, and Yondu are sent to investigate sudden appearance of a bifrost portal at western part of Soroya Island, Norway. There, they found a badly injured celestial named Vidarr who, upon recognizing the girls as young witches who saved Midgard from Nidhoggr months prior, revealed to them that Fenrir is still alive and looking for his followers, Fang of Fenris. Fang of Fenris are coven of evil witches and rogue Valkyries who sought to aid Acolytes of Nidhoggr in the past, but all of them were dispatched by Thapolian Valkyries with their leader, Fenris Valkyrie, imprisoned somewhere in Soroya for decades until someone accidently released her. The Aesir further explained why Fenrir and his siblings Hel and Jormungand schemed to resurrect Nidhoggr in the first place: They intended to use the cosmic serpent's power to free their father, fallen god Loki, who imprisoned somewhere in Midgard by his brethren for rebelling against Asgardians. In his last moments, Vidarr revealed to the witches that Fenrir had discovered another way to free Loki and entrusted his runic sword to Diana before asked them to find Fenrir and stop him before passing away. Leaving the bifrost site, Diana and co. meet Biri Biri along the way who revealed that Akko and Ursula left for the residence of Ursula's acquaintance at Arnoya island.
4 Family Matters Part 1 As Biri Biri and Veth begin to work on Poho Accelerator, Akko, Ursula, Newt, Nelson, and Gran Gran discussing their findings in Croix's Journal. The journal reveals that during her time with Naglfar, Croix once looking for Fenris Valkyrie Armor, legendary dark Valkyrie Armor said to possess immense magical power which so great that its user can challenge bearers of Primordial Magic and Legendary Valkyries. However, upon learning the price for acquiring such dark power, Croix chose not to look for the armor anymore and settled with Shadow Valkyrie Armor she found instead. The journal also revealed the hint of the dark armor's owner (the ominous fallen valkyrie Akko and co. confronted at Ouroboros Correctional Facility earlier) being Ursula's ancestor, prompting Ursula to contact her relatives who led her to Kaija, lone elderly birfrost bear who lived hermit life at Arnoya Island.
5 Hyndla (chapter) Arriving at the island, Akko and Ursula meet Kaija who reluctantly revealed to them the existence of Hyndla du Nord, her former mistress and twin sister of Ursula's great-great grandmother who turned evil and commit a crime so horrible that her family deliberately erased her name from history books. Kaija explained to them hers and Hyndla's backstory: Long ago, Hyndla was an energetic witch who chosen to become next Shadow Valkyrie. She worked hard to prove herself worthy for the title and supported by two persons she cared most; young Kaija who appointed by the queen of Thapoli as her familiar and guide, and Thora, a young witch-in training and Hyndla's apprentice who she cherished like a daughter. One day, a lone titan attacked their home village and Hyndla managed to drove the beast away, awakening her full potential in process. Hyndla believes that with her full potential awakened, she will immediately gain the title only for Kaija stated that it is not enough. Unsatisfied, Hyndla, upon hearing the titan come to attack again, decided to hunt the monster before he could cause more damage and this time, taking Shadow Valkyrie Armor with her against Kaija's wishes. With the armor, Hyndla easily defeated the monster and even able to access both Version II and High Valkyrie form of the armor at once, but the excessive use of the armor's powers caused one of the buildings to collapse and buried Thora alive in process. As Hyndla realized her mistake and devastated with death of her precious apprentice, Kaija, outraged by damage her master caused, call her out instead of comforting her and drove her away. As result, Hyndla, consumed by rage and grief, turned against her fellow Legendary Valkyries which led to her losing the armor and in her dying moments, made a pact with Fenrir where the wolf god turned her into Fenris Valkyrie. Reborn as a cursed monster, she joined forces with Acolytes of Nidhoggr by forming Fang of Fenrir in their campaign to revive Nidhoggr before eventually defeated and imprisoned by Thapoli. As result of her horrible crime and tragedy she unwittingly caused, du Nord family have Thapoli erased her name from history documents out of shame. Just as Kaija concludes her story, the bifrost bear sensed her former master come for her and asked Akko and her mentor to leave as she deal her personally...
6 Family Matters Part 2 Kaija personally confronts Fenris Valkyrie where to the surprise of Akko and Ursula, calling the evil Valkyrie by her birth name, Hyndla du Nord, and tried to reason with her. Hyndla however, refuses and seemingly killed her former familiar in cold blood, provoking enraged Akko to injure her great-great grandmother. Hyndla retaliates by transforming into her Valkyrie form and creates a magical shockwave against the student and teacher. Though Akko survived thanks to Veth's quick action and Biri Biri's timed arrival, Hyndla took Ursula with her in confusion. Biri Biri revealed to Akko Fenrir and Hyndla's plan in summoning destroyer lindworms, progenies of Nidhoggr, to use their powers to release Loki. Join forces with Kaija (who revealed to survive the killing blow), Newt and Diana's team, Akko and co. managed to find Ursula and Hyndla near one of Nilfheimian Gates. Things came to a close when Akko, who transformed into her newfound Valkyrie form, Vermilion Valkyrie Beast, overpowers Fenris Valkyrie and scarred her face with

late Thora's dagger, shocking Hyndla long enough so Kaija sacrificed herself to defeat her former master, killing them both with Shiny Ball Suicide. However, Nilfheimian Gate near them bursts open and a giant lindworm come out of it, forcing the heroes to retreat.

7 Stamfar (chapter) TBA