Sword of Laeradr
Sword of Laeradr Banner
Sword of Laeradr's Banner.

Sword of Laeradr is an order of warriors comprised of Pomokai Holoholonas and longtime ally of Thapoli featured in Little Witch Academia: Witches of Midgard.

Description & CharacteristicsEdit

The order was formed through alliance of all 7 races of Pomokai Holoholonas who disgusted by Naglfar's violent campaign against them and humanity, especially when it became apparent that they aimed for destruction of everything their creators Nine Olde Witches stood for. Experts of guerilla tactics, they aided Thapoli in taking out Naglfar outposts through surprise attacks and espionage. Their appearance during the war was something Naglfar never predicted, as the evil sect only seeing Pomokai Holoholonas as mindless savages who cannot defend themselves. Alongside Valkyrie Corps., their merit as protectors became well-known throughout magic community.

Each members of Sword of Laeradr wears brown choker with yellow edge and a clasp with the order's insignia inscribed on it. Their ranks are divided with number of green diamonds emblazoned on their chokers. No Diamond are soldiers who makes up the bulk of the, whereas two diamonds are Chieftains, and three being Thane, and four being Jarls. They also don Raider Armors which ability and appearance customized based on their ability and display to induce psychological effect on their foes. Since Thapoli-Naglfar War, Sword of Laeradr built many hidden bases across Europe, with Wrath of Thor's new base located beneath the forest near Luna Nova to protect the school from threats.

Notable MembersEdit