Thapoli-Naglfar War is the war between isolationist witch nation of Thapoli and Naglfar that take place after Industrial Revolution at Norway mentioned in Little Witch Academia: Witches of Midgard. The war lasted for at least 200 years, started from the 18th Century (around the same year where Golden Age of Magic began) before finally ended in 20th Century (1930s).



Following Ragnarok and Loki's imprisonment, Nine Olde Witches and Thapoli helped humanity to recover and restore the land ravaged by the war. Though imprisoned, Loki, through his surviving child Hel and allies Surt, Skoll, Hati, and Hrimgandr, influenced many magic users and converted them to their cause. These magic users then formed Naglfar, a sect of magic users dedicated to release Loki from his imprisonment and ensuring Jötnar's domination over Midgard. They named their sect after Hel's shipwrecked warship which made from remains of the dead.

The BeginningsEdit

After amassing enough power, in 1700s, Naglfar launched an open attack on peaceful settlements of both humans and Pomokai Holoholonas at Norway in order to declare war on those who followed the ways of Nine Olde Witches. The reason why Naglfar also attacked Pomokai Holoholonas was because they condemned their existence as affront to Jötnar for they were originated from Great Lindworm, one of beings who responsible for Loki's downfall in Ragnarok. Naglfar was confident that they can undo everything Nine Olde Witches built for humanity and their enemies were helpless to stop them. However, once the war begins, they proved to be wrong.

Unknown to Naglfar, experiments conducted by best witch-blacksmiths of Thapoli on a magical alloy called Solais Metal has given the rise of a group of elite witch-warriors called Valkyrie Corps. The corps, alongside their wizard counterparts Einherjar Corps, launched an assault on Naglfar outposts starting at Hoddmimi's Holt, the homeland of Pomokai Holoholonas. Thapolian forces however, met an obstacle in form of civil war among Pomokai Holoholona tribes- Naglfar forces that occupied the land had either destroyed or taken away the local tribes' food supplies to ensure a fight among them and worse, forcing them to raid neighboring human settlements just to survive. Fortunately, they met unlikely allies in form of seven young Pomokai Holoholonas who orphaned by Naglfar invasion, a group that would be known as the legendary Wrath of Thor.

The Battle of Hoddmimi's HoltEdit

Skirmish at Gardar the Terrible's OutpostEdit

The seven friends, German the Eikthyrnir, Asger the Ratatoskr, Jalk the Slidrugtanni, Fjolnir the Heidrun, Pongo the Geri Freki, Thekk the Huginn Muninn, and Harr the Vedrvolnir, barely remember which tribe they came from, for their home had been burned to the ground, forcing them to fend on themselves. Dismayed to see other members of their once peaceful kind reduced into savages, and knowing that Naglfar was responsible for their suffering, decided to descend from the mountain to do something about it.

Aiming to unite all Pomokai Holoholonas against their common enemy, Harr and his companions begin their quest by invading an outpost belonged to Gardar the Terrible, a ruthless Slidrugtanni who had pillaged countless villages. Using their wits alone, they even their odds against Gardar's men who guarding the outpost and finally confronting Gardar himself just as he and his followers about to feast on a large amount of food from their latest raids. Though surprised to see "a bunch of younglings" managed to break through his defenses, Gardar believed that they just lucky and ordered his men to kill them while he snuck away, only to be stopped by Jalk and Harr in a confrontation. The three battled, and Gardar eventually defeated, ending his reign of terror once and for all.

To the seven friends' delight, this heroic act not only earned them respect from Gardar's own followers who fed up with their leader's depraved ways, but also from a squadron of Thapolian solders led by the Valkyrie Thrasla who originally sent to stop Gardar. With their newfound allies, Harr and his companions continue stopping the infighting among Pomokai Holoholona tribes at Hoddmimi's Holt.

Punitive Expedition At MeinbalkrEdit

As they continue the fight to unite all Pomokai Holoholona tribes, Harr and his allies heard the news about a Huginn Muninn named Hagen the Dreaded who betrayed his own race for Naglfar by aiding the sect kidnapping young Pomokai Holoholonas and forced them to work as their slaves at his heavily guarded keep called Meinbalkr. To add insult to injury, Hagen turned out had the younglings mass-producing dangerous artifacts of forbidden magic which then given to warring Pomokai Holoholona tribes in hopes of them destroying themselves with those artifacts. Outraged, Harr and his friends set out to launch a punitive expedition on the prison. Thrasla offered to aid him and his friends attacking the fort and freeing the younglings, but the Vedrvolnir refused, stating that it was their kind's responsibility to do so. Nevertheless, Thrasla gave Harr Lightning Claws, a pair of enchanted battle claws specifically designed for the Vedrvolnir made of remains of Mjolnir, Thor's legendary hammer, special weapon that proved to be crucial for defeating Hagen.

Arriving at Meinbalkr, the seven friends saw the keep had been decorated with heads of multiple creatures on spikes, leading them suspecting that the heads might belonged to those who attempted to either escape the keep or recklessly attacking it from the outside. Brushing the grim sight aside, the group conducted the reconnaissance on the keep for weeks. After gathering enough intel, they launch a punitive assault on Meinbalkr from both inside and outside: Thekk and Harr would neutralize the sentries around the keep whereas Asger sabotaged every single one of traps and wards so they ended up harming the guards instead of intruders and prisoners as the rest waiting for Harr's signal. As they did, Harr summoned a ferocious thunderstorm around the keep to distract the guards with use of his new weapon. Once the three done enough damage within the prison, Harr signaled the rest of his comrades to overrun the keep by having Asger opened up the gate. Dispatching the remaining guards, the seven friends freed all prisoners and evacuated them to safety before eventually came face-to-face with Hagen who finally revealed himself.

Harr and his companions fought Hagen, but the rogue Huginn Muninn proved himself stronger than either of them imagined, as he transformed into a powerful monster enhanced by forbidden magic he learned from Naglfar. At that moment, Thekk realized that Hagen was drawing strength from four Helheimian Runestones placed around the keep, and they must be destroyed in order to defeat him. Upon informed about Hagen's source of powers, Harr summoned a lightning bolt to destroy the first one, angering the corrupted Huginn Muninn that he failed to realize his opponents' friends done the short work on two more of his Runestones; Asger, German, and Thekk destroyed the second one whereas Pongo, Jalk, and Fjolnir the third. Harr then destroyed the last runestone by blasted Hagen towards it with another lightning blast, killing him in process.

The words about the seven friends' deeds, including the successful punitive expedition at Meinbalkr, soon spread throughout the Hoddmimi's Holt, inspiring the rivaling Pomokai Holoholona tribes to look past their differences for the common good. They, along with Harr and his companions, formed Sword of Laeradr, an order of warriors exclusively comprised of Pomokai Holoholonas dedicated to protect Midgard from threats. Around this time, the seven friends decided to call themselves Wrath of Thor, inspired by the origin of the weapon wielded by Harr and its role in vanquishing Hagen the Dreaded.

Liberation of Mimir's TreeEdit

Mimir's Tree was a colossal tree that considered to be sacred by Pomokai Holoholonas, for it was the very place the first generations of their kind gathered by Nine Olde Witches as well as the same place that once a safehaven for first king and queen of Thapoli, Lifthrasir and Lif, during Ragnarok. However, following the occupation of Naglfar, the sacred tree was desecrated and became part of an ominous stronghold at which the evil sect producing weapons of war for their cause. As such, it was their duty to retake the iconic location of their homeland and why they now united under one banner.

Accompanied by the Thapolian wizard Farmatyr and Asger, Harr sabotaged the mechanism that controlling the gate, demolishing it and allow the allied forces of Thapoli and Sword of Laeradr to pour into Mimir's Tree. The three regroup with their comrades in time to see one of Naglfar's High Druids, Elder Erik, unleashed their insectoid beasts of war called Apollyons upon their enemies. Things looked dark, as many brave warriors from the allied forces fell. However, Wrath of Thor, the seven friends who had made it this far to liberate their home, refused to give up without a fight. Combining their magic, they turn the tables by magically bringing the trees around Mimir's Tree to life and had them decimating Apollyons and demolished the entire strongold, securing the allied forces' victory and restoring the sacred colossal tree.

The battle to free Hoddmimi's Holt from Naglfar's clutches, which culminated to liberation of Mimir's Tree, was the very historical event that led Wrath of Thor gain the recognition as heroes and eventually, legends in Thapoli and magic community. Even so, the battle to save Midgard was far from over, and they, Thapoli, and the rest of Sword of Laeradr must continue fighting until they defeated Naglfar and Jötnar.