Valkyrie Blades
Valkyrie Blade LWA WoM
Standard Appearance
Type: Magic Weapon

"The Valkyrie Blade is traditional weapon of members of Valkyrie Corps., invented through the study on the power of Claiomh Solais, or best known as Shiny Rod, conducted by Thapoli in ages past. Like Shiny Rod, the blade can channel magical energy to casts spells and transform into different weapons. When you use it, its magic reacts. Sometimes its powers weak on your hands, other times it much stronger that you can do anything with it. In other words, it all depends on strong feelings of your heart"

Newt about Valkyrie Blades

Valkyrie Blades are weapons that predominantly used by Valkyrie Corps. featured in Little Witch Academia: Witches of Midgard.

Description & CharacteristicsEdit

Valkyrie Blade is a magical weapon fashioned from Solais Metal which, in normal conditions, takes form of ornate yellow and white spearhead-like throwing knife with a green orb embedded on it. In its activated form, which accessible by magically combine it with a wand via Weapon-Wand Fusion Spell, it resembles ornate, double-edged daggers which orb embedded on its pentagon-shaped guard. The active form of the Blade can transform into whatever weapon is thought of by the wielder in battle. The dormant and activated form of the Blade can be combined at the pommel.

According to Newt, Valkyrie Blades were invented from experiments conducted by witch-blacksmiths of Thapoli who attempted to replicate powers of Claiomh Solais aka. Shiny Rod. As such, the weapon shares similar abilities with the latter such as transforming into different weapons and being responsive to emotional and spiritual energy of its user. However, in contrast of Shiny Rod which transformations require conjuring one of Seven Words of Arcturus, Valkyrie Blades can be transformed by sheer focus and will of its user, a technique which very tricky to master as the user must form a clear mental image of desired form. Not only that, Valkyrie Blade's transformations solely focused to weapons forms. The Fire Valkyrie Akko stated that while surpised that she can recreate both Shiny Rod's bow form and great axe form out of her Valkyire Blade, she also dismayed that she can't change it into Shiny Balai. Another difference that set it apart with Shiny Rod is the blade's abilities which only accessible in its active form. While the weapon can be utilized for combat in its inactive form as demonstrated by Diana, this is not recommended due to its blade's relatively small size.

Valkyrie Blade also only weapon that can harm Jötnar, dragons, draugrs, and titans better than conventional weapons. Because the weapon primarily designed to be used by humans trained in magical arts like witches or Valkyries, normal humans can only use the blade as ordinary melee weapon.


Round Shield and BatonEdit

Primarily to block and intercept attacks. The Valkyrie Blade's shield form also possesses a detachable baton as which can form energy sword/spear as well as medium to cast spells. When multiple Valkyrie Round Shields raised together in shield formation , they can form extremely powerful force-field to block even stronger attacks.


For close range combat. The appearance of sword forms of a Valkyrie Blade ranges from small shortswords to large, bumper car-sized greatswords. This also include chainswords, a sword which blade separated into multiple segments connected by energy thread like a chain. Aside melee combat, the sword form can also cast spells like a wand and possesses special ability to project crescent-shaped, magical shockwave in one swing which firepower depends on amount of channeled magic power.

Twin BladeEdit

For close range combat. As the name implies, this form takes appearance of twin shortswords which combined at the pommel. The weapon form can be split into individual form for quick attacks. While possessing same abilities to sword form, the twin blade form requires two blades combined at the pommel and a wand to form as opposed of a wand and a single blade.


For extended melee combat. The appearance of polearm forms of a Valkyrie Blade encompasses spears, halberds, and glaives. Aside casting magic, the polearm form can also project crescent-shaped, magical shockwave similar to sword and twin blade form albeit in greater range.


For archery combat. The appearance of the bow form basically resembles Shiny Rod's Shiny Arc form, but can be customized by the user at will. This form also shares the latter's ability to conjure magic arrow out of thin air albeit pale in comparison, as its arrows cannot form Ley Line portals and its firepower depends on amount of channeled magic power. In spite of this, the formed arrows still destructive in its own right, as it can completely destroy a Mega Apollyon in one shot. The arrows can also be infused with spells to increase its effectivity, as demonstrated by Akko who turned several of Helviti's clockbeast into cartoonish-looking caterpillars with Metamorphosis Spell-infused arrows which then explode harmlessly into parts.


For melee combat. The appearance of the axe form ranges from small bearded axe to larger great axe which resembles Shiny Rod's Shiny Axe form. While the axe form can cast spells, the form is more emphasized for delivering destructive frontal attacks.