Valkyrie Corps., simply known as Valkyries, are specially trained witches who adept in martial and magical arts featured in Little Witch Academia: Witches of Midgard.



Valkyrie Corps. was founded by magic community, specifically Thapoli. Since immemorial, witches are taught to use their powers for the benefit of all mankind, which includes dealing magical threats. In ages past, the witches stood alone battling against such threats. However, there existed powerful and cunning adversaries that proved too much for witches to handle even with their vast arcane knowledge and skills such as Jötnar and dragons that feed on magic power. It was until Thapoli, kingdom founded by descendants and closest followers of Nine Olde Witches, developed an elite force for combating such dangerous threats. The end result was Valkyrie Corps., witch-warriors both named and themed after a host of female figures of the same name from Norse mythology.


The first considered candidates are young girls who born with magical inheritance as they more adapted in magical arts than first generation ones, but the selection process isn't exclusive to those from magical family; those who have natural magical talents are allowed (under the instructor's own discretion) to be trained as well. The selection process also includes having the candidate(s) touch a Valkyrie Armor in its dormant gauntlet form where its magic will determine whether she deemed worthy to wield its power. If the armor's magic accepted her, the candidate become the official heir of the armor and may start her training. However, it's also based on the decision of the candidate herself, as there are cases where a Valkyrie candidate became reluctant to follow the path of Valkyrie in spite of her promising potential and had a Valkyrie Armor chose her as its heir. If such circumstances occur, she may free to either pass her Valkyrie Armor to someone else under discretion of the Corps. or keep the armor with herself in case if she changed her mind. In either case, those who have established themselves within the corps are documented and archived with their personal information as well as their lineage to keep track of their activities.

Because Valkyrie's life is a high-risk occupation, normally only witches around at least 18 years old or older who allowed to become one. But in certain circumstances, younger witches can start her training much earlier under their instructor's discretion. For instance, Diana started her training when she still 14 under tutelage of her late mother Bernadette's friend Pongo due to promise Pongo made to Bernadette before latter's death. In case of Akko, Lotte, and Sucy on the other hand, they started their training when they still around 17 years old due to Naglfar aware with their role in restoring Yggdrasil as well as the fact that Akko being former bearer of Claiomh Solais and current heir of Kara armor which made them considered the three friends as threat to their sect.

Training to become a full-fledged Valkyrie follows the path of apprenticeship. The basics of the training involves mastery over Valkyrie Blade and Thapolian Martial Arts. Valkyrie Blades are special blades that can transform into different weapons at the user's will once combined with her wand. Mastery over the blade is very tricky as the user must have clear image of weapon she want her blade to transform into. Mastery over Thapolian Martial Arts on the other hand, is very essential because a Valkyrie must not always rely on her magic in combat situations.

Aside basic training, a Valkyrie trainee would occasionally join her mentor in live missions to allow her to get used to combat as well as hone in her skills. This is where the result of her basic training would be tested, as she must also figure means to survive with her own while her mentor is fighting; training fatalities are possible. Relative to the design of the armor she inherit, the Valkyrie learned and adapted a combat style relative to the equipment she posseses.

Valkyrie CodeEdit

  • A valkyrie may never use her Valkyrie powers for personal gain.
  • A valkyrie must never escalate a battle unless the enemy forces her.
  • A valkyrie must keep her identity a secret. Even so, she may allowed her must trustworty allies to know her identity if it deemed necessary, and both her and her allies had responsibility to carry such secret.


Valkyrie ArmorEdit

Special suit of armor forged for Valkyries to better combat dangerous enemies, particulary ones that too much for normal witches to handle.

Valkyrie BladeEdit

Magical daggers that can turn into weapons upon combined with wand and one of Valkyries' traditional arsenals.

Barrier PauldronEdit

Magical left pauldron that forms a yellow layer of magic energy which provide protection.

Magic WandEdit

As with other witches, Valkyrie utilizes wands to use magic and combat their enemies.

Flying BroomEdit

As with other witches, Valkyrie utilizes flying broom as means of transportation.


Valkyries can also use potions for combat or healing purposes.