Valkyrie Corps., simply known as Valkyries, are specially trained witches who adept in martial and magical arts featured in Little Witch Academia: Ragnarok Tetralogy.



Valkyries are a group of elite witches founded by Thapoli during the times of Nine Olde Witches. In the past, witches stood alone battling against various threats. Unfortunately, even though they are well adept in magic and arcane knowledge, witches proved less capable when it comes to physical combat and suffer major disadvantages should they deprived of their wands and other magical items. Facing such setbacks requires an elite force and Thapolian witches experimented with developing new art of combat and armored fighters as well as magical weapons that suit for them with Norse mythology as inspirations; earliest form of witch-warriors developed for that purpose was Berserker Witches (witch-warriors who armed with Berserker armor which give them extraordinary strength and durability at the cost of self-control), before they eventually settled with Valkyries for that purpose. Bezel stated that this development inspired wizard and sorcerers of Thapoli to develop similar magical warriors of their own, which led to creation of Einherjars and their clockwork boar-like steed.

While Valkyries proved to be very powerful and effective against adversaries that too much for regular witches to handle, not all Valkyries are created equal: There are six Valkyries who honored to wear the most powerful Valkyrie Armors forged by witch-blacksmiths of Thapoli— Legendary Valkyries of Arcturus. These Valkyries were formed by Beatrix Cavendish herself for a mission of grave importance: Aiding the next generation of witches and later, future bearer of Shiny Rod to prepare for Second Ragnarok. Each of these Valkyries held the power of six different elements enhanced by their respective armors: Light Valkyrie (light), Shadow Valkyrie (shadow), Vermilion Valkyrie (fire), Blue Valkyrie (ice), Yellow Valkyrie (wind), and Green Valkyrie (earth). Like other Valkyrie Armors, the ownership of their legendary armors usually passed down from mother-to-daughter or from master-to-apprentice.

Unfortunately, only recent generations of Legendary Valkyries of Arcturus who able to fulfilled their designated purpose in the end. First generations of Legendary Valkyries of Arcturus were rivals who reluctant to work together as the team they meant to be. Though Vermilion Valkyrie, Green Valkyrie, and Yellow Valkyrie at that time able to put aside their differences and become allies, rivalry between first Shiny Valkyrie and first Shadow Valkyrie only got worse and both eventually become bitter enemies. A similar rivalry also existed between first Vermilion Valkyrie and first Blue Valkyrie, but unlike the latter, both eventually able to worked together when the situation demanded it. The enmity between Legendary Valkyries of Arcturus got worse when the first Shadow Valkyrie developed the same enmity towards the rest of her fellow Legendary Valkyries of Arcturus where with Vermilion Valkyrie being the worst. This continues even after next generations, regardless whether they are either biologically related to their predecessors or being their apprentices. According to Ursula, this enmity ultimately culminated in an epic battle during the Golden Age of Magic: That era's generation of Shadow Valkyrie eventually struck down Shiny Valkyrie and ended her bloodline. She was about to finish her next rival, Vermilion Valkyrie, before unexpectedly stopped by Blue Valkyrie who come for the latter's rescue. In spite of their differences, Vermilion Valkyrie and Blue Valkyrie soon join forces against their common enemy. Yellow Valkyrie and Green Valkyrie soon join the fight, and ultimately, the four Legendary Valkyries managed to struck down Shadow Valkyrie. This victory however, not come without the cost, as Green Valkyrie and Yellow Valkyrie were killed and Shadow Valkyrie armor disappeared as result of the said battle.

After that battle, Blue Valkyrie intended to reform Legendary Valkyries of Arcturus in hopes of continuing what they had started with help of Kingdom of Thapoli and Vermilion Valkyrie. The endeavor however, only can be continued by the next generations due to various setbacks from both witches' rivalries with Order of Kitsune and the war against Acolytes of Nidhoggr. In fact, while Shiny Valkyrie Armor found itself a new generation and made its way to the hands of Ursula Callistis aka. Chariot du Nord, Green Valkyrie Armor and Yellow Valkyrie Armor had yet to find new successor due to Ragnhild was forced to hide them in the ocean so they won't fell into Haggar and her surviving minions' hands. Fortunately, both armors eventually made their way to the next bearers in form of best friends of present day Vermilion Valkyrie (Atsuko Kagari), Lotte Yanson and Sucy Manbavaran. However, the history of conflict between Shadow Valkyrie and her fellow Legendary Valkyries of Arcturus repeated itself in modern-day era: Not long after her fallout with Chariot and Flash as well as defecting from Thapoli, Croix Meridies unofficially become the current Shadow Valkyrie upon finding the missing armor and used it for her own sinister purposes which led to her conflict with other Legendary Valkyrie Armors' bearers. Fortunately, following Hel's betrayal and demise, Shadow Valkyrie, after seeing her errors, decided to join forces with her fellow Legendary Valkyries of Arcturus to fight and eventually vanquished Nidhoggr before entrusted the armor to Diana until it found the worthy successor. With this, the enmity between Legendary Valkyries of Arcturus comes to an end.


Training to become a Valkyrie is very tough, especially for a witch-in-training. The first phase involves intense training regimen, weapon mastery, and mastering Thapolian Martial Arts skills which involves mastering various forms of punches, kicks, grabs, and combination of all of them with acrobatic movements. The purpose of this phase not only to overcome disadvantages when deprived of wand/magical items during combat situations, but also to become stronger, faster, tougher and better tuned to various types of physical sports than average humans. Not only that, this phase also allow a Valkyrie to perform superhuman feats (running on the walls, leaping farther than normal humans, etc.), fight for prolonged periods without tiring, and brushing off and recover from otherwise severely crippling injuries, all of which performed without magical enhancements.

The second phase of the training is accustomizing oneself with superhuman attributes bestowed by Valkyrie armor. The witch must learn how to handle wooden blocks without accidently crushing them, avoid/deflect projectiles thrown on her including traps without any spell, and run through a track full of obstacles without getting hit. The purpose of this training is so the witch can properly utilize her enhanced attributes for her advantages. Some Valkyrie-in training like Akko can utilize her enhanced speed to create a solid afterimage of herself before began her training, but they still need more training to make the said afterimage more realistic.

Valkyrie CodeEdit

Witches who become a full-fledged Valkyrie possesses 4 strict codes they must follow, which are:

  • A valkyrie may never use her Valkyrie powers for personal gain.
  • A valkyrie must never escalate a battle unless the enemy forces her.
  • A valkyrie must keep her identity a secret. Even so, she may allowed her must trustworty allies to know her identity if it deemed necessary, and both her and her allies had responsibility to carry such secret.
  • A master valkyrie must aid her apprentices when she need her most.

Violations of any of these codes is considered as serious crime. Should a Valkyrie broke any of these codes, particularly if they have become a master Valkyrie, her title and armor would be confiscated and she must fight a master Valkyrie who confiscated her armor to prove her worth to it.


Valkyrie ArmorEdit

Special suit of armor forged for Valkyries to better combat dangerous enemies, particulary ones that too much for normal witches to handle.

Magic WandEdit

As with other witches, Valkyrie utilizes wands to use magic and combat their enemies.

Flying BroomEdit

As with other witches, Valkyrie utilizes flying broom as means of transportation. However, her broom is equipped with Schneider Gear.


Valkyries can also use potions for combat or healing purposes.