Wolf Girl is the second chapter of Part 4 of Little Witch Academia: Ragnarok Tetralogy.


Full MoonEdit

Gazing upon night scenery on top of tallest mountain at Soroya Island, Norway, Hyndla mused how much the world changed without her. She just had magically absorbed knowledge from Petra's crystal ball to catch herself up on last decades of her imprisonment with her hairy hand, wolf hand, the same hand she used to fatally drained magic from her latest victims. She too learned about how a group of young witches called Witches of Midgard, aided by Yggdrasil Society and Order of Kitsune, restored magic and stopped Nidhoggr and Naglfar from destroying the world. Hyndla commented that neither of Acolytes of Nidhoggr and Naglfar's enemies aware that Second Ragnarok is not just about revival of Nidhoggr, but also the return of God of Mischief and Chaos Loki: Hel, Jormungand, and Fenrir actually never coveted Nidhoggr's power for themselves, but rather for their father Loki. But with Nidhoggr, Hel, and Jormungand dead and Fenrir is missing, an alternate means of freeing Loki must be found.

Somehow foreseeing such failure, Fenrir had schemed the backup plan, Helheimian Gate, which he entrusted to Hyndla and her coven Fang of Fenrir should the plan to revive Nidhoggr failed. Though the coven killed during the conflict against Witch Community and their leader imprisoned, they managed to keep this plan a secret within themselves. Now finally free and learned about Nidhoggr's destruction, Hyndla decided to set Helheimian Gate plan in motion.

Hyndla turned around, and sees a human child-sized skeletal monster with head, wings, and legs of a raven, humanoid torso and arms, and long, skeletal tail with feathers waiting for her command. It is Corvina, the corpse of valravn Hyndla converted into a draugr who served her as her familiar. Hyndla commanded the undead valravn to find the tomb of their followers while she herself set out to find Croix Meridies, former acting leader of Naglfar.

The NightmareEdit

Meanwhile, Akko had a nightmare where she found herself surrounded by a group of draugrs and huge wolves at the forest. She didn't remember how she ended up here, nor even how she stumbled upon them. To make matter worse, she didn't bring her wands, Valkyrie Gauntlet, and even Inari with her, leaving her Primordial Magic as only thing she have to fight back. However, as soon as she calling forth the said magic, a sudden jolt of pain spreads through every single cells of her body, causing her to have severe nosebleed and fell to her knees. Confused and scared, Akko failed to react as what appeared to be a serrated flat tentacle speared its way through her chest. Turning around, the brunette instantly greeted by a horrible sight; A demonic Valkyrie who staring her through eerie glowing eyes of her wolf-like mask. The Valkyrie lift the helpless Akko upwards as the ground beneath the girl crumbles, revealing a large wolf-like maw inside. The Valkyrie then dropped the helpless young witch into the giant maw…

In that instant, Akko woke up, startled and gasping. Recalling the part where her Primordial Magic ended up injured her in that dream, the brunette uneasily conjure an energy ball out of its energy. Though relieved that her magic worked normally, she still terrified from the nightmare she just had. The images she saw were hazy, but the only thing she remember clearly is the image of wolf-like mask of the demonic Valkyrie.

Her sudden gasp had awoken her familiar, his weasel head popped out from the blanket in the floor next to hers is the indication. Though she reassured to Biri Biri that she is fine, Akko is still shaking, so Biri Biri crawled to his master's side to comfort her by hugging her with his elongated tail. Akko appreciated his concern and hugged him back. They went through many adventures together, and both of them even faced near-death experience multiple times. One of such near-death experience was during the confrontation at Glastonbury Abbey where Croix fatally stabbed Akko and even come close in killing her, causing the devastated Biri Biri instantly transformed into Lost Soul Beast, and would've killed those around him had Akko, saved by her Primordial Magic, not stopped him in nick of time. Not only that, Biri Biri also come close to either dead or worse, transform into Lost Soul Beast again due to tortured by Nidhoggr before Akko comes to his rescue, but the duo only able to defeat the cosmic serpent with help of Chariot, Kur, Croix, and Trechres.

In spite of those hard times, both of them always on each other's side like siblings. Well, most of time…

After Battle for Midgard, Trechres, Biri Biri's hybrid clone created by Naglfar, went to hiding following Croix's custody. Biri Biri left Akko to track the Naglfar Hybrid in order to settle their feud. His journey led him to the forest where he and his friends cremated Mutate's remains, the very place that affected their lives. By the time Fallen Volkar found him there however, Trechres was near the end of his life due to his unstable genetic make-up, so former enemies decided to make amends with each other instead. Trechres expresses his envy towards Biri Biri for discovering his purpose in life and did something worthwhile unlike him, who created as mere weapon of mass destruction. Biri Biri lamented that had they never met as enemies, they would likely able to set aside their difference for Mutate's sake. Trechres agreed with his statement, though pointed out that if they do, they can only able to make the remaining time the tragic hybrid had worthwhile due to him already dying by the time he was released from his pod. As his body begin to shut down, Trechres wondered whether they truly become brothers like Mutate wanted. Biri Biri said yes, and with that, the Naglfar Hybrid finally collapsed beside his former enemy and "brother".

Fallen Volkar was saddened by his death, but not greatly surprised as he already predicted that this will happen. To ensure that no one can make profit from his remains, Biri Biri cremated Trechres' body beside the very spot he did the same on Mutate's. The Fallen Volkar also disposed his clone's mechanical parts save for a small gear which he kept as a memento. It was at that very moment Biri Biri noticed his father who watched the whole event. The Chieftain of Nova Clan comforted his son by stating that contrary to what Trechres believed, Nova Clan had seen the hybrid as the hero through his part in aiding them saving Midgard that they listed him as honorary member among them in their history tablets.

Without a word, two of them laid back down, mingled together. Biri Biri is not the only one who comfort Akko, as she also noticed her Primordial Avatar perching on her side, apparently came out from her body due to her host's distress from the nightmare. Normally a Primodial Avater only manifests if its host summoned it, but Veth is the first one who manifest in her own volition. Akko wondered whether this have something to do with her 10 years of loneliness without her or their sibling-like attachments or both, but it is apparent that ever since evolve and recovering for 10 years she has become more than mere sentient magic. As what Tannis said about her Primordial Magic, Akko noted that the potential of her said magic is limitless as Veth displayed unique abilities that amazed her. Despite this, her said magic still interfering technomagic equipment it come to contact with.

As Akko is lulled to sleep, the images of terrifying wolf-masked Valkyrie she saw in her nightmare still clear in her mind. Was it really a nightmare? Or a warning?

Cryptic PropechyEdit

On the next morning, Akko is discussing the next step of her advanced Valkyrie training with Ursula and Biri Biri when they heard loud knocks from the door. To their pleasant surprise, Newt and Nelson has come to visit them. Akko is rejoiced to see her other teachers again and asked what bring them to the cabin. Both instructors stated that they wanted to relieve some nostalgic memories and had the feeling they will meet Ursula there. Plenty feelings of nostalgia enter through both guests as they enter the cabin and stumbled upon their old picture with Chariot, Croix, and Ragnhild, with Newt noting that it's more than a decade since the last time of their visit. Chariot agrees with her friend, stating somberly that much has changed and only three of them that returned to the cabin now.

Just then, Alcor flies in and gives Ursula a letter. To everyone's surprise, the said letter's sender listed as Croix Meridies. The letter expresses Croix's uneasiness about the last part of prophecy regarding Second Ragnarok:

When cosmic serpent's return come to pass, they who blessed by wolf god Fenrir shall rise and liberate children of the great serpent and the fallen god.

Ursula stated that this final part of prophecy being most cryptic, so much that no one in Nova Clan nor even Thapoli knows what it means. Biri Biri remembered that Croix attempted to solve it even after joined Naglfar, which led her to a theory about certain legendary dark power called Fenris Valkyrie and a legendary dark coven called Fang of Fenrir. Newt suggested that they should pay Croix a visit since she might have answers for this mystery and suggested Akko and Biri Biri to get along.

Ouroboros Correctional FacilityEdit

The cute part of the trip for Ouroboros Correctional Facility is Akko lending Ursula the ride with her broom since Ursula exposed to Wagandea pollen as they, Newt, Nelson, and Biri Biri transverse through Ley Line Portal. The weasel is more than proud to see his master become better in broom flight on her own. Akko asked her teachers what they know about Ouroboros Correctional Facility. Newt explained that the facility is a prison stationed upon an artificial island called Ouroboros Island located at North Sea right on the southwest of Norway, with Biri Biri added that the prison was specifically built for rogue witches and magical creatures. Nelson added that the prison also containing confiscated weapons of those who imprisoned there, which made her wonder whether it is good idea as she worried that had a breakout ensued, the escaped inmates would have access to their weapons which made things worse.

Exiting the portal, Akko and her companions stepped on a small path near a dock and rocky beach of the island. Ouroboros Island is a grim place filled with nothing but rocks and sands with the prison located on the middle of the island. The prison itself is a large building surrounded by large walls with barbed wire on the top, several sentinel statues, and at least five to six lookout towers. Not only that, a pack of gargouilles can be seen flying around the fortress. Approaching the prison gate, Akko and co. are expected by the guard and to their surprise, two Kitsune Samurais. Newt told the guards that she and her companion come for visiting Croix, but samurais who accompany the guard found Akko, and Ursula somewhat familiar that to the brunette and the red-haired witch's surprise, decided to test them in combat.

Both samurais charge on both Akko and Ursula with sheathed katanas, prompting the student and teacher to block their opponent's attack with sheathed Inari and wand respectively and swiftly overpowered them. The combatants jumped away just as a familiar elderly woman with a mechanical spear appears and join the spar. While Ursula focused on both samurais, Akko deals the elderly woman she instantly recognized as her grandmother Gran Gran, but it doesn't falter her as she knows that this is also part of the test. The spar between the grandmother and granddaughter seemingly ended in stalemate with Akko and Gran Gran locked their respective weapons to each other, only of the latter realized that Akko simultaneously pointed her chest with her wand. Impressed, Gran Gran told the samurais to stand down and introduced the guests. Shocked that they also challenged their superior's granddaughter, both samurais immediately apologize to Akko with Akko responds by praising their skills.

Security InspectionEdit

With the test over, Gran Gran explained to Akko and co. that Order of Kitsune come to the prison to help improve the prison's security systems and relocate Croix to more secure prison due to possibility of someone might after her to exploit her intellect. Furthermore, history of recurring breakouts on the prison made The Order suspecting that witches who built the prison overlook some flaws in the facility that its security become questionable. To Akko's surprise, Andrew, accompanied by two bodyguards, also present in the prison talking with the warden at reception room before noticing her presence. Akko further dismayed when Ursula, Newt, Nelson, and Biri Biri decided to leave her with Andrew whereas Gran Gran and her samurais have to take a tour on the prison.